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@AngelPuppy1 wrote:

I am not finding many either that are cute and not too expensive!  I went out for a bit yesterday and found a few at Marshall's.  Kohl's had a few but not too many.  Most of the tops I liked and were pretty, were all either sleeveless or short sleeved.  I understand that it's practically summer, but I just am not comfortable in the sleeveless and short sleeved because my arms are terrible looking --- blood bruising, etc.  I like the 3/4 ones.  If the material is light, I can wear long sleeve comfortably and if I get warmer, I can always push the sleeves up.  

@AngelPuppy1 , I hate my upper arms too.  I'm in the process of losing weight and also exercising. I have found 5 at our local Kohl's with the elbow sleeves in various colors.


I also wear the 3/4 sleeve as well when it's not stinking hot/humid and can push up the sleeve a bit.

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Re: Short sleeve tops

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A278784 Isaac 3/4 sleeve Pima top is on sale now for $34.72.  It's one of his best.