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Semi-annual Closet Switch Has Begun!

I started my closet switch this morning.  


I had forgotten that I stocked up on a lot of summer things at last year's end of season sales - so it was a bit of a surprise when I opened the boxes!


I hung everything I unpacked - but want to wash everything that's been packed since last year.  Little-by-little I'll hand wash each of the tops.  Most are too "good" to put in the washing machine.


A lot of the winter stuff when into the "donate" bag. 


Got rid of some of the liquid knit and butter knit pieces I had for years and years.  SG is right - those things will last forever ... so someone else will have the pleasure of wearing them.  


I have one more closet to do - but that's just a matter of moving things from the back to the front.   And - my boxes of pants- hang the summer weight and pack away the winter weight.


Famous last words:  I don't think I need anymore summer clothes or shoes!

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Re: Semi-annual Closet Switch Has Begun!

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@ALRATIBA , I understand 100% what you're going through.   So many outfits - what do you do with everything?  It's so much work.


When we moved to the house where we're at now, I do have more closet space than the other house, BUT.....I think because I have more space, I found my self buying more clothes and now everything is just stuffed with lots of "extras" down in the basement in storage bins.   Oh my, I just love clothes and just can't stop buying!  


I will have to start going through everything and donate some of the items that I've been "saving" for way to many years.


Do you remember Fashion Formula and Sport Savy line from QVC?  I still have some items - I guess because I have a lot of clothes my clothes don't wear out much.  Like you mentioned about Susan Graver's clothes, some pieces just seem to last for so many years!


Good luck with your project and hopefully I can work on mine sometime soon too!

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Re: Semi-annual Closet Switch Has Begun!

I'm right there with you. Making the switch this weekend while watching a good movie. Went through 'give away' steps leading up to this weekend. I think I have too many shoes I don't wear. Went through handbags last year. I dread getting started but always thrilled when the transition is complete. 

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Re: Semi-annual Closet Switch Has Begun!

I started on my transition and our weather became much cooler again.  So now starting back and looking at weeding out a lot of older items.  South Carolina is humid and synthetics can be a problem although some are the more technical variety and wicking.  Just have to see what works for me this year.  Not something I look forward to each year.

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Re: Semi-annual Closet Switch Has Begun!

I always find it good the day after or when all is complete to open the closet/storage doors and look at my work feeling accomplishment . 


I did my reorganizing earlier this season when we had a warm spell then had to get some warmer items back out. I never learn. So I need to pick through it again. I hate seeing winter items when the we start having the muggies .

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Re: Semi-annual Closet Switch Has Begun!

I'm hoping to get that done this evening.
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Re: Semi-annual Closet Switch Has Begun!

I completed my closet change about a week ago. Just in time- temps today and through the weekend expected to hit 90.

Last task will be tomorrow: change the bedding.

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Re: Semi-annual Closet Switch Has Begun!

I've never done this and never will. I fully utilize all of my closet space, but stuff is where it is. If it's 5 more steps to get it from the other room, it's 5 more steps. 

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Re: Semi-annual Closet Switch Has Begun!

I've never changed out my closets either. I wear mostly summer clothes from March to November and the few months I am able to wear a long sleeved shirt and pants they can stay right where they are. 

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Re: Semi-annual Closet Switch Has Begun!

I've been doing the change in handfuls.

During the time when we were locked down I ordered some medium plastic tubs from Walmart.

They are each labeled according to the type of item (Long sleeve tees, medium wt sweaters, heavy sweaters and so on.). 

My system makes it easy to find a certain item when I need it, even though I haven't finished changing the items out.  When we get cool for "Dogwood Winter", I can grab a sweater.  They will be put away in the heat of the summer, until that time I am in the mountains.


In NC we are in a moderate temperature zone.  I always start with more spring colors, even on a 60'ish degree day (I am very cool natured).


Many times as a teacher I drove across the county with heat on my sandled toes!  I was fine once the day got started, just a little cool outside.