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SHOPAHOLICS One Day at a Time (Tuesday, Oct. 11)

Hi friends, I think I'll get this started today, and hope that someone else doesn't post at the same time.  Linda - we're starting to have nice walking weather too.  Glad your DH is still doing well.  Snicks - the dog encounter sounded scary.  Once, my DH and I were walking our dog around the block and a pit bull ran straight at us aggressively.  Luckily my DH was wearing his steel-toed work boots and, well, let's just say the dog ran away.  Your granddaughter sounds like a lovely person,  working 2-3 jobs while attending college is admirable!  Spix - Hope you'll be happy with your haircut, and enjoy your tomatoes.  I'll be picking tomatoes for probably one more month.  We usually get our first freeze around Thanksgiving.  Jean - sorry about the doctors finding another tumor, but good to hear it was taken care of quickly.  Continued prayers for your good health.  Twinny - Glad to hear that your infusion went well.  Hope you have plenty of energy soon!


I should make a fashion statement since we're in fashion.  I have purchased a few things here and there.  Same with jewelry (I bought a few things when QVC had several good sale days).  The positive thing is that I am on target to spend less than I did last year and that was my big goal for the year.  I have been pretty good about thinking through purchases, and have caught myself several times.  Usually I remind myself that I already have something almost just like it.   I also had to change out some of my clothing because I've lost enough weight to need one size smaller.  I'm also tired of wearing summer clothing, and look forward to it being just a little bit cooler, and being able to wear something new.


Not much going on around here today.  Just regular activities, and thank you for prayers for Zach.  His wife, one of the slain officers, was also from our town, though our family did not know her.  Hope you all have a  blessed day, because each one is precious.  ~  Charlene

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Re: SHOPAHOLICS One Day at a Time (Tuesday, Oct. 11)

Hi everyone,

Image result for tuesday  animated images

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Re: SHOPAHOLICS One Day at a Time (Tuesday, Oct. 11)

Meallen, that is beautiful!  Charlene, thank you for starting us.  Jean, I'm so glad you are on top of all your health issues! I am a big baby when it comes to pain.  Snicks, I agree the dog incident sounds a bit scary.


Another energizer bunny day.  I'm happy that we have made so much progress.  Slowly getting things out to the rv, and slowly boxing/thrifting things here that need to go out the door.  This morning I got oil changed, car inspection, dropped off a car LOAD at the thrift, and got insurance on new vehicles.  Squeee!


Stopped to eat a bite now I'm going to get back at it.

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Re: SHOPAHOLICS One Day at a Time (Tuesday, Oct. 11)

Hi all, and thanks @CERB for the start. I'll start by saying that I was typing my post and a strange screen came up that I've not seen before, so will make this short.

Congratulations @CERB for both the restrainst in spending and the weight loss this year. Both are goals worth striving for.

I don't believe I have ordered/purchased too many clothing items this year, but have spent on other things, both here and other places and I need to curb my spending now, lol.


@meallen616, another cute graphic, thanks.


@RockChick, girl, you have been on a roll. Good job getting things done. Thanks for the reminder, I need to get an appointment for car inspection soon.


Walk is done for today. I detoured around the "dog", as I saw it out of the enclosure from a block away.

Got baked ziti cooking for dinner tonight, now am heading outside to power wash 4 Adirondack style chairs so I can get them put away for winter.

Currently putting water on some ornamental grass that step-son is coming to dig some out for his new yard later today, so the power washing will be done shortly, I have it all ready to go.

That's about it for today. Hope everyone is having a good one. It is absolutely beautiful here. Waves...




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Re: SHOPAHOLICS One Day at a Time (Tuesday, Oct. 11)

Hello all.  Since this is a fashion forum thread, he he he, I may have forgotten to mention that I placed a JCP order over the weekend.  Considering what was in my 'cart' when I started the online shopping, I consider it almost miracle worthy that I only really bought the following:


Paisley Blouse

Liz Claiborne® Long-Sleeve Shirt - Tall


Stylus™ Long-Sleeve Ribbed Button-Front Cardigan - Tall<< have this is gray already



Gold Toe socks in these patterns

 - I kind of have a sock problem, lol


Charcoal Paisley


Navy with purple accents



Navy floral looking


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Re: SHOPAHOLICS One Day at a Time (Tuesday, Oct. 11)

Charlene--Thank you for starting the thread. Good job on being on target and also on the weight loss. A new size in clothing is always a good reason for selecting new fashions.


meallen--Again, you have selected a lovely graphic for the day.


Kathleen--You have been quite the Energizer Bunny Rabbit in getting all these tasks done before moving  They have to be done but it will be so rewarding to know that you were able to do it in such a short period of time.


Snicks--I got an unusual screen when I went to sign in. I was told the site detected that I was attempting an unauthorized action.


Bernie--You made some great purchases. I thought of you when I heard JCP was having a 30% off sale.


I worked today but didn't feel the greatest. I'm supposed to work tomorrow, so I think I'll take it easy tonight.

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Re: SHOPAHOLICS One Day at a Time (Tuesday, Oct. 11)

Good Afternoon, and thanks for getting us started, Charlene.  Great news on your weight loss/new size and shopping restraint.  My goal was to buy less clothing and shoes this year, and I'm doing pretty well on that.  Household stuff/repairs, not so much.  Oh well.....


Happy Birthday LindaR!


Nice graphic again meallen.


You have certainly been busy, Kathleen.  I'm happy you are getting so much accomplished.  You need to be an energizer bunny at times like this.


That dog attack would have been horrible for me, snicks.  I have a fear of large dogs, and I think they know that, so it would have been difficult for me to get over an attack.  Glad you avoided that dog today.  When I went out for my walk this morning, a coyote was walking down the street (other side), and stopped to look at me when I walked out to the sidewalk.  Then I noticed that he/she was the end of the line of five coyotes.  Fortunately, he/she kept walking and caught up with the others.  I don't think they ordinarily attack people (in fact run in the other direction), but I don't need to find out for sure.  You have been busy today as well -- good for you.  


Your purchases look nice, Bernie.  Hope you enjoy wearing them.


Sorry you aren't feeling too well, Jean.  Please do take it easy this evening.


Waves to Arlene, twinny, Essie, Susan, Marijane, Barbara, Karen, Rosa, 3suwm5, butterfly, LindaR, Gayle, pinky ann, and all of our posters and readers.


The senior lunch program went okay today, but we had a lot of the hot meals leftover because people who signed up for it had the salad bar instead.  Fortunately, several people took home the leftovers, but we did toss some -- what a waste.  I had made banana bread and pineapple bread, and most everyone enjoyed them.


I talked to the director at DH's facility yesterday, and as usual, he was very sympathetic helpful, and comforting.  DH was doing fine, and I plan to visit him this afternoon after I go to the gym.


Hope everyone sleeps well!