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Shipping Logistics

I wonder who decides how things get shipped.  I live an hour north of Pittsburgh PA.  While tracking my packages, they started in Lancaster, PA - then went to New Jersey then went to Ohio and from Ohio back to PA for delivery sometime next week.  That's insanity!.  Too bad there are no  frequent flyer miles given on my purchases.  I could fly free to Rome for this delivery.  LOL!

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Re: Shipping Logistics

The shipper, usually UPS or USPS, decides how a parcel will be routed.  I'm sure they could provide a logical reason the the circuitous trip a package might take based on many variable factors.

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Re: Shipping Logistics

I love when my QVC packages come UPS from the California warehouse as they come directly to Commerce City, Colorado.  The next day they go to my local UPS facility and out for delivery that day.  When I get things from companies that use  FED-EX, those packages seem to always take the scenic route.  


A long time ago I saw something about why packages don't seem to take what most people think is the "logical" route.  It all comes down to how and where UPS/FedEx/USPS sets up their major distribution facilities/routes and money.  It always comes down to money.