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Shopaholics One Day at a Time (Sunday, October 27th)

Hello all, hard to believe it's the last Sunday of the month! 


I popped into home depot to pick up two scatter/area rugs this morning.  It's windy and the leaves are falling off the trees without getting to their maximum color, sigh. 


Sometimes it's like that Woman Very Happy


How are you today? 

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Re: Shopaholics One Day at a Time (Sunday, October 27th)

Hello Ladies.....It rained all day here,part of a tropical storm moving’s  wam though in the 60’s. A lot of the  leaves  came down here too Bernie....Not much color this year.  I think the clocks goback next is hard to believe.


Not much going on here today..did some laundry,put some summer stuff exciting!    Hope every has a nice evening.....Marijane 




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Re: Shopaholics One Day at a Time (Sunday, October 27th)

Bernie--Thank you for starting the thread. It was a semi-cloudy day but I went to the city to have lunch with a friend and also to buy the cat his favorite cat food as he was out and resisting another brand. I also wanted some protein bars that aren't sold locally as I like to have them to tuck in for lunch when I go to work. I went into WalMart with these two items in mind and left with only those items. I did not look at anything else that might be tempting.

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Re: Shopaholics One Day at a Time (Sunday, October 27th)

Good Afternoon/Evening and thanks for getting us started, Bernie.  I guess I don't feel so bad about missing the leaves changing this year since it hasn't seemed to be a very good year for that happening.  I did see some in Italy, but most of our trees are not the "leaf changing color" type.  No rain, but quite windy here.  It is sunny and in the low 80's at the moment.  It is supposed to be cooler this week -- highs in the low or mid 70's and low 40's at night. 


I think most of us don't have very exciting days, Marijane.  Glad you are getting some things done.


Good for you at Wal Mart, Jean.  Unfortunately, I always seem to find an extra item or two.  Glad you were able to have lunch with your friend.


I am feeling better, but still have a "wet cough" as they say.  The medication I purchased at Wal Mart yesterday seems to be pretty good at controlling the cough and allowing me to get some rest.  I tested myself by going to church and the gym, and both went okay.  Interestingly enough, there was a whole lot of coughing going on at church.  I don't think I am alone with this problem.


My Mobile Help equipment came yesterday, but by the time it was charged, it was too late to check with technical service.  I did so first thing in the morning, and I think all is well.  


I think I could use handywoman Bernie here.  One of my toilets is not flushing.   I am pretty sure it needs a new fill and flush set.  I actually changed that once, years ago, but I decided it was best to have my plumber take care of it.  I have a call in for him to do the annual water heater flush, so hopefully he can take care of both at the same time.  He may be hunting or something this weekend.  I hope he will be back next week.


As I have mentioned, baseball is not my thing, but I am following the World Series since the Washington team is playing.  I really hope they can come back after losing two games.


Have a nice evening everyone and sleep well.