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Shopaholics One Day at a Time (Friday, October 21st)

Hello all, how are we doing today?


When I received the fence estimate on Monday I never really complained about the price.  I may have said hmm, you're a little higher than the last guy but I didn't make a fuss.


I didn't check my MSN emails on Tuesday; I got around to it on Wednesday.  Low and behold there was a revised estimate for $500 less.  I didn't bother calling on Wednesday because I wanted to funds transfer the deposit money from savings to checking.


I spontaneously scheduled the Moderna bivalent booster yesterday morning for 11 am.  Of course, when I got the contract and saw some disclaimer language that gave me anxiety, I had to call back.  I basically said, wow, you're no different that the first company except for still being more expensive.  Life if short and I subscribe to saying what I mean.


We updated the contract and they agreed to file for the permit.  At first I said okay so you want me to file for the permit too?  Okay but I need a drawing of the back yard with all your notations on it - my city wants a drawing.  Now I don't have to bother - they'll take care of it.


Like a donkey I didn't realize that my debit card linked to my checking account had a maximum daily withdrawal.  Of course the deposit was a couple thousand over the limit and the card was denied.  I got the call as I pulled into Meijer's parking lot in the sleet.  I told the guy look I'm almost late for a shot, I'll take care of it.  Got the shot, ran out of the store and did the waiting for a reaction in my bank.  They took care of requesting a one day higher limit.  Here's how scattered I was.  I meant to do my shopping for a few things while browing Meijers waiting to see if I was gonna faint from the shot.  Instead I rush to the bank and ask for a limit that is exactly in the amount of the deposit - not one penny more.


Once that was taken care of I went back to the store and had to use a credit card because I capped my limit so tight I couldn't use my debit card.


Honestly sometimes I am not sure about me .  I had some paper money and a gift card so I grabbed carryout from little caesars and came home.


I took an Aleve last night to get ahead of the aching arm.  I'm freezing right so we are in the chills stage of the experience.  The only thing that concerns me is the skin reaction and I can see it's starting.  Here's hoping it limits itself to my arm.  Last time I got a booster I had an overall body reaction.


I think i'm going to treat myself to something from JCP.  We're expecting temps in the low 70's tomorrow through Monday.  I'm not doing anything physical tomorrow.  I'll probably run the mower on Sunday and hang the exterior Christmas lights on Monday.  I don't know when I'll get the next nice day to hang lights - it's a miserable experience when the weather is cold.

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Re: Shopaholics One Day at a Time (Friday, October 21st)

@Bird mama  You've had quite a busy week! I'm glad to hear that you found a fence company. I bet you'll be relieved when the fence is complete.

I hope the chills are very short-lived and that you're feeling better from the shot.


It's so cold here in PA compared to the West coast. I wore slipper socks, fleece-lined leggings, a sweater, and a hooded robe over all of it yesterday. I lived in NY before I moved west for 22+ years, and I guess I forgot how cold it gets in other places. I gotta admit that sometimes I'm homesick for the West. If it wasn't such a pain to move & if interest rates weren't stopping buyers, I might even have put my new place up for sale. Brrrr!

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Re: Shopaholics One Day at a Time (Friday, October 21st)

Hi Everyone!


It's sunny and cold today. I'm waiting for a burst of energy before i tackle some paperwork or pick up a prescription. I sure can have fun around here. I did the grocery shopping yesterday and just my luck as soon as I got home I received the text from the pharmacy that a prescription was ready for pick up. I decided to eat ice cream. LOL


BirdMama---It sounds like you got all the fence details sorted but it is a migraine trying to think of any loop hole they could grab you on with an extra charge. A person has to be so careful even with cheking BBB, etc. there are still pitfalls. I can understand the money flip hassels. Our bank limits only two such transactions per month or they attach a large fee for each additional transaction. I swear I had to use post-it notes to remind myself when I coulf flip the funds from one account to the other and the amount. 

Hope your shot reaction isn't too rough.


Grocery shopping took longer than expected but I got most things on my list. I had planned on  2 trips for the list I had but think I will just wait for the sales to change.  The price of yogurt was crazy $8.49 for a 4 pack of yogurt. The onion truck hasn' t been around for a few weeks. The vitamins were increasec but at least I had a coupon so I got 2. Ground beef was $4.99 /pound. Chicken breasts were bogo but the price per pound was a bit high.  I think I'm numb at this point to the prices so I just try to get something from each category that we need. 


We had a freeze warning for last night so I pulled up the pepper plants and discarded them. The solar ball light came in to the garage. I had a heck of a time trying to get the lid open to pull the battery. Never did get it open. That same silicone button and top needs improvement IMO. Crossing my fingers that it works in the Spring. We still have to gather all the hose reels and put them in the sheds.  We kept them out as long as the temps were warm to water the newer grass and fill the birdbaths. That's on the list for today or tomorrow. 


I only saw a bit of Valerie's show. I'm such a sucker for the crystal drops, etc. I looked but I didn't buy. Too many big projects at once and boiler repair on Tuesday. Crossing my fingers that it's just the one valve. 


Have a good afternoon/evening. 

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Re: Shopaholics One Day at a Time (Friday, October 21st)

Good Evening and thanks for getting us started, Bernie.  Glad things are settled with the fence company.  Hope the COVID booster doesn't cause any more problems.  One of my friends had no reaction to the two vaccines and two boosters, but did with the bivalent one. 


I don't use my debit card often, but I have had many issues with the transfer limits for my accounts.  This has been a problem sometimes when I needed to transfer big chunks of money to DD or contractors and needed to move money from savings to checking, etc.  


Sorry you are dealing with the cold Desert Lily.  Perhaps you will get more used to it in time. Definitely a change from the East Coast (Maryland in my case) to Arizona.  Now, I am a total weather wimp when it is colder here or when I go to a colder climate.


That is a crazy price for yogurt, Fressa.  I know that it doesn't do me any good to get upset about the price increases, but I still do.  I love some of Valerie's things as well, but I have resisted so far.


Since I needed to deliver hospice supplies in the morning, I decided to skip the travel club meeting.  The supplies were supposed to be ready in the middle of the meeting, and I didn't want to be rude.  Anyway, they were not ready as early as expected, and they didn't have the address list ready for me when I came.  But, I figured things out, and made it home in plenty of time for lunch before my mammogram and bone density tests.  The two technicians were very good, and they got me in earlier than expected.  Win win.  I was lucky that I wasn't getting an xray since their equipment was broken.


It made it up to 88 degrees today, but the house is nice and cool (not cold).  It is supposed to be much cooler starting on Monday.  


Waves to all of our posters and readers.  Sleep well everyone.





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Re: Shopaholics One Day at a Time (Friday, October 21st)

Bird Mama,

I am sure it will be a relief when the fence is in & done. I hope you don't have a bad reaction to the Booster.  My dh & I got our flu shots on Tuesday and barely got a sore arm.  We have to wait two weeks until we can get our next Booster shot.


Fressa, meat prices were higher yesterday, but we did get a bogo on a roast.   That's a crazy price for Yogurt.  


Linda L, I am lucky that the UW Clinic called my clinic, but it's nearly impossible to get thru to a receptionist to make my yearly checkup appt.  after they send me a reminder.  Last year we drove from my infusion center to the UW Clinic and we were in & out in 15 minutes.


It was a beautiful 75° today and we got the windows all washed.  I treated myself to a BBQ Rib sandwich from McDonald's.  It took 15 minutes to get it from the inside counter.  Then we went to the gym. Lol.


It's going to be in the 70's again tomorrow so I am going to moped downtown for the Farmer's Market.  We have a pretty good one & it won't be here for too many more weeks.


Hugs to all of you.