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Re: Shopaholics Wedesday - April 4th

good morning to everyone . have a nice day.

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Re: Shopaholics Wedesday - April 4th

Hi @anin  welcome to the thread :-)

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Re: Shopaholics Wedesday - April 4th

I worked today and I am super tired. It is hard getting back into the work routine. I know I work Friday but tomorrow is not known as of now.,


We had high winds last night, and we may be expecting snow again this weekend. Mother Nature, take notice; this is Spring!!


The TSV looks nice and I am an April baby but with so much substitute cz's that look real, I think most people would assume they weren't real. We have been trained to get the look for far less plus I have diamond earrings. They may not have this look but I like them.

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Re: Shopaholics Wedesday - April 4th

I'M about 9miles south of the city. Right by Kennywood Park. Just saw the eight day forecast on the 5:00 news. Highest temp for the next eight days-55 degrees, and that's not until next Thursday. Can't take much more. The winter that won't go away.