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Re: Shopaholics One Day At A Time Thursday -12/17

Good luck with gettiing your lawn back.  I doubt they will do much remedy.


Twinny:  So sorry about your mom.  Hugs and prayers.


LindaL:  You and yours are in my thoughts and prayers also.



Went to soup supper at church last night.  Poured my leftover soup into a lock and lock.  I can't open it---soup was barelyl lukewarm. Not happy to have to ditch it all. 


Waves to all!!!




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Re: Shopaholics One Day At A Time Thursday -12/17

Good evening, everyone. I worked today and had a great class. Considering that we are nearing Christmas break, these 5th-grade students were fabulous. They were so quiet that I kept waiting for an explosion of talk, etc. but it never came. Now, I can't say that of the class next door to me.


The school at which I subbed yesterday had its Christmas activities today for the parents and children. The Greenbrier Resort provided a nice gift for each child in the school. I saw the packages when I was there yesterday. It was a nice effort to make sure each child got a nice gift for Christmas.


Our weather turned on us today with temps droppig and rain falling. The outlook is no snow for Christmas but that is fine with me. Now that they are selling a snow broom on the Q, then it might trigger an onslaught of snow. I must say that the weather has been great until today.


My car is full of packages to be brought inside the house. It isn't a large number but the packages are big. I know one is a set of Polar Fleece sheets, and one is a shipment from Kohls containing a Slow Cooker and some related items on which I got free shipping and 30% off.

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Re: Shopaholics One Day At A Time Thursday -12/17

Just checking in to say hi to all of you.  I am so very sad now as today when we went to see mom she was sleeping & so very unresponsive.  Our DS will be coming home next Thursday afternoon & his dear wife will be coming on Saturday.  Mom is in the Lords hands, but we hope tht she will get to see both of them soon.  SUSAN,  Our weather is cooler today with rain next week but I have really enjoyed fall.  Then 40's by Sunday & all next week.  SPIX, How much fun to do the O'Hare musical entertainment.  I also like your new motto.  Our DS & DDIL will be both flying into O'Hare next week.  SNICKS, It sounds like you have a royal mess.  Hopefully things will turn around soon, but probably not for your Christmas company.  I need to do a little cleaning next week, but I did declutter quite a lot of Christmas things that I am tired of & I did get 3 new Christmas things.  I never miss what I either give away or throw out so that is a good thing.  ROSA, How lovely to get a beautiful new poncho from a coworker.  It sounds like you will be having a fun Christmas. CERB, It is nice that you & your DD could have fun doing some shopping.  How fun for DS to have friends in for games & Mrs. Prindables.  RC, I think that you deserve to not get a job right away as this year has been hectic for you & your family.  LINDA L, Prayers for you & your DH as you continue on your journey of health issues.  JEAN, I hope you have a nice restful vacation too.  BIRD MAMA, I hope that your work is settling down & you can enjoy being with your family next week.  PINKY, It sounds like you are all ready for Christmas too.  We have 14 coming with lots of help so that is a good thing right now.  I did manage to meet my friend this afternoon so I got all of my different kinds of cheese & beef log for next week.  I couldn't get baby swiss so that will be my DH's job next week.