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Re: Shopoholics ODAT Sunday 2/7/2016

Bird Mama, my order left VA BCH, VA &  was in Hodgkins, IL on 2\05.  It got to Janesville, WI. yesterday.  I am 45 miles from Janesville.    My EDD is this Thursday.


We had a good visit with mom yesterday & again today.  I think that she is finally realizing that she can't go back home.  She had extra company this afternoon which pleased her.  Yesterday she was dressed real nice & she said that she was going to school until her healthcare worker told her that it was Saturday.  Today she told me that she had a bad night.  She said that when she got up at 3:00 a.m. she had a bowl of lettuce & it tasted great.  Her caretaker said that mom was up lots in the night but no lettuce.


I am tired tonight.  DH starts his prep tomorrow afternoon & his colonoscopy is at noon Tuesday.  My Dr. Checkup is Wednesday morning.  At that time she will discuss my ultrasound results.  After that I am treating myself too a wonderful meal.  DH has been eating like no tomorrow as he is limited tomorrow.


It was a nice mild day with maybe a little snow tomorrow.  Then a few days of cold weather which I can live with.