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Shopaholics One Day At A Time (Sat. 4/24)

Good morning ladies, hope all is well.


I think our weather is going to break this week and be warmer.  We started to work around the yard and low and behold - It snows.  I do have my humming bird feeder out and hope to see one soon.


Not much happening here today.  I finished my spring cleaning upstairs and will do some cleaning up around the downstairs to start spring cleaning next week.  I am not moving too fast on this, everytime I get started I need to take someone to an appointment.  Next week "so far" is open, so hopefully I can get finished.


I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe.  I did get my first Covid vaccine this week, so I am halfway there.


What is everyone up to today??  Have a good morning.

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Re: Shopaholics One Day At A Time (Sat. 4/24)

Hi Everyone!


It is forecasted to warm up a bit today so I hope to plant a few bulbs and put in one additional vinyl fence. I have to relocate the VPH girl statue because it isn't catching enough sun where it is. The boy lights but the girl shuts off early. I think I need to place her further away form the solar light.  


Yesterday I did make it to the At Home store for the trellis that I needed for the back hedges. What I saw 10 days ago was gone but they had some new ones. Still not an abundance. These were a budget friendly price so I figure if I get two years from them (or more) it would still be a good deal. They were a totally differnt type of trellis but the price was right. Once we put them up they looked great! What a nice surprise. I always learn at least one or two new things each year. Check that off the list.


I haven't even started my "official" spring cleaning...yet! I've been so determined to get all the decluttering/donation hunt completed and checked off the list. This week we decided to  peel off the remaining wallpaper in the kitchen and main hallway after the spare room. I think that's next before the floors in the lower level. We do have a long list but we want to see how much of it can be accomplished. We're running out of energy for these larger projects. It will be nice when it's done.  I keep repeating that to myself. I think as long as we order out for our meals I'll be in okay shape. LOL


We have cardinals nesting on the front of the lattice trellis and robins nexting on the back of it. I have some bird nesting on the front door flower basket. I haven't seen it up close but it must be a larger bird. The basket is sideways on the door. ha ha!! I'll let it be until I'm sure the babies are born and flying.


Have a good afternoon/evening.


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Re: Shopaholics One Day At A Time (Sat. 4/24)

Good Morning/Afternoon and thanks for getting us started, Susan.  Hope your weather improves, and a hummingbird visits your feeder.  I do not have a feeder, but I have noticed hummingbirds when I take my walk.  I find them fascinating.


Good for you with getting your first COVID shot.  I'm so glad I have both of mine.  I'm not ready to go back to many pre-pandemic activities just yet, but it was so great going out to lunch with my friends yesterday.


On the sad side, I learned that the local restaurant owner's 40-year old son (who was the head chef) recently died from COVID.  


That is great about your cleaning.  I have to admit that I have never done a "spring cleaning" -- just clean as I go rather than concentrate on days/hours of doing it.  But, my DD certainly is into cleaning, including days of "spring cleaning."


Glad you found the trellis you wanted, and are able to do so many things around the house and yard, Fressa.  Sounds like you have lots of nice bird visitors.


They are predicting a high of 87 degrees here today, so I took my walk early.  It was very pleasant.  Seems like we will have another few days of warm/hot weather, and then it will be considerably cooler by Tuesday with a high in the mid 60's predicted. 


Nothing exciting planned here -- just laundry, weekly financial review, some cleaning, and maybe an exercise DVD.  I borrowed series 10 of "Vera" from the library, and I really enjoy watching the program.


Waves to all of our posters and readers.  Hope everyone has a nice evening and sleeps well.





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Re: Shopaholics One Day At A Time (Sat. 4/24)

Fressa -  Glad you found the trellises, we have an At Home store here, but I have only been in twice.  Good luck with the wallpaper, I have some one come in and do our wallpaper now.  I used to take it off myself, but I just don't have it in me anymore.


Linda - Sorry to hear about the chef, that is much too young.  I am also not ready to go back to pre pandemic, it is suprising how many people around my mom's house do not wear masks.  This is from younger to seniors.  Also, I was at Walgreens and the were saying that they are not filling up all the openings for vaccines and people are not showing up for their appointments.  Also, ready for your temps., we are just hitting 60 today.


I have not done much today, I am on my second episode of British Baking Show.


Hope everyone has a great afternoon.

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Re: Shopaholics One Day At A Time (Sat. 4/24)

Susan, after a couple of cold weeks in February, it was in the 80's for a few days. That's way too hot this early in the season.  It's in the 60's today with 70's on Tuesday.  We had a few snow flakes earlier in the week too.  Good luck with your spring cleaning.  We are done, but it took several weeks longer than we had planned.  Too many other things that had to get done instead.  Congrats on getting your first vaccination this week.  


fressa, it looks like you have a busy week outdoors.  Pulling off wallpaper was the worst thing that I had to do when I was in jr high school.  My Mom bought a house at an auction while my Dad was at work.  Dad was very handy and a good builder, but he told mom not to pull it off.  She didn't listen and once you start  you can't quit.  She had my sister and I do that job during summer vacation.  When my DH and I were newly weds, we bought the house and my mil helped me paper the kitchen, but we used the vinyl coated fabric wall paper.  It was a Dream Come True.  How nice to have Cardinals and Robin's nesting at your home.


Linda L, I am glad that you are fully vaccinated & had a nice lunch out yesterday.  So sad about the 40 year old chef passing away at such a young age.  87° yikes.  I have always done spring and fall cleaning as that's what everybody did when we were growing up.  


We were supposed to get rain this morning, but it's a nice 60's day.  I went shopping for my dh's birthday which is on Wednesday.   I bought him a gel seat pad for the Subaru as our butts are out of condition if we sit too long & a folding side table for when we start hitting the road on a few day trips & do drive thru carry out lunch or dinner.    The tables are nice to use at the beach or parks with our fold up chairs.  


We are happy that we are fully vaccinated & glad that our 2 youngest dgc and their Dad will be getting their 2nd vaccination on Thursday.  Our eldest dgs is still searching at the Univ for his first vaccination.  Our dd is still waiting to get her first vaccination.  It will be nice when they are all fully vaccinated.


Our 16 year old dgd passed her driving test on Thursday, so that's one less hurdle for her.  I think that all 3 of our dgc will be glad when school is out.  


I had a nice walk before lunch and then enjoyed the hot tub.  Now I am going to start reading "Never a Doubt."  My DH read It last week.  It was written by one of my former classmates and one of his former classmates. It's about our 1965 boys  basketball team that won 26-0--thus the State Championship.  My DH graduated from high school that year and I was only a year behind so we both remember the pandemonium.  So much fun.  


Time to start dinner.


Hugs to all of you.








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Re: Shopaholics One Day At A Time (Sat. 4/24)

[ Edited ]

Hello all, it looks like we could get an upper 70's day and an 80's day and then back to the 60's this coming week.  This is why I don't get excited about summer in Michigan until Memorial Day Woman Very Happy


My eldest niece's husband got his second covid-19 shot today.  His parents are vaccinated and now my niece and her husband are vaccinated so I am relieved about that side of the family.  My niece's Mom and Dad (my sister and brother in law) are deceased.


I go for my second dose of Moderna on Monday.  I texted my niece this morning to let her know I was sending her husband my best wishes.  Everyone in the family got Pfizer, I'm the only Moderna.  My niece asked if I thought I needed to be driven for the second appointment since she has friends her were 'messed up by Moderna'.  I laughed when I read the text and assured her I would be fine.


Other than that, just waiting for the rain to fall - skies are looking murky.


I echo everyone else's thoughts about 40 years old being way to young to leave this world.

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