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Too many fashion pieces are now with Sherpa.  While it looks and is cozy it also looks terrible after a few wearing or washings.  Lint, hair, fur, pills...always get incorporated in the once pristine Sherpa.  At that point it is not worn.

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@Gabidog Yeah I know what you mean, it can get kinda yucky after washing several times. I was tempted by the tsv but don't need any more jackets. Need to give some away.

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I much prefer the smooth pile mostly found in throws, or in the linings of these sherpa pieces.

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It's a shame that the name of this ethnic group from Nepal is degraded by makers and users of the cheap synthetic fabric.  Smiley Sad

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I'm not a fan of sherpa fabric, either.  I am looking for a mid-weight jacket and all I see is either sherpa or puffer.  I don't like either style on me, but they look nice on others.


I also want a solid color, not a fan of plaid or buffalo check.  Guess I'm out of luck this winter...maybe next year I'll find something.

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I agree. I am not a fan of Sherpa.  Whenever I buy throws or blankets, I make sure it does not have Sherpa on one side.  I also don't like them in jackets.  I totally agree, after a few washings, things get stuck everywhere in the Sherpa.

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I too am not a fan of the faux Sherpa used on QVC clothing. I bought a robe which I love but the cuffs are “Sherpa” and they always look dirty and matted. I hate to get rid of the robe but I can’t stand the raggedy look of the cuffs which ruins a very lovely garment otherwise.

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I have bought a couple of sherpa lounge-type jackets. They were great before washing but afterwards, what a mess! Even washing on cold and hanging to dry, I had matting. No more for me.