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Shopaholics One Day at a Time - Sunday, November 13th

Good afternoon, I just returned home from 'movie Sunday'.  I went to see Hacksaw Ridge - what a moving and enjoyable film.  I recommend it.


It's sunnier and a bit warmer outside, so I am going to fire up the lawnmower and vacuum some leaves.  At first I thought I would get my cardio up raking (to boost my HDL) then I realized I wanted to be able to use my shoulders, lol.  I decided to do 30 minutes of 'rolling hills' on the treadmill to get my exercise in and started that yesterday.



I hope you are all having a good Sunday.

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Re: Shopaholics One Day at a Time - Sunday, November 13th

Hi everybody,


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Re: Shopaholics One Day at a Time - Sunday, November 13th

Bernie--Thanks for starting the thread. It had not been started when I looked but apparently you posted while I was doing mine and hunting for a picture to post.


This is what I said and then directed people to your post:


Good afternoon, shopping friends. I see that the thread has not been started so I will take a brief moment to do so.


I have just returned from Puerto Rico, so I am tired from the activities, lack of sleep and travel. It is a spectacular place to visit, and we did tours that showed us the highlights of the entire island rather than focusing alone on San Juan or Old San Juan.


We did no shopping while there as we were busy on seeing the island and experiencing many of its cultural delights. It is interesting to note that the #1 selling JC Pennys, Macy's and K-Mart are located in San Juan.


Did we enjoy the area? Yes! We already plan to return next year at the same time. We loved the area, the hotel and the people we encountered. We enjoyed the local cuisine each day we were there.


This is the beach located a block from our hotel, but it must be noted that their mountains are so green with the trees and vegetation.



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Re: Shopaholics One Day at a Time - Sunday, November 13th

Bird Mama, I am glad that you enjoyed the movie.  It is sunny, breezy & 50° today.  Another 50's week & above normal temps with no rain before Wednesday.  DH has been watering the leaves daily & will do so until the city gets them.


Nice graphic meallen.


Jean, your vacation sounded like a winner.  Beautiful beach picture.  I am sure that you are tired, but well worth the experience.  We have never been there, but it is enticing.  We are planning to go somewhere non stop from RKFD, IL in March with my BF from HS & her husband.


Another beautiful sunny day.  After church we had a nice lunch out as I will not be able to eat solid foods tomorrow.  I hope to be back to normal by Wednesday.


Hugs to all of you.

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Re: Shopaholics One Day at a Time - Sunday, November 13th

Good Afternoon/Evening, and thanks for getting us started Bernie and Jean.  Sorry about your cholesterol, Bernie.  I don't have that issue, but I can relate to your disappointment in the results after making a great effort to avoid problems.  That is just how I felt when my bone density results came back -- still have some osteoporosis despite huge efforts on the diet and exercise front plus having injections of medicine twice a year.  Granted it was only one of five measurements, and I had improved some.  But, give me a break.  Oh well.....  I liked the new clothes you ordered.


Funny graphic meallen.  I remember my Dad would just sit in the car or in the middle of the mall when my Mom and I shopped.  Mom didn't drive, and before I had my license he was it.  


Welcome back, Jean.  It certainly sounds like you had a wonderful trip.  I guess the rain wasn't a problem?   I have heard very good things about the beauty of PR, and I'm glad you liked the food.


Hi twinny -- glad you and your DH had a nice lunch, and good luck with the prep.  Yuck!


Waves to Kathleen, Arlene, snicks, Essie, Susan, Marijane, butterfly (good luck with your surgery, I'm praying for you), Barbara, Karen, Charlene, Gayle, Rosa, 3suwm5, pinky ann, and all of our posters and readers.


I had quite a surprise and not a good one when I visited DH yesterday.  He had a bandage on his head, a couple of lumps/bumps on the back of his head, and a strange red "collar" around the back of his neck.  I asked the caregiver what happened, and she did not know.  to make a very long story short, I have not been able to find what happened, but i'm pretty sure he had a fall sometime between 7:00 - 11:00 p.m. on Friday.  Not only was I not called, but the caregiver at the time (who apparently works rarely) did not even note it in his record.  


I called hospice, and the weekend nurse came to look at him late yesterday.  She was most concerned about the thing on his neck (afraid it was shingles), but found out from the doctor (she sent pictures) that it is probably contact dermatitis.  He will get a cortisone cream for that.  Meanwhile, she said that the bumps on the back of his head will go away (one of the caregivers was using ice on it which the nurse said would help), and the cut on top of his head will be okay -- she sprayed it with a wound spray and put on a new bandage.


 One of the lower level directors was giving a tour yesterday, and I asked to speak with her when she finished.  She took pictures and promised to get the message to the assistant director.  I have not heard anything else from them, but I will contact the director tomorrow morning.  I'll be visiting DH anyway, so I may wait until I go in to talk to them.


DH seems to be doing okay -- has no memory of a fall or pain.  But, he is having lots of trouble with getting up and down from chairs.  Very nervous.


On to happier subjects -- it is a lovely sunny day here -- highs in the 70's.  And, it is my oldest DGS' birthday.  He had to work (Macy's), but he celebrated on Friday when he had the day off.  I'm very blessed to have him and his brothers and sisters.


Hope everyone has a nice evening and sleeps well.





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Re: Shopaholics One Day at a Time - Sunday, November 13th



Jean welcome back from your trip.




I am so sorry that there was an undocumented incident with your beloved.  I have every confidence that you'll get to the bottom of it.

There are many elements: wind, fire, water
But none quite like the element of surprise
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Re: Shopaholics One Day at a Time - Sunday, November 13th

Hello all and thanks @birdmama for the start. Glad your enjoyed the movie. I also spent most of the afternoon out dealing with leaves, it's never ending, ugh! I did get the three lots in the back taken care of again. This may have been the last time I clean those 3 lots up for this year, depending how many more leaves land there.


@meallen616, cute graphic again.


@KonaKat, I am really glad you had an enjoyable time on your trip to PR, the pic looks wonderful. Glad you liked the food and are planning another visit there. I am sure you need to rest up from all the activity, including traveling.


@twinny70, good luck on Tuesday.


@LindaLatte, wow, so sorry about the incident that happened with DH, that is not good about it not being noted in his chart. I would be like you and be speaking with the director. Failing to note it is not acceptable practise, at all. Hope he continues to do ok. Happy b-day to your oldest DGS. Grandchildren are the best, aren't they.


I need to make reservations for dinner on Thanksgiving. I guess first I need to find out for sure how many want to go with us this year. Already know 1 granddaughter is going, so need to check around with a few others, then make my reservations.

We (meaning hubby) is trying to get my laptop hooked up to a wireless printer, but the download seems stuck. I'm not doing anything to it, will leave it to him, start to finish. That way he knows where he's at in the process.

Nothing else happening here, think I will do an Epsom Salt bath and get in bed earlier than usual tonight, my back is not happy with me. I am really beginning to worry that I may not be able to take care of this great big yard another year, it's really causing me some good degree of discomfort, for days afterwards. Oh well, time will tell. Have a nice evening everyone.




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