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I was shocked last night when Rachel innocently mentioned she's 55 during the TSV presentation. I would never take her for a day older than 45, if even that. She looks fantastic!!

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I'm sure you've heard the expression 'Black don't crack!'

There's actually scientific basis to that. Has to do with the type of melanin in their skin.

I looked it up and found an article written by a dermatologist...


I watched the first Hunger Games a while back and foolishly asked my daughter 'who's the Lenny Kravit'z looking guy in the movie?' She said 'you mean Lenny Kravitz??'

No way!! He's MY AGE?!! LOL



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I don't study these things, but I would have put her in her late 30's.

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@Secretariat1    I have to agree as I, too, was shocked to hear her say she is 55.  She is beautiful and looks great in all the fashions!  She seems to be a lovely person on the inside, as well.


Truly enjoy her presentations : )

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She's not married and has no children.  Those two things are very aging. They'll make you old before your time. 

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I noticed last night what beautiful skin she has. The TSV jumpsuit looked very pretty on her. It is the only host it looked good on, but Go Rachel! Very nice host too. She does NOT look 55.

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She looks her age to me but I don't think 55 is very old. 

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@GenXmuse wrote:

She looks her age to me but I don't think 55 is very old. 

I don't either. Rachel also seems to have a youthful attitude, and that's part of it. 


She has beautiful skin and she is slim. Looks great.

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@Kachina624   I sincerely laughed out loud when I read your explanation.  

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I was surprised at her age, but agree she looks great.  The TSV looks good on her, but I sure didn't like it on a couple other hosts.