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Shopaholics - ODAT - Thursday!!!

Good morning ladies....we're expecting a small snowstorm tonight. They are predicting 4-6 inches. I'm hoping that if they are going to cancel school that they do it tonight so that I don't get my 5:30 am phone call. I'm planning on getting everything done at work today so that I'll be all set for the weekend.

I did get my fleece sheets and blanket. I washed them last night and dh put them on the bed. Now I know what all the fuss is about. I may never get out of bed again. I love them!!!!!! They are so soft. My only complaint is that I waited to long to get them.

I'm wearing a cape (poncho) today that I bought in Madeira on a whim. It was 5 Euros so I thought it was a bargain. It's not something that you see too many people wear around here but I thought I'd give it a try and wear it today. It looks good with the outfit. Kendall liked it so I guess I'm good.

Kendall won her debate yesterday so she was a very happy camper when she came home. She really took the nonpassing of the road test okay. She would like me to reschedule during winter break which is at the end of February. She doesn't want to miss anymore school....three girls went yesterday and three girls failed. DH will practice three point turns with her and some more parallel parking. I'm confident she'll get it next time.

Well hope you all have a great morning!!!!