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Shopaholics One Day at a Time (Saturday, August 13th)

Good Afternoon!  Hope everyone is having a nice Saturday.


Somehow, I didn't realize that yesterday was Friday until late in the day.  And, my doctor's office never returned my call.  So, I attempted to go through the Teledoc program that my insurance has to get a prescription for Paxlovid.  I had used them several years ago, and the doctor prescribed medication for me.


Anyway, after answering tons of questions, setting and resetting passwords, etc., I finally got to speak with a doctor yesterday evening.  He thought I was a candidate for the drug, but he could not prescribe it.  Then he said there was a government program that could help and sent me a link to the information.  Long story short, the nearest possible facility is in a different county, and at least 75 miles away.  Since it took all the energy I had to drive to the nearby Walmart, driving that distance is out of the question.  Hopefully, my doctor's assistant will answer the phone on Monday.  Frustrating.


I am feeling slightly better, and even managed to have a bowl of soup for lunch.  I have had zero appetite, and even didn't feel like drinking anything.  So, that is great progress.  But, I have a very long way to go to be close to normal.  I literally had to talk myself into brushing my teeth and taking a shower.  Yikes!


Under the circumstances, shopping is just not high on my list, even window shopping. And, I have no interest in the TSV.  Hope any of you who order ir or something else like it very much.


Several people, including my daughter, have been so kind as to check on me.  Even the shuttle driver who brought me home from the airport offered to get me anything I need.  That certainly makes me feel good.


We are supposed to have thunderstorms today, but just sunny so far.  How is the weather in your area?


Waves to all of our posters and readers.  Please post if you have a chance.





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Re: Shopaholics One Day at a Time (Saturday, August 13th)

Hi Linda @LindaLatte   I wonder if the teledoc couldn't prescribe Paxlovid because it's EUA (emergency use authorization).   75 miles is a long way to drive when you don't feel good.  I'm glad that you were able to get soup down for lunch.  Hydration is important when you're fighting a virus.  


It was chilly (mid 50's) when I awoke early this morning.  It was cloudy most of the day and looked like rain.  So far the rain has stayed south of me.  I tackled the dead branches and bramble around the pine trees along my back fence.  My arms look like I got into a fight with a cat Woman Very Happy



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Re: Shopaholics One Day at a Time (Saturday, August 13th)

Hope you feel better soon, Linda.