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Re: Shopaholics: One Day at a Time -- Tuesday, Sept. 22, 2015

Hi LindaL, thanks for getting us started today.  I'm sorry to read that you've lost one of your newcomers group members at such a young age.  It can be discouraging sometimes when we hear of a loss like that and when we are also facing challenges as a primary caregiver for someone.  Sometimes melancholy just sneaks up on you :-)


Karen, it's another great day here too.  Be kind to yourself and take it one day at a time.  You don't have to change your diet and exercise routine all at one time.  Seriously, make small changes and if you live anywhere with stairs, walk up and down them a couple times day.  Nothing like stairs to get the cardio going (lol).


Rosa, is this the first grandbaby?  Congratulations, you are going to have a great time with the baby.


Marijane, have fun in the pool.  It's already too chilly here to take a dip in the water.  I thought there was a category for As-Is items, but I guess not.  Karen's got it right, you gotta type in as-is in the search bar at the top of the page (search QVC).


Snicks, my weather is supposed to be fantastic - mid to upper 70's all through the weekend.  I have this Friday and the following Monday off.  I will be able to paint the trim that I accidentally ripped off with the pressure washer (lol).  I will also be able to cut the grass (rained last weekend).  My Bernie do list is filling up.  I need to schedule an oil change for the car.  So much to do ........

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Re: Shopaholics: One Day at a Time -- Tuesday, Sept. 22, 2015

Oooh, oil change...need to do that too. Thanks for reminding me. Maybe tomorrow.
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Re: Shopaholics: One Day at a Time -- Tuesday, Sept. 22, 2015

Yes it is my first Grandchild, thanks for all the good wishes.


Ksmitty we sound like dress alikes!  We both must have excellent taste!

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Re: Shopaholics: One Day at a Time -- Tuesday, Sept. 22, 2015

Hello Linda!  Thank you for starting us.  I'm sorry you are down, but I know we all have our days and it's ok to feel bad or sad sometimes.  I'm sorry about the lady from your group as well.  The older we get the more I think about how our future isn't guaranteed.  I hope I am able to "roll with the changes" but I know my broken hand sure threw me for a loop.


I spent the day with MJ and we had a wonderful time together.  I got my 5 miles in just walking the mall and doing what I do.  Had chores this morning and managed to get Steve's carne guisada in the crock pot:

cube steak or whatever cut you prefer tenderized (I let the grocery do this) and cut into thin strips

1/2 canister of carne guisada seasoning

3 Tbs water

1 can of rotel

onion if you like it

Throw it in the crock pot and cook it a few hours - I always cook it about 8 hours.


Karen, so glad to see you popping in and hear that you are going easy on yourself.  How are all the kids? All out of the house now?  There were 2 white "Golden" labs in the dog park today and I thought of you!  Did you friend the right Charlene?  I think I friended the "wrong" one, and a couple other ladies did too - and have noticed there are a couple that are still friends with the "wrong" Charlene.  lol


OH ROSA!!!!!!!! How wonderful!!!!  We will have to have a virtual baby shower!  I can't wait to buy some baby things!  You are going to be a Gram!


Also got a load of laundry done - biggest complaint (I know, here I go complaining) about living in the rv is that it takes major calisthentics to make the bed.  lol  Must do that next. 



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Re: Shopaholics: One Day at a Time -- Tuesday, Sept. 22, 2015

I'm so happy for you Rosa.  I love being a grandmother.  My oldest DGS was born when I was almost 47, so I have many years of experience.  LOL


Glad you had such a nice time with MJ, Kathleen.  I forgot to mention that at a luncheon we attended, the lady next to me was talking about her and her husbands new home -- it is a nice manufactured home, apparently.  Anyway, they had moved here from the Midwest a few years back -- sold everything and have been living in an RV.  During the summers, they traveled around in the RV, and then lived in the local RV park (it is pretty nice looking) during the rest of the year.   She said that they decided to sell the RV and move into the manufactured home since they were about to kill one another in their 400 square feet (I'm not sure that was the real number).  Anyway, I just had to laugh at her explanation.  


I also forgot to mention that I got a small refund from the rental car company ($15) after I complained that they gave me a car with only 3/4 of a tank of gasoline.  I did mention it when I picked up the car, but no one offered to give me money back or have it filled up.  That was not fair in my opinion since they make such a big deal about you returning the car with a full tank or pay a ridiculous price per gallon.  I have to thank Arlene for that -- I tend to let things go, but I know that Arlene has had such good luck with returning things/complaining that I gave it a shot.


Very happy to see you Karen, and that you are taking care of yourself.


The senior lunch program was more difficult than usual -- quite a few new people, substitute boss, etc., etc., but one of the seniors helped with serving the meal, and the "boss" helped with sanitizing the tables, which helped a lot.  DH and I did make it to the gym, and that went well.  So far, a much better day for me.  Thank goodness.


Sleep well everyone!