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Shopaholics One Day at a Time (Thurs., November 21st)

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Good Afternoon all, I made a run to Menards to look for stand alone solar lights that I could put on the dog's graves.  Wow, the selection was grim and the cute designs were so flimsy.  I did find a pair that would serve for the winter plus I learned that Menards sold large bags of Maple Nut Goodies and Royals by Brach's.


It's been hard for me to find Maple Nut Goodies these days and I haven't had Royals in years.  The Royals reminded me of my parents.



Image result for brachs maple nut goodies


Image result for brachs royals


I stopped in at Meijer's in the way home and picked up some groceries.  They had a good buy one get one free deal on Oscar Mayer Center Cut Bacon so I bought one for me and got the other one for my sister.


I picked up two packages of Kings Hawaiin Rolls on sale.  


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Re: Shopaholics One Day at a Time (Thurs., November 21st)

@birdmama   Oh, I've never seen either of those before, but I love real maple (maple syrup and sugar is a big industry around here).  I'm normally a chocoholic, but I'd like to try those Maple Nut Goodies.  We do have a new Menards pretty close to me too!

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Re: Shopaholics One Day at a Time (Thurs., November 21st)

Bernie--Thank you for starting the thread. I've not seen either of those in my area. We also do not have a Menards anywhere near us.


I had not planned to work today but they called at 8:45, and asked if I could come and work as a teacher was called out. The classes were not that difficult but I was really tired when I got home. I work tomorrow so that will make four days this week, the most since going back to subbing after the accident.


I am debating the TSV as I use a microwavable heating pad. I have enough aches and pains that I could justify it provided it really worked.

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Re: Shopaholics One Day at a Time (Thurs., November 21st)

Good Evening!  Glad you found those candies and some other bargains, Bernie.  I am not familiar with those candies, but I do like maple. 


Hope you like the candies if you decide to try them, Laura.


LIke Jean, I don't have any Menards near me. In fact, I don't think I have ever seen one.  


Hope things go okay tomorrow, Jean.  I know you enjoy working, but I hope you don't overdo things.  Hope you enjoy the TSV if you order it.


Yesterday, I lost a combined water bottle and cell phone holder I use on my walks every day.  I really loved it, and had a spare just in case.  But, I was quite upset because I had photocopies of some of my ID's in the bag.  Searching for the bag took up a lot of my time yesterday evening, and I did contact my ID protection service to let them know.  Fortunately, I have a freeze with all three credit bureaus, so hopefully the information won't be all that valuable.  Also, it is possible that someone found the bag and turned it in to the lost and found where I take my OLLI classes.  It was not there yesterday afternoon, but.....  It is also possible that it is somewhere in the house or car but I have not found it yet.


I have been busy today -- Caregivers, coffee, and the gym, which has actually helped me be less stressed.


One of the Caregivers offered to drive me to my varicose vein procedure, and I will be happy to take advantage of her offer.  


We had thunderstorms last night, which disturbed my sleep.  And, and we had rain off and on today.  It is much cooler as well.  Still better than weather at many other places. 


Waves to all of our posters and readers.  Hope everyone sleeps well.









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Re: Shopaholics One Day at a Time (Thurs., November 21st)


No Menard’s in my part of the country. I don’t remember Maple Nut Goodies, but I definitely recall Brach’s Milk Maid   Royals! Loved those as a kid. I still love caramel candies! Enjoy!