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Shopaholics -One Day At a Time, Monday, February 1st

Good Morning/Afternoon!  It is hard to believe that it is February already.  Time flies sometimes.


We are having cooler than normal weather, which is not a good thing at this time of the year.  If it were June, that would be a different story.  Our high today is expected to be in the 50's and lows in the 20's.  Tomorrow should be even cooler (highs in the 40's).  I am sure that would be a heat wave many places, but.....


I was surprisingly productive yesterday, but there is still a ton of work to do.  DH's caregiver came this morning, and she did a better job with his teeth brushing.  He seems okay, but confused about the bathroom.  Guess that is the way it goes.


Sorry about the fostering puppies experience, Kathleen.  I wondered how easy it would be to do that in an RV.  Before I met DH, I had gone out with a guy with a small RV -- both of us had small dogs.  Neither were puppies, but for some reason my dog decided he had to mark the RV in several places.  And, this happened more than once.  Not fun.  Of course, his dog behaved himself.  


Waves to Jean (hope work goes well), Kathleen, Arlene, twinny, Susan, Marijane, LindaR, Bernie, snicks, spix, Charlene, Rosa, Barbara, Karen, Gayle, pinky ann, and all of our posters and readers.


Hope everyone has a good day, and please let us know what is going on with you today.









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Re: Shopaholics -One Day At a Time, Monday, February 1st

LINDA L. Our temps have been above normal & we are expecting snow tomorrow which we desperately need.  Not a foot or more that was predicted but maybe 5".


It has been a productive morning so far.  I had my abdominal ultrasound first thing.  I will know the results next week when I have my followup appointment.  Then DH & I had a nice breakfast at the hospital.  Then I was planning to drive down town for a walk which I haven't done for quite a while.  As I was leaving,  the assessors were down the street so I asked the guy if he could come here which he did.  Then when I got to mom's house that assessor was a block away so he very nicely came to mom's house.  I guess fate kept me from my walk today.


It is lunch time, hot tub time & then a visit with mom.  Yesterday she was pretty good & we even played games with her.


Hugs to all of you.

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Re: Shopaholics -One Day At a Time, Monday, February 1st

Hello to all and thanks to @LindaLatte, for starting us today.

Sorry your temps are not to your usual, warmer than mine temps, lol. We are about 48 degrees today but that won't stay long. Good that your were very productive yesterday, sorry you still have so much to do. I am so sorry that DH has such a problem with the bathroom stuff. Must be frustrating, but I know you handle it the best you can, the caregiver must be a Godsend for you.


@twinny70, you too have been very busy and productive, good going. Hope your test this morning yeild good results for you when you get them next week. Glad your mom was in a better frame of mind yesterday and hope that it will be the same for today.


I've just been doing my usual Monday chores, laundry, cleaning of the bathroom, vacuuming, etc. In about an hour I will take hubbys' truck to the repair shop, then come back and make something for dinner. It's going to be chicken, just don't know how I am going to prepare it for tonight. I'll come up with something, I suppose, lol.

Have a great day everyone. Waves.....

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Re: Shopaholics -One Day At a Time, Monday, February 1st

Hello, it's sunny and in the 40's here.  Based on what I am hearing, we are expecting rain tomorrow - no snow.


I shopped JCP yesterday (can't seem to help myself).  I bought a new pair of Lee jeans and two pair of clearance yoga pants.  Each of these were on sale or clearance already and I waited patiently for my store to send me the 25% off email.  I had the items marked as favorites and told myself, just wait for it Bernie, it usually comes on Sunday night after 6 pm, rofl.


There was a blouse that I liked that was on sale that jumped back up to full price so it is still a favorite and not on it's way home to me.  For me, I need things on sale before the 25% coupon ;-)



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Re: Shopaholics -One Day At a Time, Monday, February 1st

Hello ladies!  Linda it is warm here, day 3 with AC running, but went to lunch and froze!  My food got cold before I could eat it!  I hope yours gets back to warm again soon. I never had boy dogs so never had that issue, and our visitor was a GREAT dog. I'm not ruling it out but I will think long and hard before I take on that responsibility.  I was ready for him to go home. Glad to just have my own again.


Twinny you got lucky with the assessor - I know you are glad to have that done.  I hope you have a wonderful time with Mom again today.


Snicks, I don't know what to cook for supper either.  I've had several days of good meals and am running out!  lol  I have to plan ahead or I end up feeling frustrated and hungry.  Not a good combination!


Bernie, you seem to find great bargains at Penney's!  I'm jealous!  I ordered 8 pairs of jeans from Kohl's hoping a couple work.  I found 3 that are acceptable, now I need to wear them for an hour or two and make sure they aren't going to get baggy.


Not much happening here.  It was nice to see DH at lunch, and afterwards he gave me a tour of his office/area. I need to vacuum the rug since the extra dog is gone, and then run to the grocery for a couple things.  I'm trying very hard to use what we have in the pantry and freezer before buying more.



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Re: Shopaholics -One Day At a Time, Monday, February 1st


Afternoon, seems like we'll be missing the snow (or most of it, so thay say) instead it'll be rain, or mixed, just hoping it doesn't turn to ice, no doubt tomorrow at O'Hare flights will be delayed/cancelled with the storm hitting other locations


Had new internet service installed, so cleaned up the mess (drilling thru brick/plaster etc) some of the furniture is too heavy for me to move (don't know how this has happened  lol) so will have to wait for DD/DS to come do it, then I can finish vacuuming & washing the woodwork in the rest of the room


Tonite will be leftover pork roast sliced in gravy, with some mashed & a veggie, so easy.  Tomorrow nite think I'll try that Chicken Supreme that was posted, it sounds good.


Sending "Hi's" to all

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Re: Shopaholics -One Day At a Time, Monday, February 1st

 Hi everyone - we got rain yesterday!  Almost always happy to get rain.  I too, am busy doing household chores today.  I had headaches last week and kind-of got behind on things at home, so am trying to do some catching up.  I even packaged up two returns I'm making to the Q.  As a bonus, we are having leftovers for dinner tonight.  My DH may not always be thrilled with leftovers, but I'm happy to have a day off from cooking.


Hope you all have a pleasant day!  ~  Charlene

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Re: Shopaholics -One Day At a Time, Monday, February 1st

LindaL--Thank you for starting the thread.


Good evening, everyone. As Linda said, I worked today and it was good to be back with the students after two weeks of snow and foot problems. Tomorrow, I will be going to the city to see the podiatrist and to do some grocery shopping at WalMart.


I received an email from the Q thanking me for my order of yesterday. Duh! What orfer? It turned out to be an auto delivery of a WEN 613 set I like. After I signed up for that one, another WEN 613 AD was offered which featured the cleanser plus the body cream instead of the hair styling products of the other. I decided I would see which one I preferred to keep after a period of use. That email motivated me to go quickly to the site and cancel the AD with the body cream as I prefer the original one that contained the 32 oz size of WEN 613 cleanswer plus syling products.



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Re: Shopaholics -One Day At a Time, Monday, February 1st

Good afternoon. I always preferred gals Our first boy dog was my beloved springer spaniel. It was love at first sight! Now I have Bailey and Fred just by chance. Both great boys!!

Oh I am so tired of campaigns. Just heard a report of millions Trump dumped into his campaign. What we couldn't do with that money for human services and animals!!!

It was very windy today. Need saying two fronts heading our way. It has been so warm. Unseasonable temps.