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Shopaholics One Day At A Time (Sunday 12/11)

Good morining ladies hope all is well.


One day closer to Christmas.  I am going to make cookies today (I said it, now I have to do it).  


Linda - Glad you had a great birthday.  The earring sound nice, you need to spoil yourself some times.  It was nice of Bev to take you out for lunch.


Bernie - Glad you have the Christmas decorations up.  It feels good once they are up.


Fressa - I was lucky and everyone got me their kids sizes quickly.  If they don't get you the info quickly - give money.  And then the parents can take them shopping.


Twinny - Your party sounds wonderful, can I come!!  Enjoy visiting with everyone.


Off to get my morning started.  Have a good morning.

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Re: Shopaholics One Day At A Time (Sunday 12/11)

Hi everyone,

Rain today for New Jersey, but 42 degrees now.

Going to try to finish the holiday shopping and then write out the cards! 

Stay warm, be safe,


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Re: Shopaholics One Day At A Time (Sunday 12/11)

Hi Everyone!


It rained during the night and we have cloudy skies and a few sprinkles now. The temps are cold so it could turn to ice/snow. I just want the rain to stop. I have a baket full of dirty dog paw wipes which is my "sign"that we've had enough rain. 


I hope to get some items registered for warranties and accomplish a few more items on line shopping. I'm not sure if I will make the donation deadline or not but will worry about tthat tomorrow. I will need to make a schedule for card shopping and mailing for this week. December is a big birthday month for us as well as Christmas. I'm trying not to stress .....too much. (but I think stress could be my middle name. LOL)


I'm trying to avoid purchasing any item for the gift closet this year due to the increase $ in groceries and utilities. I do need to do some major grocery shopping this week. That check out will probably set a new record. Our panty is in okay shape but I see empty spaces on the shelves and some empty lock & lock. This is the first year that I really focused on that area instead of just using it as an overflow. It reminded me of my Grandmother who always had an emergency pantry for stormy seasons. 


Have a good afternoon/evening.




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Re: Shopaholics One Day At A Time (Sunday 12/11)

Good Afternoon and thanks for getting us started, Susan.  Hope the cookies turn out great. 


While I enjoyed lunch yesterday, Bev ended up being sick afterwards.  She blamed her illness (vomiting) on the food, but I ate the exact same thing and felt fine.  She thought the food was too greasy for her.  Hopefully, she will feel better soon.


Hi meallen -- good luck with shopping and writing out the cards.  I would love to get the cards done today, but may not be able to do so.  Perhaps I can at least start on them.  


Sorry your weather isn't nice, Fressa.  I have to admit that for many years I have bought more than enough food (particularly canned beans and pasta).  When COVID first started, I thought that wasn't such a bad thing after all.  I am trying to cut back, but with the shortages and crazy price increases, I still have extra of many items.


November and December are pretty big birthday months in my family as well. 


As I have mentioned, DD and family plus others I give to all want money or at most gift cards.  Last night, I suddenly thought that I need to increase the amount a bit to keep up with inflation.  So, I have been busy updating my budget.  I like to set aside a gift money amount every month so that I am not overwhelmed when birthdays/Christmas come.  


Our weather is nice today, but there is a winter advisory for tomorrow.  Today's high is predicted to be 70 degrees, and tomorrow we are supposed to have rain with a high of 46 degrees.  Yikes.


Waves to Bernie, Glenda, and all of our posters and readers.  Sleep well everyone.







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Re: Shopaholics One Day At A Time (Sunday 12/11)

Susan, we live 45 miles S. of the Capitol and you are welcome to come.  Our guest bedroom is empty too.  I don't send as many  cards as I used to, but I write a different message in all of them.  


Fressa, its been foggy most of the day.  I am hoping for sunshine on Saturday.  I was lucky as the boys like clothes and are specific about sizes and colors.  They have jobs/interviews where they are dressed up and look nice.


Linda L, that's too bad that Bev was sick after a nice lunch out.


Bird Mama,  we don't have a big tree anymore, but it  took me 3 days to decide to get it done.   Then it took just a couple of hours to get it all in the right place.    


Declan had his first infusion on Wednesday and it seemed to go well.    It's a 5 1/2 hour drive to the hospital, an all day event & tiring for all of them.  I am so lucky to be an hour away from my infusion center.


I spent the afternoon wrapping gifts so that's  one more job done.  


I have been getting emails from QVC  for a couple of weeks trying to get me to buy the IM cardigan that was (I think) the TSV a few weeks ago.  I could have bought it at the Bargain Spot for $19.99.    I think the QVC sale  price was $42.99.  I thought about buying it as it was a beautiful Burgundy/blue with wide stripes, but I am short and it was quite long.  


Hugs to all of you.






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Re: Shopaholics One Day At A Time (Sunday 12/11)

LindaLatte---I like your method of setting a little $ aside each month for the birthday $, etc. I'll have to make that a habit so I'm not so overwhelmed. The price of food and gas really is playing havoc with my budget. Of course, I'm mentally blocking out the utility incrreases. I think I'm numb.

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Re: Shopaholics One Day At A Time (Sunday 12/11)

Twinny70---Thanks for the update on Declan. I will continue to keep him and his family in my prayers.