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Shopoholics ODAT (Friday 10/16/15)

Hi ladies, happy Friday. No shopping for me, more leaf raking though, (another 5 containers full) and a couple errands I forgot while I was out yesterday. Having leftovers for dinner tonight, so no cooking, just warm up, easy, peasey. Waves to everyone.....

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Re: Shopoholics ODAT (Friday 10/16/15)

We are I south central Oregon...A pretty place..Just hanging out today . Will go to Lake Tahoe tomorrow.


snicks..I don't know how you do what you do with ra....I could not rake..911 would have to be  We have a lawn service that takes care of that.  You are a good person.


twinny..hope things are better with your mom.


linda l you are in my prayers.


arlene your animals seem to cause you a lot if stress..sorry. Hope you find a home for Anjelica. 


Jean. Enjoy your subbing.


bernie..that was funny about jcp...I never shop there.


to all I have missed, hope everyone is healing and the day is good.


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Re: Shopoholics ODAT (Friday 10/16/15)

Snicks, thanks for starting us off today.  I'm with Barbara, I don't think my back could handle day in and day out raking.  I hope you intend on relaxing a little this weekend :-)


Barbara, glad to read that you are enjoying your trip.


I am glad it's Fridays.  It's been a weird week.  I get the feeling that my new manager is trying to play head games with me regarding assignments.  There's a lot of double talk and then changing her position at about 180 degrees.  I've been at this a long time and will deal with it.  I'm actively looking at the job postings.  I'd like to work in Medical Affairs or I could go back to IT where that type of work fit me like a fine leather glove.


I feel like I have options, so at least there's that.

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Re: Shopoholics ODAT (Friday 10/16/15)

Hi girls!  Checking in quick again; I have a lot of school work to get finished, and if I complete the current paper I'm working on by, say, 7 p.m. I may reward myself with chicken from Popeye's - I have BOGO coupons so I'd have two meals. 


The TSV at HSN is tempting as I could use new slippers, but I absolutely love the Wicked Good shearling slippers from LL Bean.  Not cheap ($79), but a pair lasts for several years, so in the long run they're less expensive than the ones you see in the stores just before Christmas.  The pair I have is getting a bit worn and has a tear in them, but I'm thinking perhaps I can get them repaired. 


The leaves aren't turning here yet, although some are starting to fall.  All we have to do is rake them to the curb and the town has a truck that sucks them up.


Bird, I hate it when you're at a job and people play politics!  I've been blessed to work at some places where we were like family, but I've been on the other side as well. 


At the moment I have Angelica in the house; she's been lying at my feet most of the time but every so often gets up to walk around.  She's a really sweet dog; I wish I knew how to train her to not chew things.  My sweet Whisper is napping next to me, Ziggy is sitting on my left arm and licking my face, and Clawdia is on the arm of the at the moment, things are calm.


Guess I'd better get to work. Hi to everyone - have a blessed evening!

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Re: Shopoholics ODAT (Friday 10/16/15)

Sydsgma, sounds like a great trip, enjoy. I think I am not yet where you are with the disease, I am sure the day will come when I won't be able to do this either, not looking forward to that, let me tell you, lol.


birdmama, sorry you are having to deal with that bs at work, I have had that before in the work place, it is not fun. Good that you have options. I got that same email from JCP about "now hiring", made me laugh.


FHG, don't know if raking leaves to the street would be any improvement here, our property goes 2/3 of the way through an entire block. The front yard though would be great. Better hit that homework, lol.


Twinny, hope things are going better for you Mom, that is so sad.


LL, can only wish you the very best with dh, the incontinence would really defeat me, I think. I can only imagine how you deal with it all. Might want to start exploring options for either full time inhome care of a facility, especially if he is becoming more combative (not that you have said he is, btw). I am just so sorry.




"To each their own, in all things".
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Re: Shopoholics ODAT (Friday 10/16/15)

 SNICKS, DH is doing some raking right now.  My only house work today was washing the kitchen/dining rm floors .  We are eating dinner out as I am messing up a good thing tonight.     BIRD MAMA,  Maybe JCP is your next calling.  lol.  I am sorry that your new manager is a PITA.  FHG, Good luck with getting your homework  done.    Your animals are so lucky to have you care for them.   Yesterday was busy for me with mom's dr. appts. that lasted all afternoon.  I am beginning to feel much better today.  We did get groceries, picked up the cheese/sausage tray which is beautiful by the way & got a birthday banner to hang somewhere in the living room.  We will soon go get mom's mail, get her a nice outfit to wear tomorrow & then go to a fish fry.  My niece & her family will be here late tonight, so after hot tubbing I did sneak in a little nap.    Our DD is feeling ssomewhat better & sent some pix to our local Walgreen's for me to pick up.  Such cute pix of our DGS at his first homecoming with a very pretty girl in a beautiful dress.  I also got pix from my MIL's 90th birthday party last month.  Hugs to all of you.  I will read your posts tonight, but may not join in again until next Monday.

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Re: Shopoholics ODAT (Friday 10/16/15)

Good Afternoon!  Thanks for getting us started, snicks.  You do an amazing job with that leaf raking -- great exercise, but do be careful.  Thanks for your concern about DH.  He is mostly not combative, thank goodness.  But, he does give me a hard time about wanting to go to bed in the middle of the day, etc.  I do sort of wig out about the incontinence, but it is not every day.  I'm looking into options for his care if things get too much for me.  So far so good yesterday evening and today.


I really wish that the doctor would let us know about the results of the TB test.  I went by his office, and they said they have received the results, but it is waiting for the doctor to read them.  


Your trip sounds so nice, Barbara.  We are expecting rain here, but so far it is sunny and pretty warm.  Maybe later.


Sorry about your new manager, Bernie.  Looking at new job opportunities sounds like a good idea.  I'm sure you can handle it, but why go through such trials when there are other alternatives.


Hope your school work gets done, Arlene.  Glad things are under control with your animals at this point.


Glad you are feeling better today, twinny.  Hope your Mom's party and other activities this weekend go very well.


Waves to Jean, Kathleen, Susan, LindaR, Marijane, Rosa, Charlene, Karen, Gayle, and all of our posters and readers.


I found out that Collin (I was spelling his name wrong) is still recovering in the hospital  -- not talking yet and no word on whether the tumor was malignant.  They are saying that he may be able to have visitors in a week or two.


We had an interesting travel club meeting this morning -- Spain, Portugal, and Morocco.  I am supposed to pick up my ear molds/plugs this afternoon, and after that we may go to the grocery store for some sale produce.  


DH and I had a nice walk this morning, but I decided not to go to the gym since my back is still having some twinges.  I will do some other exercises at home.  I feel a little guilty, but I just don't want to make things worse.


Hope everyone has a nice evening!











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Re: Shopoholics ODAT (Friday 10/16/15)

I wish that I was on a trip along the coast of Oregon!  (One of my favorite places.)


Not that much going on around here.  My next door neighbors have a Halloween party every year, so that means I need a costume.  I dug through boxes filled with fabric out in the garage and found a cotton print that I will make a pioneer-type costume out of.  I'll sew a coordinating apron and bonnet.  Not an exciting costume, but I'll feel comfortable in it.  (No spooky or skimpy outfits for me.)  My DH is on duty that night, so I don't know if I'll plan a costume for him or not.


Then, while I was messing with the fabric, I got carried away with other related projects.  I already had cut out a bunch of triangles to piece together a comforter, so I started doing some of that sewing.  Plus I cut up a pretty batik fabric to sew a peasant-style top.  That project will wait till later, but I wanted the leftover fabric for the comforter.


I'm rambling a bit, sorry about that.  I'm still teaching my cat Davis his tricks.  He's very good at "up" and "high-five", and last night for the first time he did "down".  He hasn't mastered it yet, but it's quite clear that his 7 month old mind has made a connection between doing a specific behavior and getting treats.  Sometimes he'll come up to me and gently pat at my hand, doing a high-five, hoping to get treats.  Ha!!!  Gotta love cats.


Hope you all have a nice day!   ~   Charlene