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Do they call this "design"?  I don't. 

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@greeneyedlady I agree with you.  Way too much!

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I like it!!


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I like the purse and the shoes!

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I like it, plus she could walk the runway. She looks good in anything, and she makes anything look good!

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Nay is my vote

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The color blocking with purple looks amazing. Scribble print is not new but it is not seen very often. The dress and style looks awesome.

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@CARMIE wrote:

The scribble print is not too bad, but the fit of that dress/ skirt is awful looking.  It looks like her skirt is falling down...anyway, it hits her  the wrong place on her waist.    The belt looks like it has placement problems too.


I say back to the drawing board for Improvements.


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I like the print but I would not want to wear both pieces.  I prefer the blouse.  The way the waist of the skirt is slightly hanging down looks odd to me -- not a pretty or flattering look.  

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Wow how frumpy can you get.  The dress or skirt and blouse what ever it is is ill fitting and sloppy.  To say nothing of the huge knot of material under her chin.

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