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Shopaholics: One Day At A Time (Sunday, 6/19)

Good morning ladies, hope all is well.  


Well the grandson got married last night.  It was a beautiful ceremony and the reception was very nice.  We had DH's daughter and her family here for a couple days, they left today and now it is very quiet around here.  I guess I am used to the quiet and when people are here it does get to me.


Not much happening here today.  DH's son is having us over for dinner tonight, he and his fiance and her kids are coming over later today to go swimming, then we are going to his house for dinner.  


Bernie - I hope you love your bracelet, it looks very pretty.  


Jean - Hope you enjoy your vacation, Alaska is a beautiful place to visit.


Linda - Hope the weather is bearable for you.  


I do need to start a little cleaning here.  Hope everyone has a great day.

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Re: Shopaholics: One Day At A Time (Sunday, 6/19)

Hi Everyone!


It's sunny, hot and humid today. Thunderstorms are in the forecast so I hope they wait until late afternoon.  We've been picking up all the small-medium branches,debris every day to clear a better path for the tree guys on Monday. All the solor lights and birdbaths, etc. are out of the way as well. Total tree count is 8-9 since we had one that brought down another and it looks like a third one is included. UGH!! 


I did receive some of my orders from the Q yesterday. The Dyson I just ordered and facial cleanser that was weeks ago. Go figure....just so it gets here. I ordered the hubby's contacs two weeks ago and we're still waitng on those as well.. I thought the delivery issue was resolved but I'm guessning not. 


I did watch some of the Q this weekend just for diversion. I'm a sucker for kitchen gadgets so it's good I left my phone in the kitchen.I still need to do some "tweaking" of the kitchen cabinets, etc. but that has been moved down on the "to do" list. I've been on the "hunt" for a replacement umbrella stand and new patio umbrellas but I think all of that will have to wait until next year. I haven't seen anything with good reviews that is in my budget. I think I missed the boat on these for this year. 


Hope everyone has a good afternoon/evening. 


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Re: Shopaholics: One Day At A Time (Sunday, 6/19)

Good Afternoon and thanks for getting us started, Susan.  Congratulations to the grandson, glad it was such a beautiful ceremony and reception.  I am another one who is used to the quiet and would be affected by visitors.  Hope you enjoy the visit and dinner.  


Hi Fressa.  I'm sure you have lots of work to do in the yard.  Sorry you are up to 8-9 trees down.  Glad you received a couple of your Q orders -- shipping times are inconsistent at best.  Hope the thunderstorms don't cause any problems for you.  


This is the last day of our "excessive heat warnings", but it will not be that much cooler tomorrow with 105 degrees predicted.  For some reason, it felt hotter this morning than other mornings.  Fortunately, I got my walk in okay.  Church was very good -- indoors and still wearing masks and socially distanced.


I managed to do my weekly financial review, laundry, and ironing yesterday, so today I will have more time today for cleaning, reading, etc.  Nothing exciting.


Jean posted on FB from the airport.  Hope she has a wonderful trip.  Your trip sounded very nice Glenda.


The TSV top appeals to me, but I have no need for yet another top, so I do not plan to order.  Hope any of you who do like it very much.


Waves to all of our posters and readers.  Have a nice evening and sleep well.






P.S. Yesterday, I finally took out my hose to water the plants and cactus out front of the house -- the faucet is quite a ways from the plants.  Anyway, I managed to get soaked plus attract several small cactus needles.  That hose nozzle isn't on straight, and I need to try to get it off.  Wish me luck.





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Re: Shopaholics: One Day At A Time (Sunday, 6/19)

LindaLatte----I swear by those Fireman's hose nozzels. They withstand my dropping and dragging them and the ordeal with trying to get them on and off the hose reels. Best of all they hold up to the dogs teeth playing in the hose water on those blasted hot days. Good Luck.