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Re: Shopaholics One Day At A Time Friday, December 18

Twinny hugs and prayers for you and your family. Hospice can be a gift at times like this.
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Re: Shopaholics One Day At A Time Friday, December 18

Hi girls!  How is it Friday already?  It was just Friday a day or two ago, wasn't it? Cat Surprised It's gotten colder out - it was 42° earlier - but the Lord has provided a space heater which is keeping me quite comfortable while I wait for Him to provide a new HVAC system.  He's been so good - when I get discouraged with all the problems I've been having, He does something to remind me He's got this - like first the heater, and then today when I made my last shopping trip of the year to Aldi for some baking needs, I went to bag my groceries in one of my reusable totes, and in the bottom of it was a coaster that said, "Trust the Lord."   The coaster had been a gift a few years ago and I had forgotten all about it...I have no idea of how it got in that tote bag, which I had gotten just a couple of months ago.  He made me cry...  He's all I have, but He's more than enough. <3


Yesterday I got cupcakes delivered to my dentist; I told the office manager that hopefully I'd have some money for them next month, and she just smiled and said, "Oh, just keep us in cupcakes!"  I took some to the recruiting offices, including the ones where the terrorist attacks occurred. I was amazed at the security (sarcasm on) - each door had a sign that said, "No firearms permitted beyond this point!"  I'm sure a terrorist would see the sign and turn around and go home. The Marines have a buzzer system...but what good is that with plate glass windows?  Another Army recruiting office was wide open...anyone could just walk in. Anyway, I did offer to show the guys some ID (my driver's license and I even had a framed certificate of appreciation from NATO with my name printed on it that I took with me), but they all declined - one of them said he'd like to believe there are still good people in the world.  All were very appreciative...and getting hugs from handsome soldiers is always nice.  Cat Very Happy


So today I dropped off cupcakes with the PO clerks and stopped by Walmart for one item - it was an absolute zoo!  I was going to just let it go if the lines were bad, but oddly the self-checkouts had a big line, but I found a cashier who was ringing up only one customer, so I was in and out quickly.  I had to pick up a socket at Lowe's for a lamp those blasted cats broke so Victor can fix it; no crowds there.  I got a few baking supplies at Aldi and that's IT - I don't want to go near a store until the holidays are oven. Happily Aldi had some of their wonderful chocolate chip brioche imported from France, so I'll be having a nice breakfast for the next week or so. I did my shopping in Georgia today, partly because I needed a lot of eggs. They're $2.69 a dozen in the Tennessee Aldi, and $1.19 in Georgia's, so it paid to drive an extra 2-3 miles each the sales tax is much lower.


Twinny, I'm so sorry to hear that your mom's not doing well; I always keep you in prayer.


LindaL, I'd go back too if they charged me twice...and I also don't hestitate to return food if I'm not satisfied with it.  In fact, I went back to Walmart a few days ago when I realized a bag had been left behind with several items in it.  The woman at customer service said they put things back on the floor, but told me to just get what was left and she'd bag it. I guess that happens a lot, since they only put a couple of items in a bag and you walk out with more bags than you can count.


Rosa, I haven't been to Cato in a few years, but they always do have the cutest stuff there.


LindaR, I love the girl who cuts my hair; I've already told her if she ever leaves the place she's at, she'd better let me know where she goes!  She does such a good job that it grows out beautifully and I can go longer between cuts. Not cheap, but less expensive in the long run, as I hated the way my hair looked a week or two after going someplace like Supercuts.


Bird (and everyone), here's your smile for today; click on the link:

Bird adopts supermarket egg


Well, I guess I'd better get packages ready to mail on Monday, get things ready to list for sale, then relax with the cozy mystery I'm reading.


Hi to everyone - have a blessed evening!

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Re: Shopaholics One Day At A Time Friday, December 18

Arlene--I'm glad that you have found a space heater that will help keep you warm until the HVAC is repaired. You certainly keep busy with all that baking.  You must get much pleasure from doing it.


Barbara--I agree that Hospice can be of great benefit. People should starting thinking of all these issues and alternatives before needed as it lessens the stress involved.

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