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Re: Shopaholics One Day and a Time - Monday, October 19th

Good Afternoon/Evening!  Thanks for getting us started Bernie.  I'd feel gypped  if there weren't pretty Fall colors if I were living in an area that has Fall, or should I say a "regular" Fall.  We do have different seasons here, but not one that I would call Fall.  Glad you were able to wear your new cords.


Sorry about your DIL's grandmother passing, Rosa.  Nice of you to take care of their dog.  Several of us have had sign in problems here the past month or so.


I think you need to be on strike for a while, snicks. At least on strike from leaf raking.  


Thank you for thinking of me, Kathleen.  I can't say that things are getting any better, but I am getting some help.  No call about the TB x-ray yet.  I may try calling later or just wait another day.  A lady from a home health care place came by to do an "assessment" this morning.  DH really didn't understand much, and he didn't like all her questions.  But, I am happy to have this as an option.  They were the outfit that helped me after my accident.  Not inexpensive, but DH's "club" only has certain hours that don't always work for my schedule.  So far, I have just set a visit for November when I'll be going to my bookclub, but I will probably add other days when I have meetings, etc.


I really hope you can find a job that would allow you to stay at your country home, but  I know these things don't always work out.  And, I think you said your DH can't find something in that area -- correct?


So sorry about your twin, twinny.  I can't imagine not seeing my DD or grandchildren, especially when she lives so nearby.  Much less her Mom and her sister, etc.  Very sad life in my opinion.  Happy you had fun with your grandchildren at the party.  I do hope you and your DH get out tomorrow.  I can totally relate about trying to find papers, bills, etc.  I have been working on DH financial things for a while, and there are still things I can't figure out.  Of course, he has no memory of passwords, security codes, etc., and I can waste a lot of time trying to figure things out.


Hi Marijane -- thanks for your good thoughts.  Beef stew sounds good to me.


Sorry about your migraines, Charlene.  My head is hurting today, but it is not a migraine, thank goodness.  DH got up a little before 4:00 last night, and he kept talking, tossing and turning, etc., so I didn't get any more sleep.  Not much better than the night before, and I'm starting to feel sleep deprived.  That is probably what caused the headache.  It is pretty warm here as well.  It is cooler in the mornings these days, thank goodness.


Waves to Jean, Arlene, Susan, LindaR, Karen, Gayle, Barbara, and all of our posters and readers.


Strong bones was good this morning (we got into an interesting discussion about doctors, etc.), and DH and I went to COSTCO after the caregiver lady left.  Not much exciting to report from there, but we got some tasty samples.


Sleep well everyone!