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Re: Shopaholics: One Day at a Time -- Monday, Sept. 21, 2015

Whoa, am I ever late posting today.  It felt like fall this morning so I wore some suede old ankle boots and my new poncho.  Felt like quite the fashion plate today (rofl).  I got to work and folks were wearing short sleeves and sandals.  To each his own today.


Sounds like everyone is hanging in there.  Snicks, I'm sorry you have to stay on your meds and have my fingers crossed the doctor doesn't add any more. 


Barbara, I took the flu shot a couple of times - in 2006 when DH was sick, then maybe a year or two later.


I haven't had it since the folded in two vaccines together.  I've never had a pneumonia shot either.


I still use my Hoover Runabout (vacuum) circa 2001 - he he he.


I arrived home to find my young mayor pouding the pavement for re-election votes.  He inherited the job when my former mayor died of cancer.  He was at my neighbor's front porch and I said, hey try the side door.  He opted to talk to me and I said, I live next door and I will be voting for you.  Then I said, how about that chitstorm recently (a development plan that was nixed by council).  He said, yea it was something.  Then I said, I love my city council folks, well except for that nut Paul that was on council a few years ago.  So he tells me, you know he's running for mayor.  I said fear not, the guy will get a coupla of votes but will never be mayor. 


I thought the guy was good looking in photos - but he is really handsome with a beautiful wife and children.  I took the big flyer and said, your wife and children are so beautiful and seriously - I don't think you're gonna have a problem keeping your mayoral seat.


So I taped the flyer thing to the inside of my storm door glass out front.  He didn't have any yard signs on him, so this way he and any reps can see I support him - code for - don't bang on my front door - he he he he.


That's my excitement for the day.  The TSV holds no allure for me either.  Although...... I did see another pair of boots online that interest me (lol).



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