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Re: Semi-annual Closet Switch Has Begun!

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I did that one year and I vowed never again.  I put all my off season clothes in bins and stored them.  All my clothes were wrinkled and needed to be laundered.  It was so much work switching everything out.  It was especially hard between seasons when the weather was in between or warm in the day and cool at night.  


All my clothes are hanging now in my closet.  If I ever live somewhere without a walk-in closet, I will just have less clothes.


I reguarly purge things that I no longer wear.  

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Re: Semi-annual Closet Switch Has Begun!

I'm in WV where we enjoy four seasons, but HATE spending money on clothing.  Whatever I buy is worn year round; no seasonal switching.   I don't own sweaters, turtlenecks, or sweatshirts.   


After retirement, I turned my closet into tote storage, as all of my clothing fits easily in my six drawer dresser.   

Teacher daughter has enough clothes to fill every single closet in this house.  Her seasonal transitions make a big mess in the house for several days, but the older she gets, she's finally getting my point of clothing you wear year round.   


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Re: Semi-annual Closet Switch Has Begun!



One of the "fun" things about the switch - is finding stuff you forgot about.  And - some pieces that make you smile!


I have this one shirt that I bought from QVC - almost 20 years ago.  It's a camp shirt style - Hawaiian flowered print - label is Cafe Paradise.


I only wear it a couple of times over the summer - but always get comments on it - even from strangers!


@sandy53 wrote:

I love the closet switch.  I live where we have four distinct seasons and I have lots of clothes, so the switch is a great time to purge and donate.  It is a kind of cleansing and renewal. 





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Re: Semi-annual Closet Switch Has Begun!

I am very fortunate that I have a huge walk in closet designed and installed by California Closets.  It is big enough to hold a single bed and small dresser when empty. The right side is for fall/ winter clothes and the left side for spring/summer things.  I have shelves floor to ceiling  for shoes and folded items


As long as I am prudent in putting things back where they belong, I am always organized.  Occasionally, I find a surprise item that is on the wrong side of the closet hidden where it doesn't belong.


I used to hate doing the seasonal switch.  But, I do miss going through by clothing on a regular basis.  I know I have things I should toss or donate.