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Has anybody tried this catalogue?  They have some really pretty clothing and the prices are comparable  or less than QVC, but the sizing is all over the place and the S/H is really high.

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I used to...I'm a plus size..kept very little of what I ordered due to quality.  It might be different if you are a smaller size. Sometimes I would leave an item in my cart and then get an email indicating if I completed the purchase, I would get free shipping. 

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I have bought 2 dresses from them. For me they were fine. I loved the style and I always buy a size larger. Being I'm a men's tailor I can adjust where I need to. 

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I think the reason the shipping is high is b/o the express shipping charges.  I get my items extremely quickly.

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I have gotten a few pieces from them and found quality lacking for price charged.  Cute styles but fabrics didn't hold up well.  It has been a couple of years since I ordered, maybe items have improved.

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I ordered acetate /spandex pants from them a couple of years ago and still have them. They fit great but Serengeti doesn't carry them any more. More recently I ordered a cascade shrug which runs a little big, but it's black and I can make it work. They come in lots of colors but I wouldn't get another one.
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I've received Serengeti catalogs for years.  Never ordered from them - the catalogs go directly from my mailbox to my recycling bin.

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Used to get their catalogs ages ago. Loved looking through them. I ordered a few clothing items and jewelry many years ago. I liked what I purchased. I do remember their prices being high. 

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I remember when I got their catalog but that was years ago.  I  think I looked but never bought.  I think people need to get over the idea that we have standard sizing here in the U.S.  I don't why people think we do.  I'm sure their is no problem at all with their sizes because they've been in business for years and years.  You just have take your measurements and use their size can't just buy the size you think you wear.  

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I ordered 2 tops a few years ago, they were cute. I went by their size charts (you have to, at every vendor), but both tops were too big. Sent them back and haven't ordered anything since. I do still get their catalogs.
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