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Re: Shopoholics: One Day At A Time (Wednesday Sept. 2, 2015)



I thought it was you Marijane, then Kathleen mentioned new boots and I got confused.  LOL

"Wait by the river long enough and the body of your enemy will float by you"

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Re: Shopoholics: One Day At A Time (Wednesday Sept. 2, 2015)

I am currently having an injection twice a year, Bernie.  I have always been a good candidate for osteoporosis (thin, pale, small boned, etc.), and I started taking medication soon after I went into menopause.  


I started with the hormones, eventually freaked out, and then switched to various oral medicines.  I took most of them once a week.  Anyway, for years I had osteopenia, and then a few years back, they said I had osteoporosis.  I took the medicine (I also take a calcium, vitamin D, and exercise, etc.), and after a while, they said I was back to osteopenia.  Since I was a bit freaked out about taking the medicine, I asked if I could try just taking calcium with vitamin D, exercising, etc., and the doctor said okay.  That lasted for several years (3-4, I think.)  So, I was terribly disappointed last August when the doctor said I had osteoporosis.  He said his Mom took this injectable drug, and it worked for her.  So, I agreed to take it.  I also bumped up the exercise and calcium/vitamin D, etc.  I don't know how long they will want me to be on this medicine, but I figure at least a couple of years.  It is quite expensive ($2,000 plus per shot), but the combination of Medicare and my insurance (Blue Cross/Blue Shield) covers the entire amount.  Sorry for the long story.  


All drugs have adverse effects, and I would love it if I could do without the medicine and not have bone problems, but I'm just not sure that will happen.