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Shopoholics ODAT Wednesday 1/23/16

Good morning all. Happy Thanksgiving Eve day.

I am sure we are all busy today, so wanted to stop in and say hello to all before I hit the ground running, lol. Have gotten all my bills paid this morning, now on to baking pies before granddaughter gets here to bake cookies. Also want to vacuum out my car and fill with gas this morning.

Hope you are all having a good day.


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Re: Shopoholics ODAT Wednesday 1/23/16

Good morning ladies, hope all is well.


Snicks - Thank you for starting us today.  You are going to be a very busy woman today.  Have fun baking.


Not much going on here, I do have cleaning to, so I need to get motivated. I have talked myself out of going shopping today.  I was just going out to look, which means I would have come home with more "stuff" to declutter in a couple months.


Well off to clean, hope everyone has a great morning.


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Re: Shopoholics ODAT Wednesday 1/23/16

Morning, Thanx @snicks for the start


Yes I've got to get moving, all the usual, have to finish the Oreo turkey cookies which I should have done last nite, but DD took me to the Sears outlet, bought a dryer, finally, then we hauled it home & she connected it, old dryer still sitting in the basement, DS will have that job tomorrow.  In the meantime I have to really finish up, will order pizza tonite as not cooking.


Happy Thanksgiving to All



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Re: Shopoholics ODAT Wednesday 1/23/16

Hi everyone,

Image result for thanksgiving turkey animated images

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Re: Shopoholics ODAT Wednesday 1/23/16

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SNICK's, it sounds like a busy day for you.  Have fun baking cookies with your DGD.


Spix, it is nice that you were able to get a dryer & get it hooked up.  Hope that the disposal of the old one isn't  a difficult job.


Susan, no shopping for me today, tomorrow or Friday.  DH & I may venture 20 miles from home on Saturday.  No housecleaning either.


I am having a lazy day today & enjoying every minute of it.


 I had my follow-up appointment yesterday pertaining my Colonoscopy done last Tuesday.  I knew that he burned off some polyps.  He said that since there were  3 of them, he wants me to have my next Colonoscopy in 5 years.  I am glad that it isn't next year.


DH & I had breakfast at BK.  Their 3 pancakes for 99¢ were very good.  Dinner tonight is meat loaf, baked potatoes & veggie.  Requested by my DH.


Tomorrow will be a bittersweet day for me.  DH & I are dining out at one of our local restaurants.


Hugs to all of you.

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Re: Shopoholics ODAT Wednesday 1/23/16

Good Afternoon and thanks for getting us started, snicks.  You certainly will be busy today.  Have fun with your baking. 


I'm trying to talk myself out of shopping as well, Susan.  I used to work the day after Thanksgiving, and never did the "Black Friday" shopping I keep hearing about.  No real needs so I'm hoping to stay strong.  My oldest DGS will be working at Macy's starting tomorrow afternoon, and then all night.  Hope he isn't too tired after that experience.


Glad your DD was able to help with the dryer, Essie.  Hope your son comes through tomorrow, and your cookies turn out well.


Funny graphic today, meallen.  Happy Thanksgiving to you as well.


Interestingly enough, the doctor told me I need another colonoscopy in five years as well, twinny.  He found one tiny polyp, so I guess I have to pay attention.  I never had anything in my previous tests.  Hope you and your DH have a good time on Saturday, and you enjoy your relaxing day.  I know tomorrow will be bittersweet for you.


Waves to Jean, Kathleen, Arlene, Barbara, Bernie, Charlene, 3suwm5, Gayle, Rosa, Karen, butterfly, pinky ann, and all of our posters and readers.


The senior lunch "Thanksgiving" meal today was nice -- quite a few extra participants, and a huge number of volunteers.  I dished out the mashed potatoes and dressing, did some prep work and cleaning, and helped clear the tables.  Still got out earlier than normal since others also helped.


I have done some cleaning and cooking here, but need to do more.  I may visit DH soon and then go back at dinner time to feed him.  He was doing quite well yesterday.


Have a nice evening everyone!









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Re: Shopoholics ODAT Wednesday 1/23/16

Hi everyone - sounds like most of us are doing some last-minute things before Thanksgiving.  If I don't check in tomorrow, I want to wish you all a blessed day in advance.  I have much to be thankful for, and it's good to remind myself of that.


My DD said that the national boards on Monday took 5 hours and were really hard.  She and her friends said that they all felt like they failed.  I doubt it, but it must have been hard for them to have all felt that way.  She had a regular test in school the next day and her cold got worse, so she is looking forward to having tomorrow off.  Did I mention that I sent her and her roommates an order of Harry London chocolates?  I did it last year and they really liked them, so I did it again.  It's nice to have that "bill-to/ship-to" option.


Yesterday was a rather long day.  I went to my DM's house around 10:00, then we sat and chatted for about 2 hours and worked on our Thanksgiving menu plan.  Then she said that she wanted to go out to eat lunch.  So that added an hour and a half on to the day.  Then the store was crowded and because my DM is quite slow these days, it took us more than an hour to do our shopping.  My DM insisted on purchasing a birthday cake for my sister and niece, whose birthdays are this weekend - but I was able to talk her into a little round cake and not special order a huge sheet cake like she wanted to.  (The 13 of us will only be there Thanksgiving day, and there are plenty of other desserts to eat - we didn't need a whole sheet cake, lol).  By the time we got back to her house she was tired, so I told her to lay down and rest, while I put the groceries away.  The day of "grocery shopping" took about 6 hours altogether.  When I finally got home - I'm the one who needed to lay down and rest, lol.  


I am doing some misc. chores today and am trying to relax a little.  I just baked some purchased frozen pies.  I used to spend all day baking homemade pies, breads, and cookies, but didn't see the need this year.  I try to be flexible depending on my mood and the circumstances.


Hello and waves to all  ~  Charlene

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Re: Shopoholics ODAT Wednesday 1/23/16

Good afternoon ladies -- it sounds like we all have many things to be 'thankful for'!!


Enjoy Thanksgiving with family and friends, don't do all the work and by all means, have a 2nd piece of your favorite sweet.Smiley Happy


Be safe with any travels and God bless.




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Re: Shopoholics ODAT Wednesday 1/23/16

Snicks, thank you for starting the thread. You definitely have a busy day planned...or completed by now.


I had two appointments today so I left early for the city. I also had lunch with a friend and followed it up with physical therapy. It lasted an hour and a half and was a wee bit challening today. I was wiped out when it was over but had the nerve to run into WalMart to buy kitty litter for Midnight as he was out. I think everyone waited until the last minute to shop.


I just got home and am watching the evening news to relax....if one can relax watching the news....before I fix something to eat.


Wishing everyone a great Thanksgiving should you not have time to check in tomorrow.

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Re: Shopoholics ODAT Wednesday 1/23/16

Hello all, I worked today.  We were released 2 hours early from our normal departure time.  I went grocery shopping because I didn't do it over the weekend.  I used to shop on Sunday's, like clockwork.  Now I shop when I'm nearly outta something.  I was wasting bread, eggs and all kinds of food doing it the other way which is shameful when so many people go hungry in this world.


Right now I'm listening to the new Bruno Mars CD which I bought today.  I was going to pick up Prince's new compilation too, because my pre-order from Amazon is not here yet and I don't have patience when it comes to Prince, rofl.


Prince's album was sold out, which made me happy. I've always liked it when his albums did well. It won't kill me to wait for Amazon he he he.

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