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Greetings, shopping friends. I'm posting during an early lunch break. I was surprised to see that the thread had not been started.

School is winding down. Thanks to a mild winter, we do not have to make up any days missed because of weather. Finals will be Thursday and Friday of next week. School wasn't out quickly enough to avoid a problem. The water plant operator for the public water district supply water to the school decided to quit. The State will not permit anyone to drink the water until a certified operator has been hired. As a result, the entire community is in a "boil advisory" condition. The school is spending a fortune on buying bottled water for the students to drink as school cannot be cancelled.

I haven't purchased anything from QVC or Amazon this month. I didn't use my Kohls 30% off coupon. I guess I'm on a non-buying streak right now. I haven't looked at the reveiw to see what was pushed on QVC. I did see the emails promoting the specials on QVC and HSN but deleted them as they were of no interest to me. I'm also going through my cabinets, etc. and eating whatever food is available before I buy more...even if I'm not overly fond and have become tired of a canned item. It represents money.

Have a great day. If you shop, shop wisely.

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