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Very disappointed with this order.

Got two of the scoop raglan sleeve tops in navy and apricot. They were so flimsy as to be see through -literally. I held them up in front of me and had a clear view of my yard through the window.

The Lana dress in medium was too big.

The caftan dress - the outer part felt scratchy on my skin.

The apricot ribbon sweater fit strangly. I got the medium (wondering if according to the measurements I should get the large.) It almost seemed too small in the shoulders - but the ribbon neck was too big and would not lay flat - flaring out in the middle. So clearly a large wouldn't help that issue - and I can't go smaller.

The maxi dress in the medium was a winner - the only item in this order. I am glad I did not go by the chest measurement and size up to large (even tho I am busty). It fit perfectly and looks great.

I am very glad I canceled the order on the maxi skirt. Altho I love the colors, I can see from others that the fit is off on it as well.

I am really tired of guessing with this line and even tho I like his designs, I think the quality - of both the workmanship and the materials he's using are declining dramatically.