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Shopaholics One Day at a Time (Weds., June 30th)

Hello all, I'm still kind of stunned that I just wrote June 30th in the title of this thread.  Seems like it was just Memorial Day.  Time waits for no one I guess.


It was really miserable weatherwise here yesterday.  90 degrees and heavy humidity.  Of course, since I'm in Michigan, there was rain for 5th day in a row.  You would think by now my front or backyard would be full of pools of water.  Not so, the ground keeps drinking it in.  


I hope some kind of rain comes your way Linda @LindaLatte 

Susan @PAlady  congratulations on the wedding of your eldest grandson.

Fressa @Fressa I'm glad the tree guys finished their work on your property.

Jean @KonaKat  I hope you are able to pick up a few pounds during the summer. 



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Re: Shopaholics One Day at a Time (Weds., June 30th)

Hi Everyone!


It's a bit cooler today (in the hight 80's) with thunderstorms in the forecast for the next 3 days. Severe storms and flood warnings in effect for Thursday and Friday. I am seriously considering some kind of generator. I don't kno whomw many more storms I can ride out.


We're still trying to get a bit of a rest before we start to put the outside back in order. Our one patio light has an issue which led us to consider replacing the 3 of them. They are very old and were replacements to the originals. One project always leads to another and on and on.


I have not done grocery shopping in over a week. I think I will attempt to put it off until after this round of storms unless I need milk, etc. 


Have a good afternoon/evening.


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Re: Shopaholics One Day at a Time (Weds., June 30th)

Greetings. I have been doing ss well with sleep since coming back until last night. Zero hours of sleep. i finally got up at 3am as I was tired of lying in bed and not sleeping. I needed to get groceries, so I made out my Walmart grocery pick up order to be picked up tomorrow. Part of the problem with last night was that I was not sleepy or tired.


The jewelry is very tempting but I have so much that I no longer wear. This was an area of big temptation at one time. I remembbr Pat James Dimentri wearing fancy gown as she presentedd 18k jewelry. Those were the good old days when good jewelry could be purchased at a moe reasonable price.

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Re: Shopaholics One Day at a Time (Weds., June 30th)

Good Afternoon and thanks for getting us started, Bernie.  Somehow it is surprising that July starts tomorrow.  Your weather sounds uncomfortable.  No rain yesterday, and I'm not sure about today.  Our predicted high is 96 degrees, which is cooler than normal.  DD's area (Maryland) predicted high is 97 degrees, and their AC broke yesterday evening.  Needless to say, the family didn't get any sleep, and it made it up to 94 degrees before the repairman arrived this afternoon around 2:00 p.m.  Yikes!  Fortunately, the AC is working now.


Hi Fressa.  Hope the storms aren't too bad.  Good idea to get some rest before tackling more projects.


So sorry you were not able to sleep last night, Jean.  Hope things go better tonight.  Jewelry prices have gone up a great deal in recent years.  Glad that I have more than enough.  


I managed to donate some of my excess to the White Elephant this morning before the store opened up.  They only allow three bags or boxes, and I have one more to go.  Since I may have some more items to donate, I am not in a rush.


Very quiet again today. I have done an exercise DVD and some grout cleaning.  Plenty more cleaning to go, but I need to pace myself since getting down on the floor can cause some aches and pains.  Hope everyone has a nice evening and sleeps well.