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Re: SHOPAHOLICS odat Sat. 9/23/17

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Good evening ladies, hope all is well.


Charlene -  Thank you for starting us today, sorry about the trouble your DD had.  That would be a scarey situation.    Hope your DH is doing better, sorry about the credit cards.  The sad thing is you will fond a bunch of things you "need", but can't because you don't have a credit card.


Bernie - We also cut the grass today.  DH is feeling better so he cut the back yard (it is flat), and I did the front yard.  I would have paid to see you cutting grass in a helmet dodging walnuts.


Meallen -   I like the graphic today.  Good job on the windows and batteries.  We do ours next month.


Jean -  Glad you got the tickets changed.  I have been thru Seattle, but never had the pleasure to stay a couple days and see what it had to offer.


Twinny -  Hope your DGS is doing well.  Keep us posted on his recovery.


Not much going on tomight, just chilling and watching tv.  Hope everyone has a great evening.



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Re: SHOPAHOLICS odat Sat. 9/23/17

twinny - so sorry to hear about your DGS's broken leg.  Please keep us posted, and I'll be praying...

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Re: SHOPAHOLICS odat Sat. 9/23/17

Good Evening!  Sorry your DD had to face that challenge, Charlene.  Also sorry your DH lost his wallet.


Very sorry to hear about your DGS, twinny.  Hope he heals quickly.  I remember how I felt when my DGS had serious injuries playing football.  First his knee and then his shoulder.  


Glad you were able to change your trip to Seattle, Jean.  I have been there a couple of times and enjoyed it.  


Waves to all of our posters and readers.


I called DH's caregiver, and she said he is doing much better today than yesterday.  


Our trip to Monument Valley today was very good, but I'm tired again.  The tour ends tomorrow, and we need to leave quite early.  I'll be spending the night in New Mexico and returning home on Monday. 


Sleep well everyone!