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Shopaholics One Day at a Time - Thursday, December 8th

Hello shopping friends - it's crazy at work again.  On the bright side, we did get some snow for about an hour - didn't stick to the roads or anything.


I think the Philosophy TSV was delivered today.  Should be nice and cold, sitting on my front porch.  Hoping nothing froze :-)

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Re: Shopaholics One Day at a Time - Thursday, December 8th

Hi ladies,

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Re: Shopaholics One Day at a Time - Thursday, December 8th

Hi all, and thanks @Bird mama for the start. Busy at work I always liked, crazy busy, not so much, but it does make the day go by fast. Glad you won't have snow messy roads to travel home. Also hope your Philosophy products don't freeze. Is your cold all gone? Hope so.


@meallen616, I like your graphic, have you been doing some shopping?


I ordered a few things from Amazon last night, nothing special, just some household items I need, or want to try.  Very cold here, sun is shining though, so that's good. Poor little dog doesn not like this cold, lol. When I take her out, she runs a few feet out then turns and looks at me like, are you kidding me? Lol. I put a doggie coat on her, makes me laugh, when I ask if she wants to put her coat on...she runs right over to get it. She's a nut.

Didn't do much today, laundry, made some cookies, spaghetti for dinner. I have a b-day party for my late sisters' huband (his 80th) on Saturday, still don't know what I am going to make to take to that. I'm leaning towards a big casserole dish of homemade mac & cheese.

Hope all are well, have a great evening. Waves....

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Re: Shopaholics One Day at a Time - Thursday, December 8th

Afternoon, Thanx @Bird mama for the start, just one more day & it tgif, hang in there girl. 


@Snicks1, mac 'n cheese sounds good for the party, Happy B-Day to the birthday boy.


@meallen616, good one today & so true


We are getting quite cold, in fact they are saying very unusual for this time of year, but it gets better, major snow storm over the week-end, then turning bitter cold & more snow for Tuesday, so I guess we have to pay for the lovely Fall we had


Went for an oil change today with DD's Blazer that I've now inherited (sorta) anyway, rear axle was rusted & fluid leaking, I have notice a "thump" when I reverse so I believed him, & did look at it, had the repair done, not a horrible cost so glad it's taken care of, he did say if it fell off, the repair bill would be mucho $$$, I know DD will not be happy I had it done, she doesn't trust any mechanics but I tend to worry about the what ifs/ anyway so it was now a much longer wait at the shop, too cold & windy to walk around, went next door for a hot dog, met a woman I haven't seen in years, her sister & my son were once an "item" so it was a fun catch up time.


So other errands, except a stop at Dollar Tree, did not get done but will make sure it's all done before the week-end storm arrives.


Take Care All & Stay Warm



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Re: Shopaholics One Day at a Time - Thursday, December 8th

Good evening, everyone! I am  home from work late and taking time to watch the local news. The Siberian Express can take a detour to the North as far as I am concerned. I think the TSV is cute but don't know that I need it right now. No packages are to be delivered. All that I have ordered has been delivered.


I have my appointment with the back neurosurgeon tomorrow as well as the PT appointment. Sorry to be missing so much but working combined with trips to the city for PT haven't left much time.


I did get an email on the WEN case with info on  how to apply for part of the settlement. It has never done anything adverse to me or my hair.

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Re: Shopaholics One Day at a Time - Thursday, December 8th

Good evening ladies - it is a balmy -4 degrees right now.  We don't have any snow and the sun has been shining all week.  For that I am thankful.


@Bird mama  Hope your package isn't frozen.  I had a package on the step when I got up this morning.  It was Enstrom's candy, so didn't care that it was about 2 degrees at the time.


@meallen616  I totally agree with you.  If those things are good, what could possibly be wrong??


@Snicks1  Poor pup, I totally understand how they feel.  I ran to the mailbox today, about froze my toes.  Mac 'n cheese sounds wonderful, especially on a cold, cold day.


@spix  Isn't it special when you run into an old friend??  Nice to get the car fixed for DD.  We want to get a tree this weekend, but we are supposed to have snow and it will still be quite cold.


@KonaKat  I wish the Siberia Express would head up to Alaska.  We've been terribly cold all week and will be next week as well.  Not cool....I have errands to run, just won't do many with these temps.  Not a good thing, as we'll have company in two weeks for about 10 days.  Good luck with the PT tomorrow.  I got the notice from WEN also, I thought I read you need to send a note if you want to opt out of the claim.  I didn't have any trouble with the product, but I'm not generating a note and sending in the mail to tell them to take me off the claimant list.  I think it should be the other way around, write a note to collect $$.


Just ordered more 'need' items tonight, my CC is on fire.  I need to put it in the safe and lose the combo.Smiley Sad  Hope you all have better luck with the CCs.





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Re: Shopaholics One Day at a Time - Thursday, December 8th

Good Evening!  Thanks for getting us started, Bernie.  Hope your products were not frozen.  


So far, my trip is very good.  Nice large room in the hotel, which is nice.  I enjoyed the lunch at a "dude ranch" sort of place, as well as the western museum visit.  We went to look at a drive-through Christmas light display, which was very nice.  I had dinner at the casino restaurant (the casino is right next the the hotel).  The meal was much less expensive than the hotel restaurant, and the food was good.  


It should be pretty cool tomorrow morning when we take our walking tour of Prescott, and I'm ready with a warm jacket, hat, etc.  


Called DH's facility, and they said he is doing fine.  


Life is good as they say.


Sleep well everyone!