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Shopaholics One Day at a Time (Tuesday, March 23rd)

Good Morning all, things have been quiet in my neck of the woods.  It's warming up a bit in Michigan and we hit the mid 60's yesterday.  I might open some windows, just a smidge today to get fresh air in the house.


The chipmunk from last summer "Chip" (don't know the gender) emerged from hibernation last week Thursday.  To say that I was thrilled to see Chip would be putting it mildly.  I've never had a chipmunk on the property before so I didn't know if it would live or die through the winter.


Here's a photo of Chip on the first day of Spring (Saturday).


IMG_20210320_122935231 (300x400).jpg


I took the photo will my cell phone and yes I zoomed in a little bit.  I've been sitting on the floor just inside the doorway and propping the storm door open.  I call to Chip and he/she comes closer and closer as the days go by.  I would be thrilled if Chip let me feed him/her directly.  If not, that's okay too.  I'm just happy that Chip made it through the winter and emerged in pretty good shape.


I haven't seen my groundhog Gerry in over 18 months and Gerry used to emerge from hibernation looking kinda skinny.  


I received my tops from JCPenney at the end of last week.  Winners, as usual.

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Re: Shopaholics One Day at a Time (Tuesday, March 23rd)

Hi Everyone!


It's partly sunny and cool today. It is going to warm up the next few days into the 60's. The ground is finally starting to thaw so I have my fingers crossed for a slow thaw to prevent too much mud. 


I may do a few errands today or I might start some decluttering.  The refrig is looking a little bare for veggies and dairy so that might take the priority. 


Birdmama--You certainly have a way with the critters. I have my fingers crossed that the two bunny families don't become three for this year. The herd of deer were finally bedding down in our side yard (even with the flood lights on) I don't know how old the largest doe is but she's been around for many years. The dogs had to go potty late last night so they decided to find another spot. I see that opened the arbor gate to gain access  to the hedges. Must have been a snack. LOL


I like the Laura Geller Balance & Brghton product. It's my one minute quick foundation. I don't need a refill yet but the TSV is quite the deal. I turned the tv off so I wouldn't be tempted........right now. 


Have a good afternoon/evening.




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Re: Shopaholics One Day at a Time (Tuesday, March 23rd)

Bird Mama, Chip is such a cutie.  We have 3 robins, 2 mourning doves, 1 woodpecker & a few family of squirrels running everywhere.  It's trying to rain and it's going to be a wet week off and on.  We were in the low 60's yesterday and now it's going to be going down hill all week.  I like your JCP tops too.  I think of you every time I take my walk. I go by a mostly men's wear store, but they always have a few women's tops/dresses in the window.  Now they two cute pairs of shooties in the eindow.  One is reptile and the other is a solid caramel color.


fressa, I have bought quite a bit of Laura Geller things over the year's & the balance and brighten is my favorite.  It's so quick.  My go to is mostly 💄💄💄.  Good luck with your errands today.


It's a nasty drizzly day, so we started our whole house spring cleaning job this morning.  The entrance way was the starting point.  Two front doors, a coat closet and a few small walls.  Tomorrow is the living room, then the dining room and then the kitchen.  It's baby room at a time until we are done.  Open concept makes my life so much easier.  The bedrooms and bathrooms might be two days each.  


It's time to fix lunch.  Then we are going to the gym.  


I put out the Easter things on Sunday & it's so nice to see a few Spring things again. The tulips and day lilies are coming up.  


Hugs to all of you.

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Re: Shopaholics One Day at a Time (Tuesday, March 23rd)

Good Morning/Afternoon and thanks for getting us started, Bernie.  Chip is certainly cute.  Glad you like your new tops.  


Hi Fressa. Good luck at the grocery store if you decide to go there.  Since I am trying many vegan recipes, I have been buying tons of produce.   Trying to use it before it goes bad can be a challenge, but I am working on it. 


I love Laura Geller's Balance and Brighten, but like you

already have some.  I have not ordered yet, but I will probably do so since I am running low on her blush, and I'm sure the Balance and Brighten will not go bad or anything.


Good for you with the spring cleaning, Glenda.  I did one of your regular cleaning jobs -- mopping the kitchen floor yesterday.  Although I have a steam mop, this time was with the spin mop and a product (Once 'N Done) recommended by one of the companies that cleaned my grout.  Also using grout cleaner.  I am not a very neat cook, so it is a challenge to keep the floor clean.


Waves to all of our posters and readers.   My on-line church women's group was good this morning.  My sheets should be arriving from Amazon today.  Hope that I like them.  Nothing exciting planned for the day -- on-line concert, exercise DVD, and some more cleaning.  I may or may not take a walk since it is cool, very windy, and there is a good chance of rain.


Hope everyone has a nice evening and sleeps well.