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Re: Shopaholics - ODAT Monday, Oct. 12th

I lost my post, so hope this goes through.  CERB, Good luck with the crown.  Not fun when they hurt all of the time.  Good luck with different shoes.  while DH & I were at the QVC Outlet Store last week & the week before, I tried on ryka's, vionics, earthies,  Clark's, Isaac's &lots more.  None felt good to me.  I was dsisappointed as all boots were 70% off & shoes were 50% off the first week & 65% the 2nd week.  SNICKS,  I am coming to your place for dinner tonight.   We will get our first frost on Friday night & then it will be in the 40's-50's for the weekend.  YEAH!  I hate hot weather.  Just got backf rom mom's where I hung up lots of tops & bottoms.  Two neighbors came across to see how things were going.  They both called this morning & left messages on my ans. machine.

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Re: Shopaholics - ODAT Monday, Oct. 12th

YEAH!  The maintenance man called & someone will be in our hometown on Weds.  to fix the microwave.  I have heard that their customer service is 2nd to none, so we will see.

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Re: Shopaholics - ODAT Monday, Oct. 12th

Twinny - Glad you could get the maintenance man to your home so soon.

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Re: Shopaholics - ODAT Monday, Oct. 12th

This is a late check in. I worked today and got  home later than usual and then had a couple of telephone calls to interrupt my relaxation. I'll be off early tomorrow to work at an elementary school. I really enjoy working at that school but the distance requires me to get up earlier than the usual 6am.  I have no idea if I will be working Wednesday, but on Thursday, I begin a seven day substitute job for a teacher who is getting married.


I have a Shark Rocket; it is excellent. I use it more than the Dyson because of it being light weight and it really cleans.


A local lady posted on Facebook that she had cleaned out her closets so much that she can now put all her clothes into two suitcases. She must be down to the essentials.



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Re: Shopaholics - ODAT Monday, Oct. 12th

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Good Afternoon/Evening!  Thanks for getting us started, Susan.  I definitely know about things that always go to the bottom of the pile.  Sometimes I do pull them out for donation, but not often enough.  We had a discussion of this at bookclub -- the hostess had a "duster" that had been her Mom's.  She had worn it once or twice in the six years she lived here.  


Glad your microwave should be repaired soon, twinny.  Hope your Mom continues to improve.  I am wondering if you will need to check her laundry from time-to-time.  Not fun to have to do so many loads of wash at one time.  Hugs to you -- I can certainly relate to your caregiving issues.  And, prayers for your DD.


Happy you are getting back to exercising, Kathleen.  I really wish I wasn't someone who had way too much "stuff", but.....  I'm getting better, but boy is this a slow process.  I'm ready for cooler weather here.  We had some cooler weather, but now it is back in the heat.  We may even hit a record this week (nearly 100 degrees).  But, I guess we are better off than Charlene with 103 degrees -- yikes.  Hope your cool front really helps end your record tempeartures.


Smart idea about the cookbook, snicks.  I donated quite a few of my cookbooks a few years back, but there are probably more that could be donated after I copy out a couple of recipes.


Hope you find a solution for your twin issues, Charlene.  You are making me nervous about having a crown replaced.  That may not be necessary for a while, but.....  I have never had plantar fasciitis, thank goodness.  But, I know that it can be very painful.


Good to see you posting, LindaR.  Hope your birthday was fun.  A bunion also sounds painful.  I remember that one of the ladies in my office had surgery, and she could not drive for a while.  That was a huge problem back in the days before you could "work at home" or use computers.  I think she joined a carpool after a while because she was missing too much work.


Waves to Jean, Bernie, Marijane, Rosa, Karen, Gayle, and all of our posters and readers.


I had my "strong bones workout" this morning, and then took DH for his TB test.  The nurse wasn't ready for us, so the director suggested we go in and do some of the exercises the group was doing.  That was fun.  Just had time to bring DH home, and glance at the computer before it was time to prepare his lunch.  The bookclub was fun -- I didn't care much for the book "The Wives of Los Alamos", but three of the ladies enjoyed it.  The hostess prepared a wonderful lunch -- "soup to nuts" as DH would say, and her house was nicely decorated for Fall and Halloween.  


No big plans for the rest of the afternoon, but I need to decide what to prepare for dinner, and write the minutes of our meeting.  Writing those minutes takes time, and all that lunch has made me a little sleepy.  But, I'm sure I'll get it done.


DGS' friend made it through surgery, but is still asleep (a coma, I guess).  They don't know if it was a cancerous tumor or what his recovery chances are yet.  So, please keep Colin on your prayer or good wishes list.


Have a nice evening everyone!






ETA --  Sorry you need to get up so early for your assignment tomorrow, Jean.  At least you like the school.  Good that they have such an excellent substitute for the teacher who is getting married.  But, I hope it won't wear you down too much working that many days in a row.







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Re: Shopaholics - ODAT Monday, Oct. 12th

I have not posted for a while.


belated happy bday, linda r.


jean, you must really enjoy your subbing and I am sure you are in demand. I would not have the energy for that.


twinny, so sorry to hear about your mom. I dealt with a similar situation with my mom. Fortunately, she ended up in assisted living, which took care of many worries for me. She was resistant at first b grew to enjoy it.i know how hard this is on the fareamily.((((hugs))))"


kathleen I used to walk miles daily. Unless it was really snowing. Unfortunately with my auto immune disease, those days are over.


cerb.It is hot in ca.  We are on our way to Phoenix via Oregon and Nevada and I hope it is cooler when we get there next week.


Good luck with the dentist will not do one without a root canal..


linda , prayers for dgs friend.


we are on the Oregon coast..we have a full ocean view and I am enjoying listening to the waves. I lost my phone at the airport but was able to replace it because I was due for an upgrade. And the could lock and erase the lost one.


i am probably forgetting someone .  Hope all sleep well.

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Re: Shopaholics - ODAT Monday, Oct. 12th

Hi girls! 

It's a beautiful day out - temps are just right, in the 70s.  I had planned on going to the PO and then Jasper, but then remembered it's Columbus Day, so one or both are probably closed. I took the dogs for a drive; I had to pick up milk at Aldi, where it seems every other thing on the shelves is pumpkin (I don't "get" the pumpkin-mania; I don't care for it), and a few things at Dollar Tree, where the Christmas things are out already.  Ugh!  I was going to stop at Sam's Club for pizza but got one that looked good at Aldi; it's in the oven right now.

Charlene, the misnamed Angelica is still here; to alleviate her boredom I've been brining her into the house (under close supervision) for an hour or two a day, but today she acted up again. As I was getting out of the car at Dollar Tree she jumped over me and took off running - something she hasn't done in a long time.  Fortunately, a man grabbed her, and she was "making nice" with him; she got scolded all the way home and is now in her crate.  I suspect her former people got tired of her taking off at whim; maybe that's why they didn't bother looking for her.


I just finished "Dark Chocolate Demise" which is the latest in the cupcake bakery series, which has been pretty good. 


LindaR, did you do anything special for your birthday?


Hope the party goes well, twinny. Your mentioning your microwave made me realize it's about a year since I sold mine, and I've never once missed it.


Oops - pizza calls.  Hi to everyone - have a blessed evening!



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Re: Shopaholics - ODAT Monday, Oct. 12th

JEAN, How nice to be at the same school for several days.  Hope  getting up earlier won't be too difficult to do.  I don't have a Shark but DH does like the upright & the canister one that we bought last year.  LINDA L, prayers for Colin.  You are well aware of the difficulty of being a caregiver.  SYDSGMA, How nice to be on the Oregon coast & a beautiful ocean view.  I would be happy to be right there & go no further.  DH & I would love to go along the coast of OR & WA some day.  FHG, I use my microwave at least once a day so it is difficult being without it for a day or two.  Yesterday I made a pot of coffee & was going to heat up a cup along with a bagel.  DARN.  I had toast instead & had to heat the coffee on the stove.  DH tried to make popcorn in the microwave on Sat. night.  That is when we discovered that it was not working.  He wasn't happy about having to use the "stir crazy popper."  BIRD MAMA, Hi to you too.  My excitement for the day was spa time after dinner.  I will be MIA tomorrow as we are leaving early to get an oil change for the Subaru in Madison.   Breakfast out & not much shopping as I did lots of it at Kohl's & the QVC Outlet store last week & the week before.  At Kohl's I had a 30% off coupon so bought another pair of straight leg pants by Apt 9 like I bought for DH's class reunion,  they are very nice & fit me perfectly without any hemming.  I also bought two sweaters in a nice crochet knit so they will not be so hot for me in the wintertime.  One in purple & one in Sage green.  I also bought a silver metallic  pair of slides at Aerosoles for $19.99.  so comfy with memory foam & nice low wedge rubber non-slip soles.  My shopping is done unless I see something extra special.  

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Re: Shopaholics - ODAT Monday, Oct. 12th

Hi Susan, I continue to sort through clothes too.  As a matter of fact, the ill fitting too large top I wore to work today hit the garbage can once I got in the door.  I wore it one more time for old time sake lol.


Hi Kathleen, good to see you.


Hi Twinny, I'm glad to read that your mom is doing better.  If they can get her blood built up and keep her hydrated, I bet she'll seem more like 'Mom'.  I've always said, as long as my Mom had some fight in her, all was well :-)  I'm sorry your daughter has pneumonia - no fun at all.


Snicks, I think the cold front is going to hit me this weekend - forecast is no more than 40 degrees for Saturday.  Man, maybe I need to replace the screen with the glass on the storm door in the family room.  That's kind of cold, even for me :-)


Charlene, I'm sorry your dentist is a dingbat.  Really, there are simple tests to determine if it's the nerve in the tooth.  Wow, you really have tried almost everything for the foot condition.


LindaR, I left work at 6:15 and felt like I was racing the setting sun to get home.  I do miss daylight in the fall/winter.


Jean, I'm pretty organized and I don't think I could get all of my clothing reduced to 2 suitcases full.  Where would I put my beloved boots? lol


LindaL, I'm glad your DH got in his workout after you had your strong bones workout.  I continue to pray for Colin and hope for a favorable outcome on the biopsy/tissue samples.


Barbara, good to see you and thanks for updating us during your trip.

Bummer about losing your phone.  Thank goodness you locked the other one.


Arlene, I'd forgotten about Columbus Day.  When I didn't see my JCP order on the porch, I checked the mailbox and nothing - then it hit me, no mail delivery today.  Poor Angelica - I suspect she had no structure when she was little.  Any idea what kind of dog she is?


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