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Good Morning/Afternoon!  I feel like a broken record regarding our weather -- hot and dry again today.  We really need rain, but they are not predicting any for the next week.


I hope Jean has a nice trip, and she got off with no problems this morning.  Probably a good idea to avoid the extra 120 mile drive.


The estimate from the first roofing company was quite reasonable, but I will wait to get the second estimate from the company that is coming today before signing the contract.  I hope that they agree that the roof is mostly in very good shape.


I heard from Bev yesterday evening that she may be able to leave the hospital today.  That may be overly optimistic because many things need to be set up -- like home health care, etc., but I know she is eager to get home.  She asked, and the doctor told her it would be okay to socialize as long as it was outdoors and socially distant.  So, we are hoping to get together fairly soon.   The weather isn't conducive to outdoor visits, but we are thinking about doing them in the early morning.


I'm off to the grocery store(s) soon, and I have an OLLI English history class this afternoon.  They recorded the yoga class, so I am able to watch the first class as well as any others that I might miss.  


Anyone ordering the TSV?  I like it, but will not be ordering.  Last year (I think) I ordered one of their tops with snaps, and the snaps were not aligned properly.  I really liked the pattern and fabric, but ended up getting rid of the top after one or two wearings.  I should have returned it, but..... 


Waves to all of our posters and readers.  Hope everyone has a nice day and stays safe.  Please post if you have a chance.





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Hi Everyone!


We have the same type of weather here. Sunny but cooler temps during the day but drops so the heat needs to be on at night. Next week it is forecasted to be in the 80's. I'm not so thrilled about that but it's better than the 90's. Humidity has remained very high regardless of the temp. Odd for us.


This week we've had the deer around in our yards. It's the smaller herd with all the new moms and babies. So nice to see. I have bird baths placed in the front and back yards so they can have a drink. Just like birds, they seem to have a preference as to the height and lip around the edge. Today the doe was showing the fawn the water source. Sweet.


I need to do a few errands and another round of grocery shopping but that will have to be tomorrow. I still have some issue with the my foot swelling so I'm trying to pay attention to pacing myself with "whatever" I do during the day. 


I looked at the TSV for my dil. She wears Cuddleduds and loves them. i buy the Anybody line so we don't have the same thing. I thing I purchased something like this a couple of years ago for her so I passed. I did find pajamas for her so I was pleased with that surprise. (she wears petite plus) 


The SureFit slip cover TSV arrived yesterday and they look nice. I have them in the laundry room waitng to be be washed. Sizing looks generous so I'm relieved. My furniture is overstuffed so these should fit.


I was tempted with the Luminar TSV but the timer remote seems problamatic at times. So far I haven't pressed "order". I don't need more candles but these are so pretty and I love the color choices. So tempted.


Hope everyone has a good afternoon/evening.

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Good afternoon ladies, hope all is well.  I haven't written in a while, but I have been reading.  My mom had some major surgery and my DH had an unexpected stent put in a week ago so I have been a little crazy around here.  DH went to the cardiologist today for a follow up and all is well.


Linda - Thank you for starting us today.  Sorry your weather hasn't changed much.  We are heading into Fall here (YEAHHHHHHHH!!!!!)  this is my favorite time of year.  I wish it would last as long as summer and winter, but no, so I need to enjoy it.  I am sorry about your friend, Bev.  I hope you two get together as often as you can.  I hope your roofing project goes well and inexpensively.


Fressa - Glad you are helping the deer out, it is a little late in the season for fawns.  Hope they do well in the winter.


Well need to get moving, the dog is hinting that it is walk time.  Have a good day everyone.