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Shopaholics: One Day At A Time -Tuesday 12/27/2016

Good afternoon ladies, hope all is well.  Hope this holiday week is going well for everyone.


Sorry to hear Carrie Fisher passed away.  I feel bad for her family allmthis happening at the holiday.


Linda -  Hope your Dh is doing better.  Is his family still in town?


Arlene -  If you are reading this, hope you had a good Christmas, I was thinking of you.  Hope the furbabies are doing well.


Jean -  Hope you are enjoying your break from school.


DH's daught and her family are here for a couple days, they are visiting someone today so I am getting a little quiet time.


Not much going on here, I am making my list of things to for the new year.  I am hoping this coming year is better than this year. 


Hope everyone has a great afternoon.  We are enjoying sunshine and 45 degrees right now.  I could take this for the rest of the winter.  



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Re: Shopaholics: One Day At A Time -Tuesday 12/27/2016

Image result for after christmas shopping images

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Re: Shopaholics: One Day At A Time -Tuesday 12/27/2016

Oh no, I didn't know Carrie Fisher passed until I saw this thread. 


I'm back to work and keeping myself busy.  Not much else to report.



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Re: Shopaholics: One Day At A Time -Tuesday 12/27/2016

Good Afternoon and thanks for getting us started, Susan.  It is really a shame about Carrie Fisher.  


DH's family left on Christmas Eve (afternoon).  Unfortunately, he wasn't doing at all well yesterday.  Very shaky, etc.  He had to use the wheelchair.  I went there to feed him lunch and dinner, and dinner was very hard since he would not open his eyes.  We tried using the eye drops to no avail.  


The hospice nurse called me while I was at work today, and told me that they had called her to say that he had fallen yesterday.  I'm not sure if they just didn't tell me, or the caregiver with the strong Spanish accent was trying to tell me, and I didn't understand.  Anyway, the nurse was there today, and she said he didn't have any bruises and was not in pain.  He was also walking with her assistance, which if a relief.  


I plan to go to the gym in a few minutes, and I'll visit him after that.  Hoping he will still be okay.  


Glad you are having a little quiet time this afternoon, and I agree with you about next year.


Waves to all of our posters and readers.  Have a nice evening.





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Re: Shopaholics: One Day At A Time -Tuesday 12/27/2016

Good evening, everyone! I went to the city with a friend to have lunch at the Outback and to use the gift cards we had received.  While there, she made a run into WalMart where she heard that Carrie Fisher had died.


It seems unreal but the break is flying, so it won't be long until school begins again. The rumor is that our great weather will be disappearing near the end of the week.


I think many of us can stand to have a better 2017.

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Re: Shopaholics: One Day At A Time -Tuesday 12/27/2016

Susan, I took a nice nap this afternoon.  I am still recovering from Saturday & Sunday.  It was wonderful to have our family here though.  I am also praying for a better 2017.


meallen, nice graphic as always 


Linda, hoping that your DH is doing better today.  


It was nice yesterday so I was able to do my walk downtown.  One of my BF 's from HS called & said they were in our hometown & did we want company. Of course we did.  Us gals got beat at cards again 


Today is another beautiful sunny day.  It felt so good in the hot tub.  I always tell my DH to pretend that he is in the Caribbean!


Tomorrow our nephew (my brothers eldest child) is coming to see us & we are taking him out for lunch.  We are excited to hear about his new job.  He flies back to Paducah on Thursday night.


I am being lazy again today.  Two days after Christmas gas prices went from $2.05 to $2.29.  We were spoiled for so long.


Hugs to all of you.

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Re: Shopaholics: One Day At A Time -Tuesday 12/27/2016

Jean, I also like Outback.  I was so sorry to hear about Carrie Fisher too.  Time is flying by for me too & I don't work.  Our weather is going to be fabulous all week & I think cooler by the end of the week.  I think that this is our January thaw early.  The snow still looks beautiful.


Bird Mama,that was funny about your new Christmas tree being shorter than you are when it was supposed to be 6' tall.


Supper is a roast in the oven & I need to soon be making mashed potatoes, gravy & a veggie.

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Re: Shopaholics: One Day At A Time -Tuesday 12/27/2016

Hello friends!  We came home this morning from the Puget Sound area - I'm still not familiar with the proper terms but the town was Hoodsport.  If you google it will come up.  We were right on the water.  He did not get to go crabbing because there was a flat tire.  The room was very basic - I was a little disappointed but we made the best of it and it was nice to get away, nicer to get back home this morning.


Christmas was very understated - no real meal or gifts to unwrap - which was ok.  I wasn't sad. I was glad to be with my Love, and certainly the last couple entertainer's deaths are very sobering, 53yo and 60yo.  Very sad.


I'm just at the little sandwich shop paying a couple bills online and thought I would pop in and say hello.  Hugs to all!