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Shopaholics One Day at a Time (Weds., April 3rd)

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Depending on your time zone, good morning or good afternoon Woman Happy


In anticipation of my dental appointment tomorrow, I just called the dental office to find out my remaining balance.  Since I've downsized my wallet I don't carry a checkbook with me and I'd rather have the check made out before I get there.  I advised the lady who answered the phone (not sure of title, pretty sure it's more than a receptionist) that I called the lab as agreed to by me and my dentist to arrange a color consulation and the guy at the lab said it wasn't necessary.


Considering we are trying to match all ceramic/porcelain to porcelian fused metal I thought it was a good idea but I wasn't about to force myself on the guy, lol.  He did the ceramics last year and had the color used for those on file.


I asked the lady at the office to remove the $25 fee for the color consult since I didn't have one.  I said, wow I hope Steve didn't charge you for one and she said oh no, he didn't.


That got me thinking once I hung up the phone.  If he didn't bill a color consult and he would be the one to perform the color consult then why did I have to mention it needed to be removed?  Woman Tongue


I'm not going to overthink it, lol.  I'll just chalk it up to them having a busy practice and making an honest mistake (insert side eye here) Woman LOL


How are you on this glorious day?

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Re: Shopaholics One Day at a Time (Weds., April 3rd)

Good Morning/Afternoon and thanks for getting us started, Bernie.  Glad you caught that charge. While most of the time the bills correspond with the service, I did something similar on my last dental visit.  I never get the fluoride rinse which is an extra $30 plus charge.  The new hygienist I had put that on the bill before she started, and I pointed it out to her so she did not do the rinse.  When she took me out to the receptionist to pay, it was back on the bill.  Not that I don't think fluoride is a good thing, but I use fluoride toothpaste and rinse so I don't see the need to pay for an extra treatment.


It is a very pretty day here, and I enjoyed my morning walk.  Unfortunately, I did not sleep all that well last night -- shoulder pain again, so I imagine I'll be tired later in the day.  


Nothing of importance scheduled for today, so I am trying to go through things again and decide on what to do with them.  DH and I purchased a couple of rugs (sort of like "throw rugs") known as Kilims on our trips to Turkey.  I loved the rugs, but when DH started having problems with mobility, the hospice nurse told me that I should not have them since he might fall.  So, I reluctantly put one of them away in storage, and moved another under an out-of-the way piece of furniture.  Then, I started worrying about the possibility of me tripping on the rug, so I have not brought that one out of storage.  Anyway, long story short, I took the rug out of storage again, and I realized that it would need to be cleaned, plus, it would probably pose a tripping problem for me.  So, now I have to figure out what to do about it.  I think (not sure) that I could just clean it outdoors (one of our Turkish friends did this), and then consider donating it.  Seems like a silly idea to keep it in storage, but memories are difficult to shake.


Sorry for the long aside.  I have several other projects to work on today -- like reading my in-service hospice materials, etc.  


More nice pictures from Jean's Australia trip on FB today.  So happy she and her niece are having a good time.


Waves to all of our posters and readers.  Hope everyone has a nice day!





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Re: Shopaholics One Day at a Time (Weds., April 3rd)

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Linda @LindaLatte   I'm sorry that your shoulder pain interrupted your sleep.  On the subject of fluoride treatment, I remember as a kid and I mean small kid getting fluoride treatments.  I hated them because the dentist had my mouth clamped open beyond what I felt was natural (lol) for an extended period of time while the fluoride set.


I don't remember when Detroit (where I grew up) starting adding fluoride to the water although Grand Rapids Michigan was doing it as early as 1945.


I use Crest cool mint gel toothpaste and I figure between that and the water, I should be good Woman Happy


When it comes to your Kilim rugs take your time.  Give it some thought and you'll know when it is time and the best way to reuse or rehome them.  


After my husband passed away I wore his old beat up, zip up grey hoodie like a sweater around the house.  I kept a pair of his shoes by the microwave cart in the kitchen where he would stash them when he changed into his sneakers to walk on the treadmill.  I think I kept those shoes there for nearly 2 years.  One time my sister came over and said what's up with the shoes?  I said, they give me comfort and if they bother you, the door you came in is the same one you use to go out Woman LOL


Suffice it to say, that was the last time anyone gave feedback on how I handled my grief.  Some things were easy for me to donate to the library bookstore (like DVDs and books in good condition).  I never asked for a charity receipt because it was my way of my husband living on in a way.  Clothing and new shoes I knew would benefit another person so I donated beautiful things to the Salvation Army.  


That was the one bright side of living alone after he passed.  I could address his items when I felt comfortable doing so.  Grief is like an onion, there are many layers and like any wound we heal from the inside out.  Heart

There are many elements: wind, fire, water
But none quite like the element of surprise
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Re: Shopaholics One Day at a Time (Weds., April 3rd)

Good afternoon ladies, hope all is well.


Bernie - Thank you for starting us toda.  Good catch on the dentist bill, now you have some extra fun money.  How are the feathered "kids" doing??  


Linda - I don't know how big the rugs are, but can you have some one put one or both on walls in your house?  This way they are not under foot but can be enjoyed everyday.


Not much going on here, had some running around to do with DH this morning and the day has just gotten away from me.  I did get a walk in, but I have many "projects" to do around here but just can't get excited about starting them.  Oh well, I do have a pile of catalogs and magazines here, I think this will be the project to work on now.


Hope everyone has a great evening.