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Shopaholics ODAT Thursday!!!

Good morning ladies and Happy First day of if only some of us had that spring feeling and weather!!!

Work is busy for me as we have Confirmation on Saturday evening for 53 of our students and I also have a First Communion parent meeting on Saturday morning...I do the scheduling so you would think I would know better. It's been a busy week and will be a busy weekend.

I ended up getting the stomach bug last week and missed two days of work...first time in 8 years!!! It has taken me up until yesterday to feel like myself again. The good thing is that I lost a few pounds and hopefully I'll be able to keep them off.

Kendall is home on break and I am taking her for an interview today at a childcare place, it will be a great summer job and she will also be able to work when she is home on break. She has submitted everything for Switzerland, we are just awaiting word on the free airfare...she's willing to pay for it if she doesn't get it but it's around $2500.00 and that's just alot of $$$$$. We'll see.

We've been going through a tough time with Sydney, she keeps falling behind in her homework at school and she just hasn't been herself lately...she really has self confidence issues. She came to me on Monday and told me that she's been upset lately and wants to speak to someone. I did make an appt. with her pediatrician so she can determine what is the best course of action...that's my baby so she is breaking my heart!!! Prays appreciated.

As far as shopping is concerned, I did fall a little off the wagon. I did get the Wen TSV, as I was running low on my Wen (I'm all set now). I also ordered Philosophy shower gel and lotion since this winter has left my skin completely dry. I also ordered a few clothing items from DressBarn. I should be okay for now and am resolved to do well again with the no shopping.

We are enjoying the new car and spending less on gas!!!!

Hope everyone has a great day and hopefully you all get to enjoy this Spring day!!!!

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Re: Shopaholics ODAT Thursday!!!

Hi Nancy! Glad you got through the stomach thing. It was going around here and so far I have not had it. PTL! You are getting used to the car, huh? Smiley Happy Yay for Kendall and prayers for Sydney. I know you know this, but you seem like an awesome Mom to your girls.

I did not sleep well, could not go to sleep then woke up. My tooth/gums are still so sore. I'm just praying it hasn't morphed into an infection. So I have antibiotics but will not take them until I am sure that I need them.

I pick up my Aunt this afternoon and will likely take her to a museum in town then out to eat somewhere nice. Tomorrow morning I take her home. It's been fun but a strange week, and I'm just grateful that my boss seems to understand and is not whining about me changing my schedule.

Looking forward to this weekend with my Beloved. And my dog! She has not gotten much love this week.

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Re: Shopaholics ODAT Thursday!!!

Good morning! Prayers being sent for Sydney, I know if your child is not happy neither is Mamma.

DH and DS are both trying to get things done at work and meet at Buffalo Wild Wings and watch basketball. My DH only watches basketball during tournament time, me never. My sport of choice is football!

No shopping on my agenda till I get some of these medical bills paid. I must say that is not nearly as much fun as shoe shopping! I had a colonoscopy that was not covered under my wellness because my prior one I had 4 polyps, so it was subject to my deductible. So no wants for awhile. I do not need one thing so I just have to deal!

The weather here is nice and will be through the weekend. Took a nice walk outside yesterday with DS and Granddog! We had a shutter blow off and he an DH thought they could put it back up, wrong. We have young man that will do these type of things for us of course we pay him , we are lucky to know somebody that will do small jobs.

I hope that everyone is well.

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Re: Shopaholics ODAT Thursday!!!

Thanks ladies....

Kathleen, I'm almost afraid to go to the dentist because I can only imagine the amount of work I need done. Good for you in getting it taken care of. Have fun with your aunt and enjoy getting out there and doing things.

Rosa, I love March Madness, both DH and I will watch it pretty much all the time. DH is in a pool at work so he'll be paying close attention, I just watch because I really like sports!!! Watching, not!!

My brother and his family, including my nephew arrived in Michigan this morning to see my sister in laws family. Most of them haven't seen him yet and I'm sure they are all excited. My sister in law texted this morning that he pretty much slept the whole flight...that's good for them and the passengers. He is pretty good natured though so I'm sure they would've been fine.

I'm leaving work now so that I can take Kendall to her interview...fingers crossed!!!

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Re: Shopaholics ODAT Thursday!!!

It sounds like your schedules is very busy this time of year. Also glad that your "bug" is gone. So far DH & I have been healthy & we hope it stays that way. That must be exciting for Kendall knowing she will be going abroad to school. Also hope the interview goes well for her. Our prayers will be going out to Sydney. I hope she gets the help/care that she needs. After being in the 40's for several days & losing all of the snow, we woke up today to a white lawn again. Now they say upper 40's today, 50's tomorrow & 20's for next week & possible snow Monday & Tuesday. Yes, this does seem like a never ending winter!

RC, I hope your tooth/gums feel better soon. I am sure your aunt will have a fun day in Austin with you today. I am assuming it is mild & sunny there now. You are lucky to have an understanding boss. That is rare these days in the work force. I am glad DH & I are retired. Not the way it happened, but very glad we were able to adjust to our "new" lifestyle in a fairly normal way, if you know what I mean.

Rosa, buffalo wings sounds good right now. What team are they rooting for? I like baseball the best, but we are rooting for the "Badgers." I agree with you that shoe shopping or any other shopping is better than paying bills. My medical bills are somewhat high, but we know that they do keep me sustained each time I get my treatment, so right now that is all that counts. God will take care of the rest of it for us.

Jean, I am so glad that you got such a great deal on your electric blanket. You might still need it this year as strange as the weather has been for most of us. You were lucky to get that DB jacket off wait list so fast too. I am sure it will be a lovely jacket. We are heading out of town soon to see my DH's mom. My mom is going with us they will have a fun gab session. My mom gave us a scare yesterday too. Her lifeline company called & said either she didn't have power or her phone was hooked up wrong to that gadget. Since we only live a block away from her. I sent my DH to check up on her. The utility company had to replace a power pole, so that is what the problem was. So glad nothing worse was happening to her. I am afraid to go over to her place alone after finding her comatose 3 years ago & down to her last "gurgle." Now I send him to check up on her for me.

Hugs to all of you.

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Re: Shopaholics ODAT Thursday!!!

Twinny I don't blame you sending DH over to check on your Mom. What an awful feeling. The weather was cool this morning but it's warming and is supposed to be upper 70's. Everyone is envious this time of year but most folks don't realize that the summer can be so very miserable and we have our fair share of weather related incidents/dangers etc. So you will hear me whining quite a bit in the summer - but I hope it warms up for you all soon!!

Rosa how miserable to have those procedures then to pay for them. We are lucky to have folks to do whatever around the house that DH can't do. No basketball for me - I will watch a tiny bit of football and sometimes a little tennis and that is the extent of my sports.

Nancy I hope Kendall gets the job! DD LOVES her fast food job, and has found an outdoor sports complex place she wants to work in the summer.

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Re: Shopaholics ODAT Thursday!!!

Kensyd, that will be so much fun to see your DB, SIL & new baby. Can't think of anything more exciting for you right now. DH & I love March madness too. Our local boys HS basketball teams are playing for the state championships this weekend. Next weekend it is the girls time to play at State. This also brings back memories of when our DS & DD were in HS & their teams went to State & we got to watch them on TV. It kind of keeps us both young at heart.

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Re: Shopaholics ODAT Thursday!!!

Happy Spring Ladies.....finally for some of us. It's about 50 and cloudy but I will take it,a lot of the snow has gone but we still have a large mound in the driveway,

We also watch March Madness Nancy,my DH team was knocked off the first round of the NIT's and he had thought they had a good change of advancing further...but not to be. I hope your DD interview goes ok....and she gets the job. My DD spent a yr in Florence when she was in school,she lived with a family and loved it.Hope that your youngest DD can work out her problems....

That must have been quite a scare for you Twinny with the lifeline call. I hope your mom and DH's mom have a great time is wonderful that both of them don't live far from you.

Kathleen have fun with your aunt today and you are lucky to have such an understanding boss. You mentioned the chicken fried bacon....I think that"s what is was.....does that have gravy? had told me what chicken fried steak is. Once I had chocolate covered bacon strips and did not care for it at all.

Not much going on afternoon of basketball I guess.

Have a nice day everyone......Marijane

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Re: Shopaholics ODAT Thursday!!!

Good Morning/Afternoon! Thanks for getting us started Nancy. I'll be praying for Sydney. Hope that Kendall's interview goes well. Sounds like you are a very busy lady. Glad you are over the stomach bug -- yuck!

Hi Kathleen -- hope you have fun with your Aunt. It is nice that you have such an understanding boss. Sorry about your lack of sleep and sore mouth/gums.

Ouch about the medical bills Rosa. I'm not into basketball myself, but I used to enjoy watching games in high school and college. I think DD's whole family has picked brackets. And, I hear guys talking about it at the gym. Football is my sport of choice as well.

Hope you have a nice visit with the Moms twinny. It is great that they get along and live not too far apart. Don't blame you for sending your husband over to check on your Mom when you got the lifeline alert. Your previous experience sounds frightening at best.

Enjoy the basketball Marijane. Glad it isn't snowing at least, and hope the weather continues to improve there.

Waves to Jean, Arlene, LindaR, Susan, Sonya, Karen, Kathy, Gayle, Val, and all of our posters and readers.

DH and I had our blood work done this morning -- we are having physicals in a couple of weeks, and the doctor has us get the blood work done in advance. So, I'm getting a bit of a late start with my day (late breakfast, etc.)

Hope to go to the gym before lunch, and I have class after lunch.

Zero housework got done yesterday (bad Linda), but I did finish and file the taxes. According to what I read, we should get the Federal refund in three weeks. And, DH has agreed that we can use the money to pay for our roof coating. Glad I thought of that idea. We should be getting money from the State as well, but hope I don't need it for additional house issues. It would be good to have a little extra to put into savings. I guess I could pay myself back for the dryer.

Nothing else to report from here. Hope everyone has a nice day!



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Re: Shopaholics ODAT Thursday!!!

Good afternoon ladies: I enjoy BB---for years we had season Tix to the ladies. I will watch games that interest me. My Dad was a huge Baseball fan and I learned to love the game watching with him. I do follow the Tx Rangers when they are televised.

Nancy: Oh I ditto what Kathleen said---I know you are a great Mom and it is so very difficult to watch our loved ones go through stuff. You have a very busy schedule and corralling 53 for confirmation is no small task.

I managed to misplace by glasses---I have multiple pair that I leave in various spots---and I am sure they will surface but it is irritating!

There is a lady at our church. She is always impeccably dressed and perfectly coiffed. She will be turning 90 next month. We all commented on how ""together"" so always is. Her DH (I don't know how old he is) still works as a stump grinder---which is very physical. They always have flowers in church to celebrate their anniversary----last time was 11 yrs!! I am sure they were both widowed as I know she spoke of a son who passed and grands. She makes the prettiest cakes for our events.

I have to pay Uncle Sam---so I am waiting until April. I have a medical apt. o the 15th. I remember thinking tax day when she gave me the date! I even have extra taken out---argh.

Have Bible study tonight. I know I will enjoy it and learn a lot when I get there--but I can certainly have to ""wrestle"" with going!.