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Shopaholics One Day at a Time (Friday., November 8th)

Good Morning/Afternoon!  It is sunny and nice here in Arizona.  It may make it to 80 degrees later today, and it wasn't too chilly on my walk this morning.  DD said they were having snow flurries, and it was cold in Maryland.  Fortunately, the snow isn't sticking.


My friend Jo Ann called yesterday afternoon, and we decided to meet for lunch today.  She seems to be doing better, but is still having trouble dealing with her husband's death last February along with her concerns about memory loss, etc.  


Other than lunch, my only other plans are to go grocery shopping.  I have no need for the TSV or almost anything at this point.  Hope any of you who are shopping find things you really want and like.


I don't think I mentioned that one of the ladies (widow) who went to the Caregivers group had fallen at home.  While she was wearing a medical alert device that was supposed to detect a fall, it did not do so.  She ended up calling neighbors who helped her out.  One of her teeth fell out, but she was able to have a crown placed there.  But, she was sore and had scrapes, bruises, etc.  After not getting much sympathy or explanation from the health alert company about why her device did not work, she decided to cancel it and will try to find another.  Just FYI to Jean -- it was not the company we are using.


Southwest Airlines -- the one I use most often -- had a sale on "frequent flyer" points, and I bought some yesterday.  I think (not sure) that I will be able to pay for my Las Vegas flight (in conjunction with my Utah trip) with points rather than money.  That would be nice.  I know Jean has tons of frequent flyer miles, but I don't take nearly as many long trips or have a credit card that gives you points. 


Waves to all of our posters and readers.  I hope any storms you are having don't cause problems for you, and everyone has a nice day.  Please post if you have a chance.







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Re: Shopaholics One Day at a Time (Friday., November 8th)

Good morning! I am so sorry to read about your friend and the hard time she is having in her stage of the grieving process. The holiday season can make things even more difficult. I pray that she is able to find solace soon. The weather here is a chilly 38 degrees right now, but should get up to 56 by days end--woo hoo! My mother uses one of those devices that your friend uses. I never thought about it malfunctioning, but I will Google and see if I can find one with great reviews. Even that does not guarantee it will not malfunction, but I hope it never does. It's a good thing she had dependable neighbors close by.



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Re: Shopaholics One Day at a Time (Friday., November 8th)

Hi Everyone!


Sorry to hear about your friend's fall. My Mom had one of those alert devices and it worked well. Soon after a couple of stumbles we decided it was time to move her in with us. We sold our townhouse and purchased this older ranch home. Eventually her health deterioated so badly that she required round the clock care so we found a nusing facility within fifteen minutes of our home. We were constantly and knew all the shilf workers. It was great because we could our dog to visit her. She was grandma to him.


It's cool here and there was frost on the ground. The cold snap dropped the last ton of leaves all over the place. I'm so glad I stopped and picked up more leaf bags. There goes my supply for next year. The clerk and I at the hardware store have a running joke about how many times for bags is going to my final run. LOL


I think all the running of errands has caught up with me today because I feel it. I'm still going to dust floors and run the Dysons on both levels. The dogs shed so much that if the Dysons don't  run twice a week there's just too much hair for the canisters. I hope next week to catch up with the remaining cleaning. That's my plan.....we'll see how far I get. 


My friend was having surgery on her eye lids this week. She said that they won't stay up so she could open her eyes. It took her until the afternoon til they were normal again. Her doctor said it was a condition that happen with age and the muscle stretches and takes a while to bounce back. Neither of us had ever heard of such a thing but between the two of us that's usually what one of us gets. Reocvery was suppose to be quick and easy so that's the good news to the ordeal. 


Today the weather channel is saying that the cold vortex is to hit us next week. As long as we don't get the ice then I'm good. I guess I better get my supply of taco chips in the house for my husband on Monday so he can survive. LOL  He loves his chips and salsa. I just marvel at him that he can eat that stuff.


Hope everyone has a nice weekend. I may attempt more wallpaper removal while he does more leaves. One of these days both of our never ending projects will be done. I keep telling myself that. I never thought I would be so excited to go buy a can of paint. LOL 

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Re: Shopaholics One Day at a Time (Friday., November 8th)

Linda--Thank you for starting the thread. Buying miles when they are on sale can be a cost savings later on provided the sale price is a good one. I've done it when on sale and they also offered bonus miles added to it.


Sandy Sparkles--The alert device that Linda and I have is one of the top five. They state that the device should be tested every two weeks and if it does not pass the test then the company should be called.


Fressa--The cold has already hit us and it is expected to be colder next week. It was in the mid 20s this morning when I went to work. I had left my car out and discovered the car door frozen when I went to open it, as well as ice all over the windows. I think I'll be treating the door soon and start putting the car back in the garage. Right now, I need to get some things out of the garage that the handyman put there when doing some work when the weather was decent. I just never got around to clearing it out as there are other things in there I had stashed during the summer. 


There is only one pattern of the TSV I like. I had previously ordered the reversible faux fur Berkshire throw without the Gili name attached to it, and the price was much more agreeable to me.

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Re: Shopaholics One Day at a Time (Friday., November 8th)

[ Edited ]

Hello all, I made my final pilgrimage to my Kmart today and browsed everything, and I mean everything for a solid 3 hours Woman Very Happy  Every time I heard an employee make an announcement that started with attention Kmart shoppers, I literally got choked up.  


Across the categories that I shopped I'm pretty sure the discounts ranged from 25% to 60%.  I supposed I shopped wisely even if that wasn't my primary objective.  


Here's what I bought Woman Wink


Tank for next summer 


Basic Editions Basic Editions Women's Split V-Neck Sleeveless Top - Tribal


Basic Editions floral embroidered top.  The little stud embellishments are silver tone


Basic Editions Basic Editions Women's Layered-Look Henley - Floral


The same top, different colorway.  I was thrilled when I found one in size medium that had missed the stud embellishment machine.  My top made through the entire manufacturing process without being 'studded'.  This color way has floral embroidery only.


Basic Editions Basic Editions Women's Layered-Look Henley - Floral


I bought a bag of bows for Christmas presents.  I also bought green garland to wrap around the outdoor lightpost near the front porch.  It looks like this





I picked up a flannet backed vinyl tablecloth


I bought this ornament to remember my Kmart by Heart


Gloria Duchin, Inc. Owl Family Christmas Ornament


I also picked up a bed in a bag.  This purchase flashed me back to a wam memory of a Kmart trip with my paternal grandma when I was 16.


 8pc. Tiffany Rose Bed-In-A-Bag Set

There were times that I felt like I had company with me (Grandmas, Ma, and Aunt Gracie) as I browsed the store.  Aside from the sales I had nearly $11 dollars in shop your way rewards and I redeemed them today.


I went in the store feeling a little emotional and walked out feeling at peace.  It was a good day.

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Re: Shopaholics One Day at a Time (Friday., November 8th)

Bernie--Great choices, and you bought while the selection was still good. There are so few stores left in our area for the average person that offers a wide variety of merchandise. WalMart rules supreme, unless one travels over an hour and a half one way to discover a Target, and that one didn't impress me enough to justify the travel. I might as well spend 3 hours one way and shop in Columbus, Ohio or Pittsburgh where there are a wide variety of stores.

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