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Shopaholics ODAT -Tuesday 11/17

Good Morning Ladies!  It is a cool day in southern Arizona -- only in the upper 30's now and headed up to the 50's.  I know that would be a heat wave some places, but....  Hope any of you who live in the snow zone or hazardous weather zone stay safe today.


I saw on FB that Jean is working today -- I'm sure she is happy to be around the kids and making some money.  I'm working today as well -- but it is just my volunteer job at the senior lunch program.  


Glad your Mom was nicer to you yesterday twinny.  One day at a time indeed.


As I think I mentioned yesterday, I'm headed to have my eyes checked after the lunch program.  Perhaps I'll go back to motor vehicles to try to get my license today, or maybe wait until tomorrow when DH is in the club.  I need a few groceries which I plan to buy this afternoon.  Nothing exciting.  


Our neighbor who has helped with DH is having serious dental surgery today -- having all of her bottom teeth removed.  Hope the pain isn't too horrible.  She is going down to Mexico to have this done.  As I have mentioned, the price is far lower than here.  


Waves to Jean, Kathleen (hope you have a wonderful time in Vegas), Arlene, Bernie, snicks, Barbara, Susan, Karen, pinky ann, Gayle, Marijane, LindaR, Charlene, Rosa, and all of our posters and readers.


Hope many of you have a chance to check-in with us, and everyone has a nice day.






P.S.  Thanks for all your prayers and good wishes for my DH and me.  

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Re: Shopaholics ODAT -Tuesday 11/17

Good morning!

I hope that everyone is well, not too much going on here.

This weekend is when we go to the Wine Festival at Poplar Forest, I am really looking forward to this.  Yesterday was one year that Mark and I had our first date, hard for me to believe that is has been that long.

LindaLattee I think of you often.

I have no shopping on my agenda.

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Re: Shopaholics ODAT -Tuesday 11/17

Good morning to all, hope everyone's day goes smoothly, with no unpleasant bumps in the road.

Thanks LL, for starting the thread today. We are having another rainy day here, but temps are about 60 degrees, but will be falling this weekend with lows into the upper 20's. Brrr. Good luck with your eye test and driver license renewal, hope you enjoy the senior lunch volunteer work and that DH also enjoys it. I am working on a grocery store list, for tomorrow, this morning. Am starting to stock all the ingredients for the coming holidays. Hope your neighbor's dental work goes well and with as little pain as possible.


fbm8282lsm, your trip this weekend sounds like so much fun, hope you enjoy it. I have no shopping on my agenda either, but have made a few purchases lately, so it seems my shopping gene is rearing its head again, lol.


I have found out from my daughter, through several phone calls and emails, lol, that my granddaughter is only allergic to peanuts, so that makes their visit here much easier for me to plan for, I will just not have anything with nuts (just to be sure), or processed in plants that also process nuts. She said that is what they do and it has been working. Today is the day this month for my dog to get her Sentinel and Frontline Plus medications, she saw me getting them out of the cabinet and has been avoiding me, rofl, till she couldn't stand it anymore and wanted on my lap (she is such a sweet babydoll), have given her pill and will put the Frontline on her in a few minutes, she dislikes that feeling. It's all good though, never really gives me a real problem about it. I have D&C on this morning, only saw 1 item that caught my eye, a new blazer with faux leather collar, the click here measurement seems wrong though, so won't be ordering. 40" waist for a size medium seems way to big to me. I do like a nice blazer though and if they had it in navy I would be more interested. I currently don't have a navy blazer. Time to get my laundry out of the washer, so...waves to all....

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Re: Shopaholics ODAT -Tuesday 11/17

[ Edited ]

Hello all,

I had a little cat drama with my sister last night.  Got the call at work that her cat (was originally Ma's) looked puffy on the nose and along side the nose.  I found a vet open until 7 pm (I got the call at work at 6pm) and met sister there.  The cat's teeth are great - she will be 20 next month, lol.  Sister insisted it could be a sinus infection (it did happen in another cat once before) so Misty got an antibiotic shot, oral antibiotics and oral pain medication.  Follow up is on this Saturday - 2 head x-rays to rule out mass. 


It did come on quite sudden so I see my sister's point about infection.  I checked with my sister at 7:15 am this morning before her workday got underway and she said Misty seemed more like herself - the cat is a talker - and she was verbalizing more this morning.


I am waiting for the video for that Denim & Co. blazer to be posted.  I need to see that brown color 'live' before deciding, lol.



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Re: Shopaholics ODAT -Tuesday 11/17

Good morning, how's everybody doing today?  Twinny - continued hugs for you while taking care of your mother.  The story of your father's demise was sad.  I mean, I'm glad that he went quickly the way he wanted to, but it must have been quite of a shock.  Snicks - I hope that your granddaughter will be safe in regards to her peanut allergy.  Arlene - I finished reading "Fax Me a Bagel" this week.  I really enjoyed the book.  Thanks!  Your mother sounds like a real piece of work.  Even though she had

plenty of money, she wouldn't have her children's teeth taken care of?  She cooked spaghetti with ketchup?  Cold cans of Chef Boyardee?  Yikes!  How did you become a wonderful baker?  I guess I've always taken it for granted that my mom cooked us nice normal meals.


Well, life with a puppy is a busy life.  We keep her in a crate for parts of the day, so that we can get her housebroken.  She's pretty good at doing her business outside.  We also fixed up our sub-fenced side yard so that she can't escape from that.  She seems to be quite a smart little thing, lol.  The cats appear to have mixed feelings about Harper.  They get along with her okay, but they seem upset too.  I hope everybody settles down soon.  In addition, one of our goats developed mastitis, so we have to treat her for that infection.  There's a little too much animal drama around here these days.


My shopping has been mixed.  I went about 2 weeks without shopping, and then I started again.  Thankfully I have no need for a Vitamix or a Clarisonic, because I already own them, lol.  I like them actually, but have no need for multiples.  This morning I purchased an as-is Tignanello crossbody bag in black.  I already got one just like it in brown and I use it a lot.  I consider that a practical purchase, though some of my other purchases might be a little hard to justify.  


I have a normal day planned.  Just various chores.  Hope you have a blessed day!   ~   Charlene


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Re: Shopaholics ODAT -Tuesday 11/17

LINDA L, I also go to my optometrist to get my eyes tested before my license is due as I don't want any unpleasant things to happen to me either.  I am wishing your neighbor good luck with that many extractions at one time.  No doubt she will have a sore mouth for a few days.  Have fun shopping--my grocery shopping day is Friday.  JEAN, I bet it is fun to get back to the kids again.  BIRD MAMA, Some cat story about your sister's cat.  Are you still up to your eyeballs in work?  SNICKS, It is rainy today but still in the 50's.  I think we might get some snow by the weekend which is better than freezing rain.  I am already for some white stuff if it isn't a foot at a time.  I am also glad that your DGD is only allergic to peanuts & not all nut products.  ROSA, I am so happy for you & Mark.  Have fun at Wine Fest & I hope that the weather cooperates.  CERB, your life sounds very interesting with  all of the different animals getting along together.  Enjoy your new Tig bag.  I had a good shopping day yesterday too.  I posted yesterday about my fun at Kohl's & Joann Fabrics.  Today it is a lazy day for me.  I am gearing up for mom's move on Friday, DH's & my 6 month Dr. appt checkup on Thursday,  I have had kind of a stiff neck for over a week so will have my Dr. check that out too.  No hot tub for us today darn, as it is too rainy.  Stew is in the oven for supper & a visit to mom is only what is planned for the rest of the day.  Hugs to all of you.  

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Re: Shopaholics ODAT -Tuesday 11/17

I agree with linda that it is a chilly day in az. The houses are not as well insulated so the cold seps through. I may invest in a space heater. But it will be in the 70s by Friday.


, my did is very allergic to tree nuts. She went into anaphylactic shock once and we carry epi pens. Peanuts are not nuts but legumes because they grow in the ground. It is a much different allergy than tree nuts. Ours can eat small amounts of peanut butter with no problems. We read labels constantly.


jean, glad you are working.




i love the holidays....ours is always based around the birth of the. Grist child, but Santa also appears. I donate to toys for tots and also tote Apavhe reservation, about 50 miles from here.


bernie, glad the cat is ok.


snicks and many of you sound busy


twinny. Hugs to you. You may find that your mom is happy with her move once she adjusts. It is so hard.


((((hugs))) to all.

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Re: Shopaholics ODAT -Tuesday 11/17

birdmama, hope the cat is all better today, and hope the x-rays do rule out any mass. I would really like the D&C blazer more in a navy blue color. I had a navy blue wool blazer way back that I wore to death, lol. Loved it so much and it went with everything. This one is more of a tan, which is nice, too, also washable (a good thing). Let me know what you think once you see the video.


cerb, thanks, I'm sure everything will be ok for my granddaughter, I was just temporarily freaking out since I haven't cooked for her since this allergy came on. She has been taught well by her mom what is ok for her and what is not, and to ask the questions before she eats; her parents are now leaving it up to her in restaurants to do so, at first they were asking for her and teaching her. Will be interesting to see if she grills me (I hope so). Wow, cats, dogs & goats, you are a busy lady, lol. Interesting about how the cats are accepting, if not all that pleased, of the dog.


twinny, yes, I am so glad it is only peanuts, but just in case, I'm not having nuts of any kind in the house while she is here. Probably being an overly-cautious grandma, but I don't want any problems for her at my house. The local weather shows a "snow" graffic for Saturday, but I am so hoping we don't get it. I am not a winter fan, at all. If I never see snow I would not be unhappy, lol. Glad you enjoyed your shopping. Good luck with your mother's move on Friday.


Sydsgma, my granddaughter also carries an epi-pen. So sorry that you also have a nut allergy person in your family. It is new to me to have to read every label, but I am adjusting to the idea of it and calming down, rofl. My daughter has talked me down off the ceiling, lol. Glad that you enjoy the holidays, we do also. Well, time to get some more stuff done. Waves....



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Re: Shopaholics ODAT -Tuesday 11/17

Hi Gals, Just wanted to write a quick post, as I've been MIA for a few days. I had an episode of vertigo that lasted on and off from early Sunday A.M. until sometime yesterday afternoon. Being more intermittent made it   somewhat easier to tolerate. A migraine this morning topped it off, which is starting to ease up. I'm keeping this short, as my eyes are still bugging me a lot.


I looked through the holiday decorations yesterday, and pulled out what I want to use this year. We've pared down tons so there are only a few boxes now, and it was such a joy. It made a good sit and rest activity, as I sat on the rocker in the spare bedroom with the boxes right there in that closet. I actually wrote out ideas as I thought of them this year, something I've never thought to do before.  I put the decorations in the pie safe which resides downstairs. It will be much more fun than work now to decorate this year.We have most of our holiday food purchased except the turkey and whatever fresh ingredients need to be bought next week.


Thinking of everyone, and keeping you all in my prayers. Have a good afternoon! pinky

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Re: Shopaholics ODAT -Tuesday 11/17

Hi giris!  It's an overcast day, but fortunately not too cool. I haven't heard back from my pool guy despite having sent him a message last night; guess I'll have to look elsewhere about getting these air ducts repaired.  I can't get over how unreliable people are!


I think it's going to be a "puttering around the house" day; I need to get the floors washed (again) and the furniture polished...and I still haven't gotten the car windows cleaned.  Maybe I'll get to them as soon as I'm through here.  I need to do some baking as well.


Well, I heard back from Amazon; by way of apology they extended my Prime membership - I'd rather have a credit to my account. 


Sounds like you're having a good time, Rosa; I envy you.  I guess I have to accept the fact that I'm not going to meet my true least not in this life.  Heck, at this point I'd even be happy to have a good friend to do things with. Cat Sad


Glad to hear Misty is doing better, Bird.  I don't know what's come over my Jellybean, but all of a sudden he's begun yowling at odd times, day and night, and has been fighting with other cats - I guess it's a dominance thing. (sigh)  20 years - I've never had a pet longer than about 10, and that's my Gideon; I adopted him as an adult so I have no idea of how old he actually was.  I sure do miss him; he had me trained to bring him his food while he lounged in my bed!  I can't wait to see him again. 


When I lived in Hawaii I was talking to other people who had moved there. They had a 20 y.o. cat, but were afraid she wouldn't survive the flight and then quarentine, and they had trouble finding someone who would adopt her.  Well, they finally made a deal with some friends - figuring the cat wouldn't live too much longer, they agreed to pay them $100 a month to care for her.  That was three years earlier; they told me that every so often they'd call their friends and tell them to have the cat meow into the phone to assure them she was still alive!  Cat LOL


Glad to hear Harper is doing well, Charlene; the cats will adapt to her in time. My Angelica really seems to like being in her crate, and I'm happy to put her in there - I don't need more grief with her escaping again.  It's not very cold at night; when it gets colder I'll bring the crate inside the door, which is my office, but for now I put a quilt over the crate to keep the wind out at night.


I enjoyed that Rabbi's Wife series; I found Ruby to be a very likeable character, and the new rabbi...Oy!  Cat LOL The next book is coming out in a few months; I'll send it to you after I read it. If you enjoy the Culinary Food Writer book let me know; I have the rest of the series and am working my way through it.  Some are better than others, but you never quite know what to expect with her.


Since I was a little girl I had an interest in chemistry and also really enjoyed the little Betty Crocker baking sets that were popular back then, so since baking is pretty much a science involving chemistry, I guess it was a natural offshoot.  As for my mother, she fancied herself quite the cook!  She made a lot of Polish "delicacies" like jellied pickled pigs feet, tongue, and other stuff I wouldn't touch.  Cat Surprised  Most meals were mystery meat fried in bacon grease, lumpy mashed potatoes with the grease from the pan as gravy, and canned veggies. I guess I learned to cook in self-defense, and then she'd always make nasty comments about whatever I made, telling me things like, "You think your husband is going to put up with you making those expensive meals?"  Well, my father eventually had enough; after 25 or so years of that he told her to just increase his allowance and he'd eat his meals out!  Cat LOL To her credit, she did make good soups and homemade kielbasa.  Fortunately for me, I had a wonderful neighbor who was like a mother to me, and she was an amazing Italian cook, always sending a plate over for me. Cat Very Happy


Good to "see" you again, pinky.  LindaL and twinny, I always pray for you.

Guess I'd better start thinking about what I want to make to eat, and get some work done.  I looked under the couch for something yesterday, and moved it. Oy vey!  Cat Surprised  Let's just say I moved the couch and did a LOT of cleaning back there and underneath it; it's one of those places I tend to overlook.  I did find a DVD that I'd been wondering about...and all the pens that I thought had just disappeared....  Cat Very Happy


Have a blessed evening, everyone!