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Re: Shopaholics One Day at a Time - Friday July 3rd

Hello All,


I have been offline for awhile and am just stopping in to say hello to all.


Today was cleaning day around the house.  We are debating on plans for the 4th.  The town is pretty busy so we may just have some neighbors over for a cookout.


This has been a crazy last few weeks.  After some storm damage to the exterior part of our home we are in the process of getting things back to speed.   We usually use  Angies list and maybe it is just where we live but the imcompetence is just amazing.  O.K. enough of that.


Relaxing and watching some TV.  I tend to watch mindless TV in the afternoon.


Happy 4th!





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Re: Shopaholics One Day at a Time - Friday July 3rd

Hi girls,


It's another overcast, rainy day filled with intermittent thunderstorms, with more of the same forecast throughout the weekend.  Guess I won't be doing much of anything; I did go to Aldi yesterday, and the dogs got to ride along since the temps were only in the 70s and with the cloudy weather the car wasn't too hot to leave them for the 20 minutes or so it took me to pick up a few things.  The store was really mobbed; I decided to leave Tractor Supply for today or maybe Sunday, so I just picked up some Chinese food and came home.


Poor Autumn - she's just crawling with fleas, despite two different kinds of flea treatment, flea shampoo, diatemaceous earth sprinkled on her, and baths with Dawn.  None of the other critters is as badly infested as she (just an occasional flea on them; their treatment works); I'm at the end of my rope as to what to do about her. Last night she got a Lufenuron capsule - it's supposed to start killing fleas within 30 minutes and last a month, but seemed to do nothing, so I gave her another one today.  I just ordered yet another product from Amazon that has 4 1/2 star reviews; hopefully that will take care of it.  Anyone have any suggestions? 


I did get my exam done last night, and wouldn't you know it, the internet connection went down five minutes into it.  I did get the connection back after about 15 minutes and fortunately it was an easy test, so I still finished within the time limit; now I have a fairly short paper to write today and the semester is DONE.

Happy anniversary, Susan - hope you have a wonderful day.


Bird, it took me a long time to get rid of my late husband's things; eBay turned out to be a real blessing. He was a pack rat, and I sold all kinds of electronics equipment and parts that to this day I have no idea of what they were, and I didn't have a means to put up pictures (I had only Web TV which had just come out), so I just described them as best as I could.  ("This is a grey box made by X and measures 8X10X4 and has dials that read....")  Every last thing sold; I don't know if it was because it was really good stuff, or because guys felt sorry for me - my description had "My husband recently passed away, I don't know what this is, and I need to sell his things to get some money...." 

Thanks for the prayers for my friend.  She's never been the best at making decisions, but some of the things she's been doing lately...SMH.


I often have "box farms" as well; it's a holdover from when I lived in Hawaii and moved four times in five years.  Now every so often, when my collection starts to get too big, I advertise free moving boxes on CraigsList or the town's FB page and get someone else to haul them away. Cat LOL

Pinky, thank you for the "Indepedence Day."  The gradual transition to using "4th of July" is one of my pet peeves; every country in the world has a July 4th, but only in America is it Independence Day.  The following video - although amusing in a way - shows how dumbed down people have become:


And that reminds me, time to write my annual letter to the editor...


Enjoy your drive, Jean; wish you lived closer.  I wouldn't mind going out to dinner tonight - Old Chicago is calling my name - but between the bad weather and the holiday weekend I suspect every restaurant will be mobbed. I don't mind eating alone, but not when a place is crowded.


Marijane, I've put bread in the freezer from time to time, but usually forget about it and it ends up being fed to the birds anyway.  I wish they made small loaves or packages - like maybe 6 slices.  I got some sourdough in Aldi because I hadn't had any in years (not since I lived in Hawaii); hopefully too much of it won't go to waste.

Good to see you, Gayle. 


Charlene, maybe you need to get baseball caps and T-shirts for you and your husband that say "INS."  Cat Wink  My Cherish hasn't re-appeared and it's been three days; I think my dirtbag neighbors are behind yet another disappearance. Cat Mad I know I'll have her back in heaven, but oh, how it hurts to think they've caused her pain.... As for "them," they'll pay for what they've done for all eternity....and I'm not the least bit sorry....


That dessert looks gross - another example of American gluttony.  Cat Sad


I guess I'd better get that last paper started; I have until midnight to submit it.  Not sure yet if I'm going out or not - Autumn is next to me, hoping I take her for a ride...

Have a blessed day, everyone, including those I haven't mentioned by name.





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Re: Shopaholics One Day at a Time - Friday July 3rd

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Hi Arlene - The last dog that owned me was Max and he passed in 2008.  I don't know what Lefenuron is. Max caught fleas once in his lifetime.  For the life of me, I'm trying to remember what the heck I did for him.  The only chewie he took was the monthly heartworm prevention.  Later in his life we did the thing (sorry no help here) that you squirt at the base of the neck between the shoulder blades.  Was that flea prevention?  I think he got that once a month too.  Aside from washing everything like our bedding, his bedding, etc. I know the vet gave me a spray for carpet, sofa, etc.  I think it was called VetKem.  Seeing he was the only animal in the house, we were able to get a hold of the situation and stop it quickly.


I used to have to keep an eye on Max for a couple of days after the monthly heartworm chewie and after he got the treatment at the base of his neck.  They were never dosed together on the same day.  I'd swear he would be out of it for a day or two and I'd be sweating bullets. 


I'm glad you finished you exam and are almost finished with your paper.


I don't know how to ebay (don't want to get stuck with postage), I'm skeered of Craig's List, so I will likely freecycle what I want to get rid of.


My sister is planning to have a yard sale as her house is up for sale.  At this time, I'm not comfortable asking her if I could sell some things at her garage sale.  I work full time - she's a retiree and I don't have time to get stuck at her garage sale all day (lol).


I know one person who would really like to have the audio equipment - DH's grown son.  We haven't spoken in many years - there's a story behind that and I don't want to bore you all with it.


I managed to close that door and seal it shut - I don't know that I want to open it again.


I'll figure it out :-) 

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