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Re: Shopaholics One Day at a Time - Wednesday July 13th

Hi girls! Looks like a slow day here. My day got off to a lousy start; I normally take my time getting up and check the news and FB on my Kindle while I'm still in bed.  Well, with all that blasted click bait I accidentally touched something and got a pop-up - one of those scam sites that tells you you won a prize  and it wouldn't let me leave the page. Oh, how I cursed the person who has nothing better to do than cause mischief like that!  Anyway, I used the Mayday feature on Kindle and it's fixed...but I lost all my history and my bookmarks.  Cat Mad  Bloody rotten dirtbag...


Then I went outside to feed the critters and found the pool half empty; I suspect it has a leak in it's probably going to be returned to Walmart. Can I go back to bed and start the day over?  Cat Frustrated

I took the dogs for a ride yesterday and we ended up at Walmart. My BFF who sends care packages periodically sent me some little jars of something marked "Scentsy,"  I didn't know what they were - maybe a solid perfume? - but when I talked to her the other day she said that it's a company that makes scented wax and warmers to melt it in, and she suggested I get one.  Well, I looked at their website, and they've got to be kidding with their prices!  Cat Surprised  It's one of those home party organizations, and the stuff from them is always overpriced, so I looked in Walmart and sure enough, found a very, very pretty warmer for $15, plus the wax blocks are also much cheaper there.  The biggest problem was trying to decide which warmer to get, as they were all so nice, and the assortment of fragrances was almost overwelming.  That's another thing - if you don't go to a Scenty party you can order from the website, but you can't smell the wax first and they don't accept returns. Anyway, I did get it set up in my bedroom and am very pleased with it.  At some point I may get another one for the living room.


Today I had to go to Dollar Tree because I got some coloring books there last night, apparently didn't close my trunk properly, and when I got home found an empty bag - they must have flown out.  (sigh)  So, I had to run in and repurchase them; they go really fast and I was fortunate they still had them.  Cat Sad


Krispy Kreme is having a promotion today for their anniversary - a dozen donuts for 79¢ with the purchase of a dozen at the regular price. I do like them for breakfast (I freeze them), so I went to get some, and apparently two police officers pulled dream duty: there was a police car with flashing lights parked outside, and two officers (holding cold lattes) were directing traffic in and out of the parking. I was teasing one of them, and he said they're permitted to moonlight at jobs like this and wear their uniforms and use the police cars while doing so. Cat LOL


It's hot as heck today; I have to go to Aldi to return some strawberries which went moldy overnight - I'm leaving the dogs home as it'll take more than 5 minutes, especially if there's a line, besides which, they got more than their share of treats for today - dog treats from Dollar Tree, donut holes from Krispy Kreme, and corn puppies when I stopped at Krystal to pick up some lunch. They've come to expect something every time I go into a store, and, of course, at every drive-thru. Usually I give them a dog biscuit from a bag I keep in the trunk; they just happened to luck out today.

Did I mention my day isn't going very well?  Cat Frustrated


Essie, what brand of glue do you use that's so good? 


Hi Nananana...  (Your name makes me think of Mork, lol!) - good to "see" a new face.  Cat Happy 

Hey Jean, I saw a sign outside Wendy's advertising a new salad, and it made me remember how you used to buy them all the time. Have you given up on Wendy's?  You haven't mentioned them in ages...


I hope you're having a good day, LindaL.


Well, I guess I'd better get going to Aldi, then I'm going to hit the pool with a book.


Hi to everyone - have a blessed day!

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Re: Shopaholics One Day at a Time - Wednesday July 13th

Good Afternoon/Evening, and thanks for getting us started, Bernie.  It has been 8 years since my last colonscopy as well.  As I may have mentioned, there is a volunteer agency in the area that said that they think that they can provide transportation as well as someone to accompany me.  I need to be at the hospital at 6:15 a.m., so I feel a bit guilty, but...  Good idea to have your sister drive if she is available.  I remember that story about the Uber driver -- scary at best.


Hi snicks --  do take care in the heat and humidity.  We are having a dry, hot spell here (well over 100 degrees).  We normally have storms in the summer, and the rain is definitely needed.  We might get some rain or at least have more humidity next week.


Glad you are having fun with your adorable grandchildren, Barbara.  But, I'm sorry your RA is acting up.  I know it is difficult to time your injections, etc.


Another beautiful graphic meallen. Thanks.


Welcome Nananana59.  Hope your appointments go/went well. Several of my friends have had knee replacements, and I know it takes time to get back to normal.


Glad you got some projects done, Essie.  I think I'll need to look at crafter's glue.


That recipe sounds good, Susan. I find most anything with Parmesan cheese tastes good.  LOL Glad your dental cleaning went well.


Waves to Jean, Kathleen, Arlene, twinny, Marijane, Charlene, Rosa, Butterfly, Karen, Gayle, LindaR, pinky ann, and all of our posters and readers.


Sorry I did not get back yesterday -- I was very tired.  Not sure if I mentioned that things went well at the "club" yesterday -- thank goodness.  However, DH had a lot of trouble getting up and down (sitting and standing) when he came home.  It was a huge challenge just to get him to the dinner table, etc.  I had a caregivers meeting this morning (new group), and that went well.  


Hope everyone has a nice evening!









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Re: Shopaholics One Day at a Time - Wednesday July 13th

Hi everyone - Rosa - Congratulations - I wish you many blessed years of marriage ahead!!!


Not much going on here either.  The messiest room of my house tends to be the library, so the past couple of days I've been neatening things in there and rearranging parts of the bookcases.  I think I found 8 duplicate books.  Good grief.  I also pulled another 8 or so off the shelf and added them to the giveaway box.  I'm not planning on decluttering the whole thing, just neatening.  A good project when it's too hot to do anything outside.  


Hope you all have a joyous day!  ~  Charlene

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Re: Shopaholics One Day at a Time - Wednesday July 13th

@FunkyHulaGirl, I knew that would come up, it seems they are all the same, the last one my DD got for me at Walmart & works!  I have repaired canvas bags, wooden items, etc, was told by a friend that it was super

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Re: Shopaholics One Day at a Time - Wednesday July 13th

Hello all - my sister and I talked and she is taking me to the colonoscopy, whenever it's scheduled.


I annoyed her, lol.  She's two years older and I'd swear my first words were "I'll do it myself" when I was a baby so why she is surprised by my behavior befuddles me.  She's seen it for over 50 years :-)


There are many elements: wind, fire, water
But none quite like the element of surprise