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Re: Shopaholics One Day at a Time: Sunday, Jan 10th

Yikes...where did my paragraphs go?????

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Re: Shopaholics One Day at a Time: Sunday, Jan 10th

Marijane--The chicken soup souinds so good in this developing nasty weather. I think I saw something on FB that said it was about 47 days until Spring. I think you also can identify with that wish.


Linda--I'm with you. I think the rolling pin is cute but for that price I don't have much use for it. I do wish you the best with your caregiving arrangements. It is quite a balancing act to be able to care for DH, arrange for care and also be able to do some of the things you enjoy.


Barbara--Sorry you continue to have knee issues. The nippy weather doesn't help. I'm not overly impressed with TrueCar. What I have seen is comparable to the dealers who do not participate in it.


I'm reading a great book "Blue Gemini." We are familiar with the Gemini space program, but "Blue Gemini" is a book which deals with military applications of a Gemini program to send military astronauts to disable orbiting satellites capable of targeting US cities during the Cold War. It is fiction, of course, but the book contains much historical references to things  that transpired during the 60s and the Cold War.

**************** "A black cat crossing your path just means that it is going from one place to another." Proud owner of a black cat and a shopper of QVC since the merger with CVN.
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Re: Shopaholics One Day at a Time: Sunday, Jan 10th

Hi girls!  It's a cold day here - only 35° - but I'm OK if I stay near the space heater.  What I'm dreading is that I have to scrub the litter boxes, and I know after doing so in cold water my hands are going to ache.  Cat Sad


Syds, I doubt the gas company would do anything more than light the pilot. This guy said the insulation around the tank is soaked and there's water in some other parts, so maybe that's why it's not staying lit.  I'm going to call the gas company tomorrow, though - I have the budget plan and need to tell them that for the foreseeable future I'm not going to be using gas for heat so the monthy amount needs to be adjusted way, way down; I'm also going to ask if they know of any programs where I can get assistance.


As for any advances from this guy, nope - I'm not the least bit interested.  I had the thought he might be looking for a new mother for his four little kids (2-9), but that sure as heck isn't me! Cat Surprised  Besides which, I don't find him the least bit appealing, he's not well-educated, he's not financially secure (after my debacle of a marriage I learned my lesson!), he doesn't like cats, he's a smoker and stinks of smoke, and he's prejudiced...all major no-nos in my opinion.  I feel safe, and I have my dogs who are protective of me; if they sense anything is wrong, they get very defensive and I have no doubt they'd ward him off.


There's a lesson in all this:  PLEASE, ladies, make sure your husband has life insurance, even if it's a term policy, and MAKE SURE that YOU are the beneficiary; also insist he has a will.  The idiot I was married to never changed the beneficiary on his insurance, and although his ex at first promised to pay the funeral expensese from the proceeds, the witch changed her mind. The VA provided a burial plot and headstone, but after the undertaker picked up the body and the witch reneged on her promise, the undertaker told me "We're not a bank, you know!" Cat Mad  So much for compassion!  I had to do what I had to do - I found the PINs for his credit cards, went to ATMs and got cash advances to pay the funeral home - hopefully they went after her for the money.  As for no will, by law I should have gotten half the proceeds of the house, and the other half would be divided equally between the surviving spouse and kids, but his punk son got into cahoots with MY dirtbag lawyer and they robbed me of everything.  I know this is a subject no one wants to talk about, and it might be hard to approach your husband with it, but trust me - you don't want to end up like I did.  Even if you have a good job, you might fall into profound depression like I did - I was pretty much unable to function, sleeping for 20 hours and more a day.


Oh, I really, really, REALLY want that rolling pin! Cat Frustrated I wish I could afford to get it; I'm tempted to buy it as a birthday/cheering me up present, but I have to pay the handyman...and I haven't given the dentist anything yet.  Even if the handyman says he doesn't want payment I'm going to insist on something; I don't want to feel obligated to him in any way.  But oh, the troops would so enjoy getting kitty cookies.... Cat Frustrated 


Glad your sister wasn't seriously hurt, Bird.  I've learned to be very defensive when driving - people are in a world of their own, what with talking on the phone and texting. 


Welcome, Golden - I see you're a fellow cat lover.


Oh, I'd so love to win that Powerball!  If I did, Tennessee would have the world's most amazing animal shelter, and an incredible place for homeless and disabled vets....  And I'd finance a week-long getaway in Hawaii for all my regular friends here (and Jules) so we could have fun and meet in person.... Oh well, I can dream!  Cat LOL


Last night I watched "Life Stinks" on Amazon Prime. It's a Mel Brooks movie, quite different from his typical style, but it was very enjoyable (and CLEAN). 


Marijane, maybe I'll pick up some chicken and make soup; I have everything else I need.  I do a chicken & dumplings that I got the recipe for from a QVC cookbook, and it's excellent. As much as I love to cook,though, I don't bother much if it's just me.


LindaL, I'm glad things are starting to come together for you; I'm praying for you. 


I think I told you the candle my cousin sent for Christmas was broken, and I think it was Amazon's fault - it was taped up, so I think they sent a return by mistake. Well, they didn't have any more in stock in that fragrance, so I couldn't order one myself and exchange it, so I contacted the company and they're sending a replacement for free.  These candles are amazing - they're from a company called One Fur All, and not only do they smell heavenly, they really eradicate any odors you have in the house. You don't even have to light them - just take the lid off and enjoy the fragrance.  I'd definitely recommend them if you like candles.


Well, I guess I should get the litter boxes done and out of the way; it's only going to get colder later.


Hi to everyone - have a blessed day! 




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Re: Shopaholics One Day at a Time: Sunday, Jan 10th

BTW, I know some of you have Fitbits, so this might be of interest to you:

Class Action Lawsuit Against Fitbit

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Re: Shopaholics One Day at a Time: Sunday, Jan 10th

Hi all, Bernie - so sorry that your sister was in an accident.  Even when you're not injured, it's still kind-of scary, and can be expensive with deductables costing money.  Arlene - your advice regarding insurance and wills/trusts is spot-on.  I'm the one who's made sure we had those things and keep them up-to-date.  I mentioned that this week I was readjusting our stock portfolio (plus I funded our Roth IRAs).  Afterwards, I typed up a new list of our Roth holdings and gave a copy of it to my DH and explained what everything was.  He couldn't care less, but I think it's important that he know.  BTW - I come from a long line of women who handled the finances in the household, so it kind-of comes natural to me.  And as someone else mentioned, I've learned a lot from financial gurus like Suze Orman and Dave Ramsey.  Anyway - I'm glad you threw out some of your life experience, and hope that it might save a reader some heartache and struggle.


It's been relatively cold here (not as cold as most of you though).  Went to church in the morning, did some grocery shopping (trying to buy more healthy produce), then I've been pretty lazy.  We're even having leftovers and a salad for dinner.  The leftovers are an Italian eggplant casserole recipe that I made up a while back.  Except when I went to make it I realized we didn't have any cottage cheese that it called for.  Then I thought that maybe that tofu I just bought in my attempt to eat healthier would work as a substitute.  Guess what?  Couldn't tell the difference.  It was good.


I need to go and do one of my Sunday rituals...I go through the coming week's t.v. guide with the DVR and I set to record programs that seem interesting, and delete any ongoing recordings that might be duplicates.  I almost never watch t.v. live - I just can't stand the commercials.  Even the QVC shows that I want to watch - I just fast-forward through the stuff I don't want to watch.  Bye for now!  ~  Charlene