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Shopaholics One Day at a Time (Weds. Oct 14th)

Hello,  I finally received the Diamonique bracelet yesterday.  It is such a pretty piece and the smallest size they offered fit me well.  There is indeed an issue with the clasp.  I studied the clasp for a long time and think I know from a design perspective what could have been done to keep the clasp closed. 


Regretfully I returned to bracelet to the Q via USPS today.   I'm surprised that QVC quality control didn't catch the issue - it's pretty obvious.


How are you today?

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Re: Shopaholics One Day at a Time (Weds. Oct 14th)

Hi Everyone!


It's sunny and cool today. I think this weekend we will cover the a/c and patio furniture. 


I feel a bit better today so I decided that I would lay on the family room sofa while I had a few loads of laundry being done. I really can't stand to see laundry piled up back there. I wanted to wash the TSV sheets and down comforter so they would be ready to use. I am very pleased with both items.


I did see a few things that caught my eye while I was watching the Linea and Anybody shows. I did give in to temptation with a new pair of pj's from Anybody. I find pjs are difficult to find in both price and fabric. I am always warm so I need a lighter weight fabric regardless of the season. I took a good look at the pajama drawer and tossed a few pair that should have been discarded long ago. LOL


Birdmama-- That was disappointing with the clasp problem on the DMQ bracelet.  I do question quality control at times. It's 50/50 with me if my invoice is included in my package. That makes me nervous wondering what happened to it. 


We had the deer sleeping and roaming around our yards for the morning. So far...they are still finding enough wild mint and flowering vine to eat. I have my fingers crossed that our backyard hedges will be spared another week. Our neighbor said that he puts a cake of Irish Spring soap around near his bushes to keep them away. Works for him. I may have to try that. I am allergic to the scent so once I figure our where I could place it that would work for the both of us  then I'll add that to my grocery list.


Have a good afternoon/evening. 

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Re: Shopaholics One Day at a Time (Weds. Oct 14th)

Bird Mama, its too bad about the beautiful bracelet.  It's a nice day here, but we will be getting frost by tomorrow night.  My  last 2 tomato plants will need to be covered.


My DH  was so hungry for a ham & cheese omelet that I ordered a carryout from our fave restaurant.   YUM!   YUM!  &  leftovers for supper.


We are heading to the gym soon.  


My  bf from HS is having a  rough time.   Her eldest  dgd whom at one time wanted to be a Vet was bitten in the butt by her neighbors German Shepherd.  She had to get a tetanus shot.  Ouch.  Her DH is still at the PT unit of the NH & a lady from the county is coming to see if he can come back home safely.  Right now, she has been told that he will need 24 hour care.  This is disturbing for all of them.  Then to top it off, her eldest dd is very sick and she had a covid test yesterday.  She has a serious colon issue and I can't think what it's called right now.  Prayers for Ken, Mary Anne and Rhonda would be appreciated.


Hugs to all of you.



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Re: Shopaholics One Day at a Time (Weds. Oct 14th)

Good Afternoon/Evening.  So sorry about that bracelet, Bernie.  It does sound like something quality control should have picked up.  


Hope you have good luck with the deer, Fressa. Irish Spring soap has been recommended to me for packrats.  I guess I should buy some more as well.  Glad you are doing a little better and could do some laundry.  Hope the pajamas work well.


Nice that you had a special breakfast and enough leftovers for dinner, Glenda.  Hope you enjoyed the gym, and I will certainly keep Mary Anne and Rhonda in my prayers.  


I believe Jean was working today.  I thought of her when I saw a large hawk (I think) sitting on the top of my front porch wall.  I figured if I tried to take a picture, he/she would fly away quickly.


It was pretty hot here today with a high of 99 degrees.  But, it wasn't bad on my walk this morning.  I had my OLLI yoga class on Zoom, but had to leave 10 minutes early to get dressed to go to my audiologist appointment.  Ended up having quite a late lunch, but hopefully will be hungry for dinner.


I texted Bev, and she wasn't feeling well for six days after her treatment.  Then she felt well enough to go in for some testing, but is very dizzy today.  Still hoping we can get together soon.


Waves to all of our posters and readers.  Hope everyone has a nice evening and sleeps well.