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Shopaholics One Day at a Time (Thursday, May 20th)

Good Evening!  I didn't find our thread for today.  


Hope everyone had a nice day.  Not sure if she posted it here or on FB, but Jean's test went quite well, thank goodness.


That is funny about your adventures with your new car, Glenda.  A couple of the ladies at the picnic had newish cars, and said they had problems remembering how to do things like open the trunk and turn on the windshield wiper, etc.  Glad the wedding plans for your relatives are going well.  


I am afraid I have a bit of trashcan envy, Fressa.  Hope you enjoy your new one.


It was pretty warm/hot here today with a high of 93 degrees.  It should be considerably cooler and cloudy tomorrow.


The picnic was very nice, and I love the location up in the mountains.  The ladies were friendly, and I am glad that I attended.


I went to the grocery store(s) today, and most people were wearing masks despite it not being required.  And, I did my hospice deliveries this afternoon.  I'll be working on the mailings later.


Waves to all of our posters and readers.  Have a good evening and sleep well.






P.S. Did anyone order the TSV sheets?  DD was interested until she realized they would not be delivered until the end of June.  I think she planned to order some from Amazon instead.


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Re: Shopaholics One Day at a Time (Thursday, May 20th)

Hi Linda @LindaLatte  I'm glad that you enjoyed your picnic in the mountains.  I bet it was cooler in the mountains.  It's currently 87 degrees out there, ewww Woman Very Happy  I had windows open last night and through the morning.  When I got home from grocery shopping, I shut the windows and set the A/C up.  The gable fan is going and the A/C came on.  I didn't have the A/C set really low or anything.



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