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Re: Shopaholics - ODAT - Friday, Jan 15th

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LindaR, since my body is mine, I don't have a problem using myself as an experiment, lol.  I started taking Nature Made Cholest Off, one per each of my 3 meals per day, without talking to any doctors.  That started to drop my LDL, but I noticed a slight creep up in triglycerides (a real nightmare to manage).  I made an executive decision, rofl, to take the cholest off, one per each of only 2 of the 3 meals per day and I think I could be on to something.  I just need to bump up the good cholesterol and walk more.  I think switching of the timing of the Synthroid (bed time versus first thing in the morning) and this cholest off change is what did it.  Well, I do eat food that my co-workers call rabbit or squirrel food.

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Re: Shopaholics - ODAT - Friday, Jan 15th

Since you do have thyroid issues you have a delicate balance. Yes those triglycerides are hard to get back down. I know you are a very careful eater. Nothing wrong with rabbit food and nuts!!! Oh a pizza is a nice treat
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Re: Shopaholics - ODAT - Friday, Jan 15th

Hi girls!

I'm back from running errands - I had to pay the mortgage at one bank, and deposit some money at my "regular" bank as well as try to work out a problem. I renewed my driver's license on-line and was charged the $24.99, but there was also a charge for a TEXAS driver's license for $19.99!  I have no idea of how that happened, but the woman at the bank said that someone else had the same thing happen to her. Anyway, she had to fill out forms to dispute the charge (which apparently originated in the UK), so hopefully it'll be resolved within a couple of days.  I watch CSI Cyber on-line, and I'm thinking someone hacked the TN license bureau and is syphoning off funds, or ???  A lot of people don't check their activity as closely as I do, and it's not a large amount that would stand out, so someone out there might be making themselves a tidy sum each week.

I had a coupon for a free Screamin' Sicilian pizza, so I stopped at Publix - it's in the oven right now. (Probably the best frozen pizza out there.)  After I eat I'll call my housebound neighbor and see if she wants a few banana snickerdoodle cupcakes; then I'm going to just crash with a good book and my tablet.  Those fleece sheets are wonderful - nice and warm, even when I just get into bed, unlike the flannel and percale.  Cat Happy


I'm furious with the school - they really messed me up big time!  It makes you wonder about a school that offers MBAs but can't run their own business efficiently. I'm afraid I'm going to have to resort to doing GoFundMe to raise money for the new HVAC system, thanks to them. Cat Mad


Bird, I'm curious - why isn't your avatar a bird, but rather a cat that looks like he just ate the canary?  Cat Wink

Snicks - "awesomesauce?" Somene has been watching Discover Card commercials!  Cat LOL


Welcome, Maggie - nice to see a new face.


I don't recycle, but can't bring myself to throw out nice boxes. If they're in good shape I stick them in the garage, then when I have a pile I offer them to anyone who needs moving boxes on the town's FB page.  I also pass along the big plastic buckets that kitty litter comes in - they have lots of uses.


Rosa, I ALWAYS have an extra car key with me.  The day I got my license I drove to the library, and as soon as I shut and locked the door realize my key was still in the ignition...thankfully there was a gas station with mechanic just down the block, and he opened the door at no charge. (I made him cookies.)


Today I wore yoga pants made of a lightweight denim, so they're a cross between jeans and yoga pants - very comfortable. 


Well, tomorrow is a BIG DAY - I'm getting my first shower in weeks!  Someone invited me over to her house; I can't wait.  Cat Very Happy


Guess I'd better finish eating and then call the neighbor.  Have a blessed evening, everyone!