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Shopaholics One Day at a Time - Thursday, Jan 26

Good Morning, Ladies!  It is a cool and sunny day here in southern Arizona.  It was only in the 20's when I got up this morning, so I did my indoor walk rather than my preferred outdoor one.  Hopefully, I will have a chance to do a little outdoor walking later today.  First, I plan to go to the gym and visit DH.  Fortunately, he was better yesterday -- still not very stable as far as walking or getting in and out of the chair, but not anxious like on Tuesday.


I hope things work out okay for those of you with health insurance reimbursement/payment issues.  I know that DD has had many issues with that process, and I have needed to provide financial support when her high deductible, etc are a problem.  


I have had the same problem with other issues, Bernie.  I try not to read those sorts of e-mails late in the day because they can totally disrupt my sleep.  Speaking of which, I watched a PBS program on Alzheimer's Disease last night -- I thought it would make sleep difficult, but fortunately it did not.  I guess I have come to know a lot about the disease.  They pointed out what a significant drain this one disease is having on health care and other parts of the economy, and how this will likely increase in the future.  Really grim picture.  


The meeting yesterday about the future of my newcomers group was okay, at least we didn't decide to disband.  Only five of us attended, and one lady talked way, way too much.  She is very opinionated, and very emotional.  I consider her a friend, but all her talk can be tiring for me.  Meanwhile, the other lady who I missed on our "out to lunch" trip on Monday called yesterday evening, and we talked for ages.  She had a doctor's appointment on Monday.  It turns out that she has a heart problem -- not what Jean has, but she will be going to a cardiologist.  Nice lady.


Interesting observations about shopping, Charlene.  I was a history major (undergraduate) as well.   


Guess I better get ready for the gym now.  Hope everyone is having a good day.  Please post if you have a chance.






P.S. I walked a new record number of steps yesterday -- a little more than 25,000.   A lot of the steps came while I was watching a movie on Netflix and talking to my friend.   Way too much walking.



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Re: Shopaholics One Day at a Time - Thursday, Jan 26

Good morning Linda! Way too go on getting the steps in!! I am impressed. I got that many steps, once, in Vegas. I was doing good yesterday to get in 6k.

I'm glad DH wasn't anxious and hearing that he feel but didn't is not very assuring. If that is a word. 😉

I was thinking yesterday that our weather is like yours. 50's and lows around freezing. So fat I've been doing ok with weather here. I don't like the below freezing and we only got snow 2x. One time it only lasted a couple hours until the sun came up.

Not much happening here. I've not been able to keep up with yall. I have put off getting wifi until the house sells. I'm trying to not get excited but it is looking good. DD and friends flew to Austin yesterday and I'm loving the pictures of my parents. Older DD flies up here next weekend and we sure are looking forward to seeing her! Hugs to all here.
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Re: Shopaholics One Day at a Time - Thursday, Jan 26

Fell not feel. Tried to edit. 😕
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Re: Shopaholics One Day at a Time - Thursday, Jan 26

Image result for thursday animated pics

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Re: Shopaholics One Day at a Time - Thursday, Jan 26

I'm feeling so much better today.  Once I tracked down every company involved in the HRA reimbursement and realized my threat to file a complaint with the attorney general was feasible, I was at peace, rofl.


Between the parent company and wholly owned subsidiaries, I might have to file in 3 different states.... so be it.


I slept 11 hours straight last night. Awoke feeling like a new person. 


Work is keeping me busy and that's good.

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Re: Shopaholics One Day at a Time - Thursday, Jan 26

Linda--Thank you for starting the thread. I'm overwhelmed with the number of steps you got in. If 10,000 steps is roughly equivalent to five miles then you have really been walking, walkig, walking. I'm glad that DH was doing better.


meallen--Thanks for another cute graphic.


Kathleen--It is good to see you posting. I do hoope the house sells soon. Enjoy the visits from the family.


Bernie--I'm glad you have some insight into the resolution of the reimbursement issue and that you slept well.


I worked again today and will again tomorrow. I was able to come home a little early which enabled me to schedule some specialist appointments during Spring break so they wouldn't interfere with possible work opportunities. I'm with Bernie on the value of work in keeping me busy.


I saw the TSV presented and some looked as if they could go up a size. I can't stand the sausage casing look.


No shopping today, but I do like the Bob Mackie top being shown. A286894.

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