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Shopaholics: One Day At A Time (Wed. 10/19)

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Good morning ladies, hope all is well.


Can not believe it is the middle of October, where did this year go?


The weather here has been cold with wind, actually it snowed last night a few miles north and east of us.  They got 3 inches and schools in those areas are on a 2 hour delay.  We didn't get snow so I am happy.


Bernie - Good luck on the fence, it is good when the contractor has a good eye for detail, it make the job look better in the end.


Linda - I was looking at the boots and then went up to my shoe closet and found 3 pairs I can wear this fall and winter.  Funny what you find when you take the time to look first.  I do need to clean out some shoes here, I have shoes I haven't worn for years.


Fressa - We have to start our Fall maintenance around here.  I hate to cover the deck chairs too soon.  We will cover them and then get a week or so of nice weather.


We have an appointment with the window guy today, we decided we need new windows.  The windows  in this house are 20 years old and it is fun trying to open or close and lock some of them.  


Well, need to get this morning started.  Hope everyone has a great morning. 



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Re: Shopaholics: One Day At A Time (Wed. 10/19)

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 Good Morning Everyone, Have A Nice Day 

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Re: Shopaholics: One Day At A Time (Wed. 10/19)

Hi Everyone!


PAlady--Thanks for getting us started today. Snow was predicted for last night but it never happened. We got cool temps and rain and more of the same for today. I haven't decided if I will venture out for grocery shopping or wait a day. I'll have to check the sales and then decide.


The Clark's TSV was tempting but then I remembered I had moved all of my boots to a a storage cube in the spare room. I decided that I didn't need another pair so I was happy that I remembered to check before buying. I reallly liked the sole om them and own 2 pair somewhat similar to that style. I've had them for years.


We have something not quite right with the boiler. I have to call for them to come take a look at it. We have heat so that's good. Just when you think you can start to breathe a sigh of relief. I have a policy with them so hopefully it will be covered. 


I did get the bills paid yesterday. I have some paperwork "stuff" to handle so that may be my afternoon. I'm adjusting to the new computer and was just happy I got the bills paid without any strange messages. 


I caught part of the Tuesday night program clicking around and enjoyed seeing Jayne and Leah together. The TSV from L&L looked nice but I purchased the last TSV and am trying not to overdue the storage containers. I'm a sucker for the handles. 


Prayers for all those in need.


Have a good afternoon/evening.


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Re: Shopaholics: One Day At A Time (Wed. 10/19)

Susan, we had a few flurries here a couple of days ago.    It's exciting to see it as I am a snowman gal.  I can never wait to put them here and there.  In March I am ready to put them away.  Lol.  I have at least 5 pairs of boots.  Fancy ankle ones & knee hi fur lined ones.  I have been wearing them for a few weeks.


Fressa, I hope that your problem is under warranty.  It's on the cool side today, but the sun is warm.  We are supposed to be in the 70's by Saturday.    Then cool and rainy.


My dh's appt.  went good this morning.    It's a relief for me.   The Dr.  changed his BP meds & my dh has his 6 months checkup in a month so it's good timing.


We are going to the gym after lunch.  I hope to get the windows washed this week and do a few things outside.  I am not ready to put my moped away yet.

 We just got out of the hot tub and its lunch time.  Dinner is the beef stew in the crock pot that I made yesterday.

Hugs to all of you.


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Re: Shopaholics: One Day At A Time (Wed. 10/19)

Twinny70--I just talked to the heating/cooling company and Tuesday 25th is the earliest appt. I could get. This should give the tech plenty of time to fix the problem. Since it seems to be intermittent I'm good with having the necessary time needed. 


Beef Stew sounds so good. My DIL made a huge pot for the "boys" (hubby &son) over the weekend so she could take her parents up to camp for the Pumpkin Festival. She called me to tell me they ate it all in one night. Men and appetites.....I don't miss cooking for teenagers or toddlers. LOL 


Glad your DH doctor appointment went well. Hopefully the new meds will work well with his system.


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Re: Shopaholics: One Day At A Time (Wed. 10/19)

Greetings everyone. It is lovely here in Az..temps in the upper 80s and very breezy. I have the house open when I am there.


my youngest daughter flies in tomorrow for a few days. My dh continues to decline so I try to be with him as much As possible.


I am doing my final closet purge for the year. I have lost so much weight that I need to get rid of pants that are too big and things I do not love.


Pa lady..I laughed about the boots. I mistakingly ordered them and will send them back because I do not need that kind of boot in Az. 


Fressa. you are such a busy lady...I admire all that you accomplish that you had a great trip..the areas you visited are quite lovely. Good that you and dh had good checkups. I put snow people out for winter decorations.


Greetings to all 🥰🥰

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Re: Shopaholics: One Day At A Time (Wed. 10/19)

Fressa, the leftovers were good.  I did manage to wash a few windows and screens this afternoon.  A few more to do tomorrow.  The picture will get done on either Friday or Saturday when it's in the 70's. It's the only difficult one, but we have a long handled brush/squeegee.


Barbara, It's nice that your dd can spend a few days with you and your dh.  Time together is priceless.  I lost weight when I had a few extractions a couple of years ago.  I got rid of a lot of things that no longer fit or like you, I didn't like.  I replaced all of them last month for a very good $.  My dh lost 5# in the last few months & the Dr. said it was fine.  We try to keep active and love to travel while we are still able to do so.



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Re: Shopaholics: One Day At A Time (Wed. 10/19)

Good Evening and thanks for getting us started, Susan.  Hope you will be happy with your new windows.  Not fun to deal with having trouble opening and locking the old ones.  But, certainly not an inexpensive project.  Like in Barbara's area, we are having very nice weather.  Highs in the low to mid 80's and cool at night. 


Nice graphic as usual meallen.


I have similar boots from Clark's as well, Fressa.  I really love them, and enjoy wearing them when it is cooler.  But, just no need for a new pair since the old ones are still in pretty good shape.  Good luck with the boiler and your other projects.


Great news about you and your DH, Glenda.  Hope you enjoyed the gym and your beef stew.


Happy your DD will be there tomorrow, Barbara.  Sorry your DH continues to decline.  I am praying for both of you.  


It has been a busy day for me with two OLLI classes and the first meeting of a neighborhood bookclub for "singles".  There were four of us, and I think it should be really fun.  Also, the host had a cat who came up next to me and let me pet her.  That was a nice treat.


The hospice chaplain told me the mailings would be ready this afternoon, but they were not ready when I called around 3:00 p.m.  So, I went to a couple of grocery stores, and went to the office after 4:00 p.m. to pick them up.  Then, I went by the senior lunch program office, and dropped off two banana breads that I made last night from their leftover bananas.


I set everything up to do the letters when I got home only to find that the chaplain forgot the envelopes.  Hopefully, I can pick them up tomorrow morning.  The supplies won't be ready until late afternoon.  Hope to fit in some more grocery shopping in the middle.  


My SIL is better, but now his blood pressure is too low, so DD had to go to pick up a different medication.  She has had to go to multiple pharmacies and the doctor's office to get all these medicines.


Waves to all of our posters and readers.  Sleep well everyone.







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Re: Shopaholics: One Day At A Time (Wed. 10/19)

@sydsgma1   Barbara I'm glad that your youngest daughter is able to visit and stay a few days Heart

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